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Chapter 758: Deep, Unpredictable

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Although he was not a heavy smoker, Zheng Ren almost forgot to smoke when he went to the frontline.

He could not even smoke for a few days.

But now that he had nothing to do, it was good to smoke to pass the time.

He found a small supermarket and bought a pack of cheap cigarettes that cost ten yuan and a disposable lighter.

The lady boss of the small supermarket was a little curious when she saw Zheng Rens clothes and the cigarettes he bought.

When Zheng Ren went out, she kept staring at Zheng Rens back.

“What are you thinking about” the boss asked.

“The person who bought the cigarettes just now, guess how much his clothes cost” the lady boss asked.

“How much can his clothes cost if he bought a pack of cheap cigarettes Its amazing to buy clothes that cost thousands of yuan.

Moreover, he went to Baili Supermarket to buy vegetables, so he cant be a wealthy person,” the boss said casually.

He had seen all kinds of people when the supermarket was opened, so he had seen countless people.

“Cheh, what do you know Although his clothes are not custom-made, theyre not cheap either.

At least… His clothes cost 30,000 to 50,000 yuan,” the lady boss said through the transparent glass door.

She saw Zheng Ren walk to a corner as he leisurely lit his cigarette.

“Ill bet you a meat dish for dinner tonight.

Ive been eating vegetarian every day for the past few days, and Im dying of hunger,” the boss said with a smile.

“Ill go and ask later.

If youre wrong, remember to add meat dishes for me.”

“If you ask, it would be strange if someone else could tell you,” the lady doss said disdainfully.

“This is not revealing your wealth.

Do you think Im like you, showing off with a little money Besides, you still want to eat meat.

How many times have you had a heart attack No way!”

Zheng Ren did not know that someone was looking at him.

He had become a topic in the eyes of others.

He carried the dishes and came to a small corner.

He approached the garbage bin and lit a Zi Yun cigarette.

After smoking, he went to the System library to read periodicals and magazines.

It was good to pass the time.

He put the plastic bag on the ground and began to send Xie Yiren the location information.

He also told Little Yiren not to rush and to drive safely and slowly.

After smoking, Zheng Ren entered the System library and began to read magazines.

All kinds of medical journals and magazines gathered the research of countless cases.

There werent many that were valuable, or in other words, valuable to Zheng Ren.

But this was a step that had to be taken.

Zheng Ren didnt feel bored.

Instead, he was very happy.

More than an hour had passed without him noticing.

Just as he was engrossed in reading, a voice sounded.

“Chief Zheng, what a coincidence.” The voice was a little familiar.

Zheng Ren immediately exited the System space.

At a glance, it was actually Song Ying.

They had met last night and met again today.

Of course, it was really a coincidence.

“Manager Song, what are you doing” Zheng Ren smiled and asked.

“Didnt a customer order something strange It was a little sudden.

I came here to see if it was from the original place.

Is it still fresh I took a look and its not bad.

I got someone to send it back,” Song Ying said.

Zheng Ren did not care much about what ingredients Song Ying went to get.

He was not very interested in food to begin with.

As for which restaurant would have rare ingredients, Zheng Ren did not think about it at all.

“Oh, I came to buy groceries after work.

Im waiting for my girlfriend to pick me up,” said Zheng Ren with a smile.

Speaking of the wordgirlfriend, he had become more familiar with it.

There was no shy awkwardness like at the beginning.

Song Ying wanted to befriend him and now happened to meet Zheng Ren again.

This could be considered fate.

He asked someone to send the ingredients away and made another call before returning.

“Chief Zheng, are you used to the Imperial Capital Hospital” Song Ying asked.

“Its okay.

Its much more comfortable than before.

I used to be the chief resident of the emergency department.

I couldnt go home most days,” Zheng Ren replied.

Although Song Ying interrupted him from reading, he didnt dislike him.

Zheng Ren felt that it was not bad to chat with him for a while.

“This is my business card.

If you need any ingredients in the future, just call and it will be delivered very soon.

The price will be based on the market price.

Dont worry, Chief Zheng.” Song Ying took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren took the business card and saw that there was a name printed on the card and a phone number below it.

The overall style was quite simple.

There was no company name and numerous titles.

This should be a very personal business card, Zheng Ren guessed.

“The ingredients are all the freshest.

Its definitely better than what you bought here,” Song Ying said.

“Then Ill have to trouble you.” Although Zheng Ren was okay with it, it was done with good intention and seemed to save a lot of trouble.

As he spoke, he put away the business card.

“Its not close to the Golden Palm.

Why dont I send you back Its on the way,” Song Ying said.

“No need.

I think my girlfriend will be here soon.” Zheng Ren looked into the distance.

There were so many people and cars that he couldnt see where Xie Yiren was.

Song Ying didnt care.

He chatted with Zheng Ren for a few minutes.

From the Imperial Capital to Sea City, this Manager Song was indeed someone who had been through a lot in Jianghu.

He talked to people and ghosts.

He always hit the nail on the head.

The simple conversation was neither too passionate nor cold.

It was as if two old friends were chatting.

Unknowingly, it gave people a warm feeling.

As he spoke, Zheng Rens phone rang.

Seeing that it was Xie Yiren, Zheng Ren quickly waved his hand and made an apologetic expression.

“Hello, Yiren.

Oh, okay.

Ill go find you.”

After saying that, Zheng Ren hung up the phone.

“Manager Song, I cant park here.

My girlfriend is waiting for me nearby.

Ill leave first,” Zheng Ren said apologetically.

“Okay, when Department Chief Kong comes back, Ill definitely invite you to my place,” Song Ying said with a smile.

“Okay.” Zheng Ren nodded.

“If you need anything, just call.

Its not free but Ill pay you according to the price.” Song Ying pointed at Zheng Rens business card pocket and said with a smile.

The second time he mentioned this matter, it was a very sincere move.

Moreover, he had rules and knew his limits.

Zheng Ren smiled and turned around to leave.

Song Ying watched Zheng Ren walk further and further away.

He took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up.

Amidst the smoke, although Zheng Rens figure blended into the stream of people, he was seen by Song Ying like a hawk.

Ever since he went for the surgery, he had been very interested in the junior doctor from Sea City.

It was quite a coincidence that he had met him two days in a row.

As Song Ying thought about it, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He did not know if this junior doctor would be able to stand firm in the Imperial Capital.

It was not easy to live in the Imperial Capital.

It was not a joke.

A few hundred meters away, Zheng Ren got into a black sports car.

The sports car then slowly drove away.

Song Ying was stunned for a moment.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at the sports car until he could not see it.

The exquisite body of the sports car and the flowing curves made it seem as if Song Ying could hear the pleasant low roar of the cars engine from a few hundred meters away.

Was it an Aston Martin One-77

Without a doubt, that was the case.

However, this expensive sports car could never be together with that gentle and honest face.

It was like the existence of two worlds.

When paired together, it was so ridiculous.

There were only 77 of those cars in the world, and only five of them were sold in China.

It was easy to know whose car it was, but Song Ying didnt have such thoughts.

This Chief Zheng seemed to be more interesting than he had imagined.

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