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Chapter 749: How Far Would You Go To Change From A Boy To A Man

Xie Yiren smiled sweetly and said, “No, this car was driven here early in the morning.

Im only using it for a day.

Today, my dads secretary went to pick up an XC60.

Im not used to driving a One-77.”

“What” Zheng Ren was puzzled.

“Oh, this is an Aston Martin One-77.

Its limited to 77 units worldwide, which is why its called the One-77.” Xie Yiren started the car.

The roar of the engine was somewhat gentle.

“Oh,” Zheng ren replied expressionlessly.

He did not understand a single word that Xie Yiren was saying.

A limited-edition product sounded very grand.

Zheng Ren had no idea how much such a thing would cost.

This car did not look as practical as the Volvo.

It wouldnt be able to fit the four of them.

It had an acceleration rate of 100 kilometers per hour Horsepower What a joke.

Would the Imperial Capital Hospital attempt to run away from them No matter how much money he had, Zheng Ren did not really care.

After all, he was not as troubled as he was about to go to the various chiefs to pay his respects and make connections.

Zheng Ren seemed to have a lot on his mind.

“What are you thinking about” Xie Yiren could feel Zheng Rens distress.

She turned her head to look at him and asked this question.

Zheng Ren told Xie Yiren all his worries.

Talking to Little Yiren was what made him the most relaxed.

“Do you want to grow up” Xie Yiren heard it all and smiled.

“How far would you go to change from a boy to a man This is one of the steps.

Just do your best.”

“Okay.” Zheng Ren nodded seriously.

He shouldnt be so afraid of difficulties.

Zheng Ren encouraged himself in his heart.

No matter what, he was a candidate for the Nobel Prize.

The ones who should be under pressure should be the department chiefs and directors.

However, Zheng Ren still did not understand how to build a good relationship.

Xie Yiren did not bring Zheng Ren to eat all kinds of strange delicacies.

Instead, she dragged Zheng Ren to eat porridge before they went straight to the Imperial Capital Hospital.

Rudolf Wagner Zheng Ren finally appeared in the hospital.

He was so excited that he excitedly introduced Zheng Ren to the postoperative patients for TIPS surgery.

He had already performed the second-stage surgery on a few patients in the morning but was not done with them all.

Three patients felt that their symptoms had been alleviated after the TIPS surgery.

They refused to perform the second-stage surgery and went home.

With the remaining patients, the professor performed six surgeries.

There were three other patients who the professor had assessed would be more difficult for second-stage surgery.

Because of that, he left them to Zheng Ren.

He looked at the patients and found that they were all very stable.

The patients after the second-stage surgery would probably be discharged tomorrow, able to go back home almost immediately.

‘The professors surgical skills are pretty good, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

However, he did not know what he would be able to do if he performed TIPS surgery after his skills had greatly improved.

“Boss Zheng, why are you here” Chief Resident Shen walked out of the duty room just as Zheng Ren finished checking the room.

He was still half-asleep.

Chief Resident Shen had also returned.

He went to work and left the clinic early in the morning.

He still looked tired.

It seemed that he was exhausted just like Zheng Ren.

As for Su Yun, he had fulfilled his promise perfectly.

He was sleeping comfortably underneath his covers for three days and three nights.

“I came to take a look.” Zheng Ren smiled.

Chief Resident Shen looked at Zheng Rens side.

Su Yun did not follow him.

He seemed to be a little relaxed.

He smiled and said, “Chief Kong specifically told me to go out to the clinic to take in patients when I came back.”

“How many did you receive”


The patients will be discharged after the surgery tomorrow and will be staying here.

I left my phone number.

Boss Zheng, you dont have to worry about these things.

Ill report to you when the time comes,” Chief Resident Shen said.

“By the way, are you busy this afternoon” Zheng Ren asked.

Chief Resident Shen immediately replied, “Im fine.

It doesnt make much sense if I dont go out to the outpatient clinic.

We dont have enough beds.

The patients we receive in the outpatient clinic in the morning are enough to last us a week.”

Seeing that Chief Resident Shen was obviously not trying to push work onto him, Zheng Ren sighed in his heart and said, “If theres nothing else, bring me around to the other departments.”

“What are you…” Chief Resident Shen was only puzzled for a moment but then understood that Zheng Ren wanted to pay a visit to each of the department chiefs and familiarize himself with the Imperial Capital Hospital so that he could carry out his work smoothly in the future.

“Which department do you want to go to first” Chief Resident Shen immediately changed his tone and asked.

“All the relevant departments, like the gastrointestinal department… Whether I go to the general surgery department or not, well talk about it later,” Zheng Ren answered straightforwardly, having already thought about the answer beforehand.

“Okay,” Chief Resident Shen replied crisply.

“Ill ask if Chief Luo from the gastrointestinal department is here.”

Zheng Ren smiled and nodded.

Chief Resident Shen made a phone call as Xie Yiren said, “Then Ill go to the operating theater.

Ive arranged your cabinet for you.

If you have time, you can take a look at whats missing.”

As she said this, Xie Yiren took out the key from her bag and handed it to Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren nodded and watched Xie Yiren leave.

It was a good day to be back.

“Boss Zheng, Chief Luo is in the ward area.

Shall we head over now” Chief Resident Shen asked.


Lil Fugui!” Zheng Ren called out.

“Huh Yes, Boss” Professor Rudolf Wagner poked his head out of his office.

He had just made his ward rounds and was about to organize all his information.

“Im going out for a while.

You take care of things while Im away,” Zheng Ren said.

The professor was stunned.

There was a bit of a complicated expression in his eyes.

Zheng Ren looked at the professors reluctant expression and was a little puzzled.

However, he immediately realized what the professor was thinking.

“Im going to other wards to get us our patients so that we can meet the surgery numbers we need.

I wont be gone for long,” Zheng Ren explained.

“Phew…” Professor Rudolf Wagner let out a long sigh.

He patted his chest and said, “Boss, I was wondering if you were going to leave again.

Good luck wont always be by your side…”

Zheng Ren missed Su Yun very much.

He did not know whether Su Yun meant what he said when the plane had landed at Chengdu International Airport.

He told him that the professor would probably be very mouthy when they were back.

“Im leaving first.

See you later.” Zheng Ren waved his hand.

He comforted himself in his heart.

These were all cultural differences so he shouldnt get too fussed about it.

He was a man who had a luck 12 attribute to protect himself.

Lil Fugui would never understand.

“Boss Zheng, Chief Luos name is Luo Zhongwen.

Hes 52 years old this year.

Hes a tutor for doctoral students.

His standard is very high.” Chief Resident Shen gave a brief intro of Chief Luo to Zheng Ren as they walked.

He was not a doctor from the gastrointestinal department.

He only knew a little about Chief Luos specific situation.

No matter how specific the situation was, it was not something he could understand.

Actually, Zheng Ren also knew that he should wait for Department Chief Kong to come back.

It would be better if Department Chief Kong brought him to visit the various department chiefs.

With Department Chief Kong around, the various department chiefs would not make things difficult for him in front of them.

However, he didnt know when the earthquake relief work would end.

Department Chief Kongs return was not going to be soon, and neither could he just amble around waiting for him.

Zheng Ren hadnt forgotten about the matter of contacting the artificial limbs manufacturer.

This was a long-term job.

It wouldnt be done in just one short week.

It was indeed a bit abrupt… Zheng Ren thought back and sighed slightly.

What should he say when he went Should he tell Chief Luo that he was a candidate for the Nobel Prize Not only would it be disrespectful, but it would probably shake the status quo as well.

Zheng Ren calculated in his heart that if he went there today, it would probably just be a formality to get to know each other.

Well, it seemed that lowering his goal post was easy.

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