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Chapter 740: Just A Step Away From Reaching Prime

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Professor Huang was puzzled but Su Yun showed a look of understanding.

“Boss, this is the reason why you proposed to have all the nephrologists in the country come to support you when you were in Nanchuan Town and also to allocate a large number of dialysis machines,” Su Yun said.

“Yes,” Zheng Ren said, “Considering that its crush syndrome, some are long, some are short, and the onset time is not fixed.

Its usually between 48 to 72 hours.”

This diagnosis was rather complicated.

From the rare complication of sodium nitroprusside— thiocyanate poisoning—it went all the way to acute kidney failure and crush syndrome.

However, Zheng Rens words were reasonable and Professor Huang only sighed.

Not only did Teacher Zheng enter the earthquake epicenter at the first moment, but he could also suggest that the whole country mobilize thousands of kidney physicians to come and support him.

How much confidence did he have to be to make such a suggestion to his superior

Moreover, a large number of dialysis machines had recently been shipped over straight from their factories.

Countless kidney physicians had been parachuted in from all over the country.

Huang Dazhi knew about this.

Reality proved that the request had been approved by the frontline headquarters and was immediately put into action.

It must be known that other than the doctors who had entered the mountains, the doctors transferred by the frontline headquarters, were actually kidney physicians.

Almost everyone knew about this.

In the beginning, there were still people who silently criticized him but now, reality proved that this kind of operation was really amazing!

Moreover, they did not expect that they would meet a patient with such a complicated condition after surgery, where a kidney physician would actually be needed.

“Professor Huang, there should be a machine that helps us with this.” After the junior doctor contacted him, he immediately reported to Huang Dazhi.

“Push it over!” Professor Huang did not hesitate at all and directly ordered for it to be brought in.

“Teacher Zheng, do you have any other medical advice” Professor Huang then asked Zheng Ren.

“No, as long as the dialysis is timely, the problem will definitely be solved.

The patients symptoms post-surgery werent serious.

I think hell recover soon,” Zheng Ren said.

Seeing the doctors and nurses push the patient away after the surgery, Su Yun was a little impressed.

He naturally could not help but admire him.

In Nanchuan Town when the bearded regiment commander first came, everyone was faced with a desperate situation.

They were running out of ammunition and food.

The bearded regiment commander gave hope to the small team and survivors that were trapped on the isolated island.

At this time, only Zheng Rens mind was clear.

He repeatedly proposed to report to the country to mobilize kidney physicians and dialysis machines.

If he waited for a large number of patients with acute renal failure to appear, only to discover that the machines were not enough and there were not enough people…

How many patients would have died before they had begun complete mobilization of their forces

When he thought of this possibility, Su Yun immediately shivered.

He could not think about it.

Just thinking about it made him afraid.

“Boss, I really admire you a little,” Su Yun said softly.

“Shouldnt you have admired me since the beginning” Zheng Ren was a little puzzled.

“Otherwise, why did you rush from the ICU to the emergency ward to perform a surgery with me”

Su Yun spread his hands and was speechless.

“Teacher Zheng, this way.

You should go and rest first.” Professor Huang led Zheng Ren and the others to the chiefs office.

There was a bed and a sofa there which could accommodate two people.

Su Yun directly collapsed on the sofa.

He didnt even have the time to be polite with Huang Dazhi.

He muttered that it was really comfortable and then fell asleep.

“Actually, I should have taken you two to the showers first,” Professor Huang said apologetically when he saw that Su Yun and Zheng Ren were exhausted.

“Well sleep first and worry about it later during surgery.” Zheng Ren forced a smile.

It affected his bruised and bloodied face, causing a heart-wrenching pain.

Xie Yiren felt a bit of heartache.

She reached out and carefully touched Zheng Rens bruised and battered face.

She stood on her tiptoes and blew lightly at it.

In just an instant, a cool breeze brushed his face.

Zheng Ren felt that he was completely healed.

He reached out to grab Xie Yirens little hand, but Xie Yiren let it go just a second later.

She turned around and said, “You sleep first.

Ill go buy you two something to eat.

At 1.15am, Ill wake you both up on time.”

Zheng Ren felt a little regretful but there were too many people around.

He knew that Little Yiren would be shy.

Xie Yiren and Huang Dazhi immediately closed the door and left.

Zheng Ren lay weakly on the bed.

How long had it been since he had laid down in an actual bed It seemed like many years had passed.

Zheng Ren had almost forgotten this familiar feeling.

He did not feel anything during the surgery but once he lay down now, Zheng Ren felt as if his entire body had fallen apart.

He was sore and uncomfortable.

He guessed it wouldnt hurt to sleep for a while…

Zheng Ren felt as if he had forgotten something.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he immediately remembered that he had entered the System space several times.

He remembered having seen some changes in the skill tree.

In addition to the surgery in Nanchuan Town, he seemed to have broken through a technical barrier.

He even said that he would definitely take a look at it if he had time.

At first, he tried to sleep for a while but his curiosity fought against him, getting the better of him.

In the end, the moment he could feel himself falling asleep, Zheng Ren forced himself to be alert and entered the System space.

He had to find out what had changed in the Systems skill tree.

Fortunately, it was a clinical surgery..

While thinking about it, Zheng Rens mind, which had just entered the System space, went blank.

The first thing he saw was an incomparably lush tree.

It was the interventional skill tree.

Damn it… Zheng Ren had only went in before to get his energy drink, immediately leaving afterward.

He did not look at the skill tree.

He only saw something out of the corner of his eye that looked different from the usual.

Because it was too urgent outside, he did not observe it carefully.

Now that he was standing in the System space and observing it carefully, he was stunned by the lush interventional skill tree.

When he had reached the level of Legend, the interventional skill tree was much higher than the other skill trees.

But now, this tree had become a towering tree, as if it was about to leak out of the System space.

Zheng Ren walked in and looked carefully.

Once, there was an unattainable distance between the Grandmaster-level skills and the Legend-level skills.

But now, that unattainable distance was gone.

The huge number of skills told Zheng Ren that he was only a step away from reaching the Prime level.

This was a huge surprise.

Zheng Ren had estimated that even if he wanted to perform an extremely difficult interventional surgery like the TIPS surgery, he would not be able to reach Prime-level interventional surgery due to the decreasing number of skill points he would obtain.

Therefore, after completing the Final Stage of the Crown Jewel at the Imperial Capital and receiving more than half a year of surgical training, Zheng Ren intended to complete his dream and devote all his time to specializing in general surgery.

However, before he could do anything, an emergency happened after he returned to the Imperial Capital.

It was a bumpy journey, forcing him to come here to participate in the earthquake relief.

He did not expect that he would really break through the technical barrier, his very own shackles!

Zheng Ren was a little dazed.

Looking at the skill tree, he thought to himself that it was no wonder he felt that his skill level had improved by leaps and bounds.

So that was how it was.

Observing the skill tree, Zheng Ren vaguely saw that there were tiny, thread-like, shiny things falling on the other skill trees beside the lush skill tree in front of him.

Regarding auxiliary image inspection, he had no idea when it had surpassed the other skill trees and reached the Legend-level.

Was this the source of his ability to reconstruct 64-slice CT scan with 3D-image reconstruction in his mind Zheng Ren thought about it to himself.

It was possible, but he did not dare to think about trying it again.

He would have to return to the Imperial Capital first.

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