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Chapter 736: Was An Even Smoother Surgery

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Zheng Ren recalled the warm embrace and looked at her beautiful back.

He was completely dazed.

He was very tired.

He was so tired that he could no longer feel it.

However, every time he was forced to eat, he would doze off while eating.

This could be considered a brand new skill.

Zheng Ren laughed at himself.

Without more medical personnel, he could only take on more responsibility and perform more surgeries.

This was the only thing that Zheng Ren could do.

He did not care about the people from the medical administration division asking if he was alright with a live surgery broadcast.

He only understood the literal meaning and nodded.

He did not remember this matter anymore.

The warm embrace was like a good medicine that dispelled the negative effects all over his body.

Zheng Ren felt that he was full of energy again, similar to when he was in Sea City General Hospitals emergency operating theatre.

He felt that he could still perform surgeries for a few more days and nights without getting tired.

Xie Yiren went to brush her hands.

Zheng Ren smiled.

Unknowingly, he laughed out loud.

Su Yun looked at Zheng Rens back as he walked away to brush his hands with disdain.

He really wanted to scold Zheng Ren a little but it was a pity that he was too tired.

He really did not have the energy.

In the surgical demonstration classroom, there were seven or eight doctors lying on the floor in a disorderly manner.

They were all people from the relevant departments who had been replaced and could rest for a period of time.

No one went to the duty room to lie down and sleep.

Instead, they all came to the surgical demonstration classroom to watch the surgery.

Some people fell asleep as they watched, still performing the surgery in their sleep.

A doctor from the interventional medicine department finished watching the surgery.

Just as he was about to close his eyes for a while, he saw a young and beautiful figure appear on the big screen and give the surgeon a warm hug.

He wanted to whistle to express the envy in his heart.

Unfortunately, he was so tired that he could not take it anymore.

The doctor from the interventional medicine department who had just finished watching the surgery pushed the doctor from the trauma department next to him up and prepared to sleep for a while.

The interventional medicine doctor was originally very sleepy.

He could fall asleep even if he sat down.

However, the envy in his heart could not be appeased for a long time.

It really affected his sleep.

He opened his eyes and said, “Do you know that scrub nurse”

“I didnt see her face.” The trauma doctor yawned and tried to cheer himself up.

“I think shes the surgeons girlfriend.

I saw them hugging just now.” The intervention doctor was jealous.

He held the bottle of purified water in his hand and gulped down a mouthful of water.

The trauma doctor was cheered up.

“What Where Whats the situation”

“I told you.

Its the scrub nurse that went to scrub her hands.”

“Uh… Didnt they say that people from the same department arent allowed to date”

“Your operating theater is the same department as Da Wais” The interventional doctor looked at him with disdain.

The trauma doctor sighed.

Why didnt he have such good luck

Soon, the scrub nurse was done.

On the big screen, Xie Yiren began to prepare the surgical tools.

Zheng Ren used a marker to draw the edges of the skin and then began to disinfect it.

This was not the frontline, nor was it Pengxi Village.

There were all kinds of high-value medical supplies.

After the interventional procedure, there was a hemostatic plate to help stop the bleeding.

There was no need to apply pressure for 15 minutes at all.

Now, there was an unlimited supply of medical supplies.

Su Yun was not the child of a poor family.

If there were useful things, who would use human pressure to stop the bleeding

“The position is so low.

Can the edge of the skin be preserved” the trauma doctor muttered in a low voice.

“Its not like you havent seen it before.

In the beginning, you were the one who jumped the most fiercely and was slapped in the face the most.

Why are you still asking me this now” The interventional doctor had already closed his eyes and spoke in a half-awake manner.

His voice was very soft as if he was talking in his sleep.

“Up until now, I still dont quite understand it.

Its really strange.

Do you always push yourself to the limit”

“The earthquake relief work is over.

Come to our intervention department and help out for a few months.

Youll understand it.”

“You speak as if you understand.

The level of a surgeons interventional thrombectomy is enough for you to learn for a lifetime.

Besides, after the earthquake relief… Everyone is safe and sound.

There shouldnt be so many injured people.” The trauma doctors voice gradually became softer as he looked at the image on the big screen and became engrossed with it.

The surgery began.

The surgeon stretched out his hand and a scalpel was slapped into his palm.

The surgeon followed the pre-operation drawing of the edge of the skin to cut open the skin.

Moreover, the surgeon still followed his own practice and did not follow the classic textbook procedure of tying a tourniquet around the middle of the thigh to prevent a large amount of bleeding.

In the beginning, many doctors raised their doubts about this.

It was proven later that the surgeon was doing it to allow the blood vessels to be fully perfused after the blood vessels were opened.

Moreover, the surgeons level of blunt dissection was simply too high.

After the surgery, he did not even touch the part that could cause a large amount of bleeding.

After cutting open a layer of tough membrane above the deep fascia, the surgeon slapped the surgical knife to the side of his legs.

He stretched out his hand and the hemostatic forceps were immediately slapped into his hand.

Blunt dissection of the deep fascia began.

The deep fascia had a rich blood supply.

Although the deep fascia was very tough, the surgeon used the same technique as a butcher dissecting a cow.

Very soon, the deep fascia was separated, exposing the muscles, blood vessels, and nerves of the affected limb.


At this stage, the bleeding did not exceed 10ml.

The entire surgical field was so clean that it made people feel as if the operation was staged.

Not to mention the slightly larger blood vessels, even the capillaries were intentionally or unintentionally avoided.

The trauma doctor was a little surprised.

He frowned and thought carefully.

What was wrong with the surgery! At the very least, there was a slight difference from what he had seen before.

Because he was too tired, his sluggish nerves also felt that there was a slight change in the surgery.

It was not that the surgeon was tired and the surgery was rough.

It was…more precise and faster.

The surgery was different from usual because it looked smoother, but how was that so

His eyes were looking at the big screen but his mind was recalling the previous surgery.

There was nothing new about the surgery.

He knew everything, except that the surgeon was confident that he would not use the tourniquet.

Then, the trauma doctor saw the surgeon grab the hemostatic forceps on the patients leg.

He reached out and there was a pair of small-patterned forceps in his hand.

A patterned forceps The scrub nurse must have given him the wrong instrument.

However, the next scene stunned him.

Another pair of blunt scissors were placed in the surgeons hand.

The surgeon took the patterned forceps and shook them in a simple arc in his palm.

Then, he used a strange posture to pinch the patterned forceps.

With the blunt scissors in his palm, he began to drift away from the tissue around the anterior tibial artery.

The patterned pliers were smaller and more precise.

This kind of moving required a higher technique.

The trauma surgeon knew that he could not do this.

The patterned pliers and blunt scissors kept changing positions inelegantly.

The whole process looked quite crude and simple.

Under normal circumstances, two hands were needed to complete this action.

However, the surgeons left hand was holding a leather hook and it was all operated by one hand.

This technique had never been shown before by the surgeon.

Could it be that the surgery suddenly became smoother because of… Because of the scrub nurse


A strange thought appeared in the trauma surgeons mind and he could not get rid of it.

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