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Chapter 728: Are You Su Yun

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Su Yun ran out excitedly.

Zheng Ren laughed in his heart.

It was not easy for a doctor from the cardio surgery department to follow him in performing general surgery and interventional surgery for a few months.

He had also performed cardio surgery in Sea City General Hospital but the numbers were sparse.

It was really difficult for him.

After changing his clothes, Zheng Ren walked into the surgery room.

Chief Chen stood at the hybrid operating rooms entrance and waved at Zheng Ren.

He walked straight over.

Outside the operating theater, there were a few doctors who were extremely tired.

They laid on the sterile, dark green clothes and curled up their bodies, fast asleep.

This place was no longer as neat and solemn as before.

There was more tiredness and chaos.

However, there was nothing he could do.

He was high on energy drinks and on the verge of collapse.

Furthermore, these doctors could not hold on at all.

How was Su Yun His body should be good enough, right Zheng Ren felt like he would not be able to hold on any longer.

Zheng Ren carefully walked past the doctors who were resting in the operating theaters corridor.

He tried to keep the sound of his footsteps as quiet as possible so that he would not disturb them.

When he passed by the third operating theater, Zheng Ren took a glance inside.

He saw that Su Yun had already finished brushing his hands and was putting on his clothes.

On the operating table, a doctor was performing surgery.

Obviously, the doctor did not expect that someone would jump up and down to help him set up the operating table.

He had long been prepared to perform the surgery alone.

“Doctor Zheng, the shelf is made by Medtronic.

Are you used to it” Chief Chen asked.

“Its fine.

Its good as long as theres a shelf.

Its a very simple abdominal aortic dissection.

As long as its a straight shelf, its fine,” Zheng Ren said.

Chief Chen did not request to go on stage this time.

He had seen Zheng Ren perform an embolization operation for severe pelvic fracture so he knew the standard of his left and right hand cross operation.

He would not be of much help if he went on stage.

The patients surgical position was already set.

Zheng Ren washed his hands and disinfected them as Chief Chen left the operating theatre.

“Chief Chen, send up the patients who need amputation,” Zheng Ren said.

Chief Chen nodded and began to make the call.

He did not go by himself.

He still had some doubts about Zheng Rens diagnosis.

Although he had convinced himself in the ward that this was a special period and that the angiography could be considered a diagnosis, Chief Chen was still worried and wanted to stay to take a look.

The airtight lead door was closed.

Chief Chen saw that Zheng Ren had started to perform the puncture.

Ten seconds later, the guide wire catheter was already in place.

This speed… This confidence… Chief Chen felt a little emotional.

The screen on the operating table lit up.

Just as Chief Chen had imagined, the guide wire catheter was already in the abdominal aorta.

Chief Chen saw that the abdominal aortas intima had signs of tearing.

The length was about 10cm!

In other words, the diagnosis was slightly late.

Even if he doubted the diagnosis and requested a 64-row CT scan of the blood vessel, the patient would still die.

The diagnosis was correct and timely.

If handled properly, the patients life would most likely be saved.

Chief Chen was very relieved and a little proud.

Under such circumstances, how many people would dare to trust Doctor Zheng without holding anything back

The contrast agent had not completely dispersed.

Just as Chief Chen observed the length of the abdominal aortas intima tear, he saw Zheng Ren start to lower his stance along the guide wire.

This type of abdominal aortic dissection was many times simpler than treating patients with thoracic aorta.

Type 1 thoracic aortic dissection aneurysm had several branches, including the very important branches of the large blood vessels in the neck that supplied blood to the head.

These branches absolutely could not be occluded.

Otherwise, the patient would die of cerebral ischemia before he left the stage.

According to its location, type 1 thoracic aortic dissection aneurysm could be done with either a stent or as a surgical operation.

As for the 10cm-long tear, only a surgical operation or an aortic arch like a nose replacement could be done.

As for the abdominal aorta, it could be done by making way for a few main branches.

From the patients angiogram, there were no branches of large blood vessels.

A membrane stent was opened and pressed against the blood vessel wall, pressing on the torn position of the abdominal aorta.

Zheng Ren inserted the catheter in again and cautiously performed an angiogram.

The abdominal aorta dissection disappeared and the blood flow was smooth.

The surgery was very smooth.

It ended in a few minutes.

Chief Chen knew that after the interventional surgery entered the clinic, the treatment of this kind of disease was not the focus.

The focus was on the diagnosis.

No matter what type of dissection it was, the characteristic of aortic dissection was where the problem lied.

Only by timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment could the patients life be saved.

It seemed that there was not much meaning for him to stay.

Chief Chen began to call the doctors to urge them to push the patients who needed to be amputated up.

After the pressure to stop the bleeding was over, the next patient was also pushed up.

Zheng Ren took a glance and saw that Su Yun had not come out yet.

He knew that the surgical time in the Department of Thoracic Surgery was relatively long.

At the end of the last century and the beginning of this one before there were thoracoscopy and electrocautery, 500ml of blood was obtained from the thoracotomy.

It took at least one hour.

At that time, surgery for esophageal carcinoma was basically a one-day operation.

Su Yuns technique was fast and he had the corresponding high-value medical supplies he needed.

It would not take him so long to settle the esophageal carcinoma but he would not be as arrogant as to rush things either.

Zheng Ren was busy.

In the third operating theatre, the thoracic department Chief Resident, Shao Hua, had passively changed from a surgeon to an assistant.

The doctors who came to help did not say a word.

They were working at full speed.

This surgerys patient was diagnosed with complicated explosive injuries, severe traumatic wet lung, ruptured lung, and hemopneumothorax.

After he opened his chest, sweat started to appear on Shao Huas forehead.

His lungs were filled with a large number of ruptures.

If it were not for the fact that both sides of his lungs were the same, he would have had his heart lobotomized.

While he was looking for the ruptures bit by bit and suturing them one by one, the assistant went on stage.

Shao Hua did not have the time to ask the doctor who came up to help him which department he was from.

Anyway, it was already good enough that someone was helping him with the retractor.

However, when this person came up, he did not have the sense to use the retractor at all.

He stretched out his hand and the scrub nurse at the side table handed the retractor to him.

However, he simply slapped the patients leg directly.

He asked for a needle holder, small needles, and fine thread.

Then, he started suturing together with Shao Hua.

Shao Hua was a little unhappy.

As someone who came to help at the last minute, couldnt he have some sense of propriety

However, in less than three minutes, Shao Hua knew that he was wrong.

The person who did not have any sense of propriety was not the unfamiliar doctor opposite him but himself.

In the time it took him to stitch up a wound, the other side had stitched up three to five.

The needle and thread moved at an extremely fast speed, but at the same time, it was very stable.

Even the curve was flawless, making it pleasing to the eye.

This was… Shao Hua felt a little uncomfortable but was more curious on who he was.

In more than ten minutes, the dozens of small wounds on the upper and lower lobes of the left lung were all closed.

After the warm saline was poured into the chest, the anesthetist began to expand his lungs.

The door of the operating theatre opened, and a person rushed in while in a hurry.

“I fell asleep.

Shao Hua, how far into the surgery are you Im sorry for the wait,” the person said anxiously as he walked.

Before Shao Hua could react, the man walked behind him to take a look at the surgery.

He asked in surprise, “Are you done”

As he spoke, he raised his head and glanced at Su Yun.

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