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Chapter 720: Widowmaker Heart Attack

Chief Jiang once again confirmed that Zheng Ren was not joking.

He walked to the operating table in confusion and looked at Zheng Ren.

He asked, “Doctor Zheng Whats wrong”

“Have you ever had a heart attack before”

“Yes but that was a long time ago.

Theres nothing abnormal now.”

“Lie down.


Dont use too much force.” Zheng Rens words were filled with authority and could not be rejected.

Su Yun looked at Zheng Ren in surprise.

He couldnt have really diagnosed Chief Jiang as having an acute myocardial infarction, right

Chief Jiang was stunned.

He did not spend much time with Zheng Ren but Zheng Ren had long conquered him with his unparalleled surgical techniques.

What he was saying was all true…

He laid on the operating table in a daze and smiled.

“Doctor Zheng, you should seize the time to rest for a few hours.”

Chief Jiang thought that Zheng Rens behavior was abnormal because he was tired.

He should not anger him now.

The two of them had completely different thoughts.

Things had become a little strange.

After Chief Jiang lay down, Su Yun pushed the electrocardiogram machine over.

He skillfully lifted Chief Jiangs shirt and stuck the pads to Chief Jiangs chest.

It was a little inconvenient for Zheng Ren to look at the electrocardiogram so he was not in the mood to do it.

Therefore, Su Yun was doing it.

It was impossible for a person who could do a heart transplant to not be able to see the electrocardiogram well.

“Boss, acute myocardial infarction in the anterior wall is recommended.

He requires emergency surgery.” Su Yun looked at the electrocardiogram, and his expression immediately became cold and indifferent.

He gave a cold and accurate opinion as if he was treating any normal patient.

“Where is Chief Jiangs wife” Zheng Ren asked the junior doctor.

“Uh…” Chief Jiang grabbed the electrocardiogram.

The characteristic manifestation of myocardial infarction was clearly shown on it—ST-segment elevation.

“Thats impossible.” Chief Jiang was puzzled.

If it was true, why didnt he feel anything at all

Zheng Ren glanced at it and said, “The ST-segment elevation from V1 to V6 shows that its an acute thrombus.

The thrombus exists at the proximal end of the left anterior descending artery.

Other than the anterior wall being affected, the ventricular septum and the lateral wall will also be affected.

“You know what Call Chief Jiangs wife and tell her to sign for the emergency surgery,” Zheng Ren said.

“Prepare the emergency surgery and medicine.”

The air in the operating theater froze for a few seconds but no one moved.

Zheng Ren looked at Chief Jiang in confusion and asked, “Do you usually perform resuscitation like this”

Chief Jiangs old face turned red.

Although he still did not believe Zheng Rens words, he was now the patient so how could the emergency surgery not be performed after the Doctors orders

Just as he was about to speak, Zheng Ren said calmly, “This is a typical widowmaker heart attack.

According to the official definition of STEMI given by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Associations guidelines, youre in a critical stage of the widowmaker heart attack so you must undergo emergency surgery without delay.”

Chief Jiang recalled the electrocardiogram.

Although he still did not believe it, the objective evidence was there and he could not refute it.

“Boss, do you want to remove or dissolve the thrombus”

“Remove the thrombus,” Zheng Ren said.

“Do you have a catheter to remove the thrombus from the coronary artery”

Chief Jiang put himself in the position of a doctor.

If he were to encounter such a situation, he would definitely need emergency surgery.

However, it was very difficult to remove the thrombus from the left anterior descending artery! That was still not the main point.

The main point was that he was a doctor.

How could he lie on the operating table during emergency treatment and delay their resuscitation efforts!

“Dont be stubborn.

If we hurry up with the surgery, we can save some trouble.

If we argue with you again, you might not be the only one who cant be saved.

The others might not be saved either,” Su Yun immediately retorted when he saw Chief Jiangs constipated expression.

Chief Jiang felt as if cold water had been poured over his head.

He instantly became clear-headed.

“Prepare for surgery.

Xiao Liu, bring me an A4 paper,” Chief Jiang said in a deep voice.

The junior doctor was stunned by the scene in front of him.

It was not until Chief Jiang spoke that he went to fetch the paper in a daze.

Chief Jiang signed his name on the paper and said, “Go and sign it before the surgery.

Im not considered a wounded soldier at the frontline.

Im considered an ordinary patient in the emergency department.”

In his mind, the emergency department chiefs heart attack made him nothing more than an ordinary patient.

“Slowly take off your shirt,” Zheng Ren said.

Chief Jiang smiled bitterly.

As he took off his shirt, he whispered, “If I suddenly had a heart attack and couldnt be saved, would I be considered a martyr”

“No,” Su Yun said, “With me… With the boss and I here, its not that easy for you to die.

Its just a widowmaker heart attack.

Its not that difficult to treat.

Dont dawdle.

After ten minutes of surgery, you can rest for the day.”

“I can finally rest” Chief Jiang lay on the cold operating table in a daze.

“Su Yun, you can accompany me to the operating table and disinfect things,” Zheng Ren said.

“Youre wasting my time!”Su Yun ran to brush his hands.

As he did so, he said, “If youre tired, you should just rest rather than actually having a heart attack.

Thats why my boss is here.

If we wait for you to have symptoms, we wont even be able to remove the thrombus.”

“It can be removed,” Zheng Ren said.

Speechless, Su Yun glanced at him and said, “Boss, Im complimenting you.

Cant you tell”

“Hurry up and disinfect.

There are still injured people over there,” Zheng Ren said indifferently, ignoring Su Yuns nagging.

The operating theater was emptied.

It was like an emergency treatment for the injured.

The surgery quickly began.

Chief Jiang felt that he had entered a wonderful world.

One second ago, he was still rescuing the wounded from the frontline.

The next second, he was lying on the operating table, quietly waiting for the operation.

Life was really f*cking amazing!

He cursed in his heart.

Why was he so disappointing! Why did he have a heart attack when he was fine!

It was a pity that he could not help with resuscitation anymore.

Thinking about it, Chief Jiang felt very regretful.

His vision was blurry.

“Hey, Old Jiang, youre not going to cry, are you” Su Yun disinfected his left wrist and did not lose the opportunity to retort.

“No.”Chief Jiang closed his eyes and lied.

A stream of tears flowed down the corner of his eyes.

“Its a small problem but let me tell you, you have to rest well after the surgery.

This is considered a work-related injury.” Su Yun said, “And dont make a fuss about supporting the sick.

Dont throw yourself into the cause of saving lives and helping the injured.

Youll just be a nuisance.

Youll be fine.

This will make things much better in the future.”

Chief Jiang did not expect Su Yun to tell him this.

The sadness disappeared into thin air.

“Simply put, dont come up and cause trouble.

Im just giving you some advice.”

“Brother Yun, you dont have to comfort people like this, right” Chief Jiang smiled bitterly.

“Comfort Nonsense! Hurry up so we can be done here.

There are still injured people waiting for you.” Su Yun nagged but did not delay his actions at all.

Zheng Ren finished brushing his hands, put on his clothes, and stood next to Chief Jiang.

“Doctor Zheng, thank you for your trouble.”

“You have a stent, right” Zheng Ren did not notice Chief Jiangs change of mood at all.

He only treated him as an ordinary patient who needed treatment.

“Xiao Liu brought it over,” Su Yun said.

“Yes.” Zheng Ren began to lay out the sheet and an artery sheath appeared in his hand.

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