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Chapter 713: Pengxi Village Hospital

At Huaxi in the courtyard, figures in white clothes were constantly shuttling through the green tents.

The overall atmosphere was busy.

It was like a sky full of bright clouds that had been pressing down on their hearts for a long time.

It pressed down on them so much that they did not even have the time to complain about being tired.

If they had the time, they might as well find a place to lie down and sleep for a while.

There was nothing more blissful than that.

The emergency department chief was sitting by the roadside in Huaxi Hospital.

He was holding the printed data in his hand and thinking about something.

“Chief, the new emergency management system is really useful,” a young clerk from the medical administration division said as he stood by the side.

“Well, why dont you see who did it” The chief looked at the data in his hand and thought about something.

“Who did it” The little clerk was surprised.

Could it be that the chief knew the person who worked in the system

“That person was still helping us a few days ago.

Later, a group of people came under his command and went to the frontline.”

The little clerk was stunned.

At this time, it was not easy to go to the frontline.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the individual had to be extremely powerful.

However, what did it have to do with the Emergency Medical Management System Software

“The data isnt right.” The chief of the emergency department pointed at the A4 paper in his hand and said, “What about the pelvis fracture patients in Pengxi Village Why isnt it reflected in the data”

The young clerk was not a medical student.

He was stunned for a moment and immediately said, “Ill go and check it out.”

After saying that, he ran away like a wisp of smoke.

The old chief frowned and pondered, afraid that something might go wrong.

Pengxi Village was supposed to be at the forefront, so more critically ill patients should be transferred.

However, the data showed that from about two days ago, there had been no serious pelvic fracture injuries.

Internal organ rupture, serious pelvic fracture injuries were some of the most frequently treated types of trauma.

This type of trauma was not life-threatening, but it was also very serious.

If treatment was prolonged, it would definitely be fatal.

Normally, if a large army went in and dug people out of the rubble, it would take at least a day.

Almost all the people who were sent here were in a state of hemorrhagic shock and had to be treated urgently.

Could it be that there was something wrong with the rescue work of the six counties and cities that had been severely affected by the radiation in Pengxi Village

It should not be.

Other people with light and heavy injuries were continuously sent from Pengxi Village but there were no people with serious pelvic fractures.

According to the data from the past few hours, even the number of amputees was gradually decreasing.

Soon, the young clerk from the medical administration division ran back.

He held a piece of paper in his hand and said, “Chief, it was Pengxi Village that carried out the surgery.

The postoperative patients were not sent to us.

They were sent directly to Chengdu Provincial Hospital and other lower-level hospitals.”

“How many were there”

“197 patients.

The patients were sent to Chengdu Provincial Hospital and lower-level hospitals and have recovered well.

Only two of them have not been corrected for hemorrhagic shock.

They are still being treated.” The data in the small clerks hand explained everything.

It was strange.

How could Pengxi Village Hospital withstand such a large amount of treatment for serious pelvic fractures

The emergency department chief did not really believe it, but the data showed him the truth of the matter.

Whether he believed it or not, the data was there.

It was not just the number of surgeries, but also the response of the patients after surgery.

“Oh right, I received a call from Pengxi Village.

They said that they have started to perform embolectomy on patients who need an amputation.

The corresponding patients should be sent to us very soon,” the young clerk said.

The emergency department chief was silent.

He still could not understand how Pengxi Village was able to achieve such results with their simple and crude condition.

Huaxi was the last dam that blocked the flood-like flow of the wounded from the frontline.

Countless people were being treated here.

The number was shocking.

As the chief of the emergency department who received and triaged patients here, he did not want to think too much about it.

However, as the eldest brother of Southwest Medical Hospital and one of the few Class Three Grade A Hospitals in the country, they had opened all the interventional surgery rooms at the same time.

Only then was he able to barely cope with the treatment of a large number of patients with severe pelvic fractures and large retroperitoneal hematoma.

Pengxi Village Hospital

It was really strange.

They still needed to perform an embolectomy Not to mention the technical strength, were there enough machines on their side

Just as he thought about it, a first-aid ambulance sped over.

The whimpering sound of the ambulance did not faze anymore.

He stood up, handed the A4 paper to the small clerk, and strode over.

The first-aid ambulance stopped at the triage position.

A stretcher trolley was immediately pushed over and placed at the back door of the ambulance at the first moment.

The doctor in the ambulance jumped down and followed the procedure as he said simply, “The patients who were transferred from Pengxi Village Hospital for amputation have already undergone thrombectomy.

Here are the radiographic films and medical records.

By the way, they said that they need to be rushed or there will be complications.”

As he said that, he handed over a few bags of radiographic films.

The bags had numbers on them.

The corresponding numbers were on the wristbands of the patients to avoid confusion.

The emergency department doctor was a little puzzled but who cared what the frontline did They just needed to send the wounded to the orthopedics department quickly and wait for surgery.

“Let me take a look at the radiographic films,” the chief of the emergency department said in a low voice.

Then, he took the bag of radiographic films from the junior doctors hands.

“Send the wounded to the orthopedics department first.

After Im done, Ill send the radiographic films over myself.” As he spoke, he took the radiographic films to his office.

The office was very messy.

There was a military coat resting on the sofa.

Twenty-six hours ago, the chief had been sleeping there for three hours.

That was how much he had slept throughout the entire ordeal.

He was very confused.

He took the radiographic films out of the bag and glanced at them.

They should be the radiographic films for interventional radiography.

Did they really conduct the surgery to remove the embolus

Although he did not know much about the surgery to remove the embolus, some simple images were not difficult for him to understand.

However…after inserting the radiographic films, he was stunned.

These were definitely not normal radiographic films.

The position and angle were very tricky.

He did not know whether the person cutting the radiographic films was sleepy or trying to use the radiographic films to send a message to the people behind.

He couldnt understand… He really couldnt understand.

Without hesitation, he took out the second radiographic film and inserted it into the radiographic film viewer.

He still couldnt understand it.

The third radiographic film viewer was the same.

There were only three radiographic films in total and all of them were unconventional.

The Chief of the Emergency Department looked at the three radiographic films inserted into the radiographic film viewer and was stunned for a few seconds.

Then, he shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Which God was this in Pengxi Village

He knew that all the experts and professors from all the disciplines in the country would rush over as soon as they could put their work down.

It was said that a random medical staff from the frontline had such a brilliant resume that it made peoples jaws drop.

He shook his head and took out a sheet of A4 paper from his bag.

The handwriting on the paper was somewhat familiar, it seemed to be… He suddenly remembered that there was similar handwriting on the medical record in the plastic bag on the chest of the first wounded person who was transported out of Nanchuan Town by helicopter.

Because the medical records of the other casualties in Pengxi Town were all printed, he was deeply impressed when he saw the written medical record.

In hindsight, the diagnosis and recommendations of these medical records were correct.

He immediately paid attention to it, took out the glasses case from his pocket to put on his reading glasses, and began to read it carefully.

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