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Chapter 706: Was This Type Of Surgery Meaningful

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One hundred and sixty-two patients with severe pelvic fractures If he had counted from the beginning until now, it was possible for him to have done at least five or six consecutive operations in the past three days.

However, there were very few interventional doctors.

Who was the one doing the surgery here

He fell silent.

His numb limbs and brain could not support him thinking about other things.

All his energy was used for the surgery, which seemed to come in endless waves.

When he came to the interventional surgery room, he saw the busy figures of the circulating nurses in the corridor.

There were more than a dozen seriously injured people lying on the additional beds outside.

It could be seen that these seriously injured people were the kind of people whose limbs had been weighed down by heavy objects for a long time, leading to necrosis.

There was no other way for these injured people to be treated other than amputation.

Chief Sun was silent.

He always felt that he had let these injured people down.

Why werent there be newer and more advanced medical methods that could preserve their limbs!

He quickened his pace.

As if he had done something shameful, Chief Sun walked straight into the operating theater.

“Where is he” Chief Sun asked.

“He fell asleep while sitting inside,” Chief Jiang said as he pointed at the operating theater.

“Why dont you go to the duty room and rest for a while” Chief Sun frowned.

“Doctor Zheng fell asleep while we were talking.”Chief Jiang sighed and suppressed his various emotions.

“There are only two operating theaters in total.

The other one is for Doctor Zhengs assistant and Professor Mu, who just rushed back from Mayo Clinic in the United States.

Doctor Zheng is the only one in this operating theater.”

It was enough for him to say that.

Chief Sun was a little surprised but he did not have any energy to feel anything else.

Everyone was the same.

Everyone had reached their limits but were still struggling.

However, there seemed to be something wrong.

Chief Suns head was a little dizzy and he did not notice these details.

Chief Jiang opened the airtight lead door of the operating theater and the three of them walked in.

Zheng Rens head was tilted.

He was wearing a blue disposable sterile surgical gown and was sleeping soundly.

Xie Nings gaze was a little complicated.

He looked at Zheng Ren with a focused gaze.

“Doctor Zheng, Doctor Zheng” Chief Jiang called out softly.

Although he could not bear to, he had to wake him up for the patients who needed to be amputated.

No matter how unwilling he was, he had to wake him up.

“The orthopedist is here Are they willing to cooperate with the intervention” Zheng Rens snoring immediately disappeared, and his ethereal voice sounded as if he was talking in his sleep.

Chief Jiang did not say anything.

He glanced at Chief Sun.

“Yes, I have.” Chief Sun nodded.

Zheng Ren opened his eyes and saw three people in front of him.

He smiled.

The smile touched the bruise on his face.

He felt a burst of pain and seemed to have become more energetic.

“How long have I been asleep” Zheng Ren asked.

“Oh, thats enough.”Zheng Ren immediately stood up from the ground, tore off the disposable sterile clothes, and threw them into the medical waste bin.

“Lets start doing it now.

This is…”

“This is Chief Sun from the Orthopedics Department,” Chief Jiang introduced.

“Chief Sun, you can watch from the operating room.

After Im done, we can discuss if there are any problems.” Zheng Rens tone was very calm, but there was a sense of refusal.

Was this an order from a senior doctor

Chief Sun was very familiar with this kind of polite but condescending tone.

If it was Chengdu Provincial Hospital, the only people who could talk to him like this were the Chief of the Department of Intervention and a retired old professor.

After all, they were not in the same department so they had to be a little more polite to each other.

Although they were polite, the aura of a senior doctor did not change.

This person…looked very young.

Where did this confidence come from Moreover… Chief Sun felt a little strange but could not tell what was wrong.

He did not refute but nodded.

He helped to carry the wounded to the operating theater and then left the operating theater.

“Chief Jiang, can he do it alone” Chief Sun asked when he saw Zheng Ren standing alone in the operating theater, looking so helpless.

“He can do it alone… Faster than the two people next door,” Chief Jiang said with a smile.

At this moment, Chief Sun realized what was wrong in that instant.

“Chief Jiang, I saw that Doctor Zhengs face is bruised.

What happened” Chief Sun asked.

“He and his assistant came down from the frontline,” Chief Jiang said.

“Theyve been here for a day and a half but havent taken a break.”

Chief Jiang was concerned that Zheng Ren hadnt taken a break while Chief Sun shivered.

A day and a half He had performed more than a hundred interventional embolization surgeries for pelvic fractures

No, he must have thought wrong.

No one would operate so quickly.

There must be something wrong…

“Yes, Zheng Ren and Su Yun arrived at Pengxi Village Hospital yesterday afternoon.

So far, theyve performed 36 hours of surgery and completed the interventional embolization surgery for pelvic fractures… Together with Professor Mu, theyve completed 162 surgeries,” Xie Ning said with the data he had right beside him.

Not sleeping for 36 hours was still a small matter.

But they had performed 162 surgeries

Chief Sun was surprised and frowned.

If it were any other time, Chief Sun would definitely think that this was fake data and the person who did the data did not understand medical treatment at all.

How long did an average surgery take Wasnt this just bullsh*t

But now was the time for emergency treatment.

Uncle Ning was not the kind of person who talked nonsense and did not know what to say.

Chief Sun stood in front of the operating table in confusion, ready to watch Zheng Rens surgery.

This patient had a fracture on his tibia and fibula.

He had been weighed down by a heavy object for a long time and his leg was already dead.

Above the knee joint, the edema spread to half of his thigh.

The patients thigh was swollen like a steamed bun.

If he was in the operating theater, he could only amputate his leg below the hip joint.

This was because even if the skin around the edema was sutured, it would not be able to heal due to the lack of blood supply.

Even if they managed to suture it, it would still end up in necrosis.

They would still need to perform a second-stage surgery.

What was he going to do Chief Sun focused his attention and looked through the lead-lined glass at Zheng Ren inside.

Zheng Ren was disinfecting.

He wore a sterile surgical gown and laid out a sheet.

He stood on the right side of the patient and began the surgery.

“Chief Sun, will Doctor Zheng be of any help to your surgery after you remove the embolus” Chief Jiang asked.

Although he was involved in circulatory interventional surgery and would occasionally remove the embolus, Chief Jiang did not know much about the surgical method of removing the embolus from four limbs, not to mention what the orthopedics department would do after removing the embolus.

“Yes, he would.

Usually, we can cut off one segment of the limb.

The exact length will depend on the level of the interventional surgery and the orthopedics surgeon,” Chief Sun said.

“In your opinion, if it were any other time, where would the injured persons limb have to be amputated” Chief Jiang asked.

“The knee joint will definitely not be preserved.

We can only preserve a part of the thigh.

Itll be more convenient for the injured person to walk on prosthetic limbs after the surgery.” Chief Sun was confident and quickly made his judgment clear.

If that was the case, it would not mean much.

However, since Doctor Zheng insisted on doing it, he could not do much and they could just watch.

Chief Sun did not mind.

Although it was not as meaningful, it was still something to be done.

Xie Ning stood by the side and was silent.

He stared at Zheng Ren who was behind the lead-lined glass.

The circulating nurse walked out, closed the air-tight lead door, and the surgery began.

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