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Chapter 705: An Orthopedic Surgeon Who Was Slightly More Powerful

“Next!” After Zheng Ren finished performing surgery, he pressed the button on the intercom on the operating table and shouted loudly.

Every time the surgery was completed, he would shout loudly to make his depressed expression and tired body feel a little better.

The airtight lead door opened and Chief Jiang walked in.

Finally, a smile that came from the bottom of his heart was now plastered on his face.

“Doctor Zheng, there are no new patients,” Chief Jiang said happily.

“Are all the patients with severe pelvic fractures done” Zheng Ren asked.

“Yes!” Chief Jiang raised his voice and looked straight at Zheng Ren.

He answered very seriously, “Doctor Zheng, have a meal and take a rest.”

“Its okay.

Did you send the patients who needed amputation” Zheng Ren asked.

Speechless, Chief Jiang really wanted to tell Zheng Ren that what he needed now was not more surgery, but a nap.

Next door, Doctor Zhengs assistant and Professor Mu were performing surgeries alternately.

It was normal for Chief Jiang to be able to lie down for a while.

However, it was abnormal for a person like Zheng Ren to have no time to rest during continuous surgeries.

A person was not made of iron.

How long could he last if he performed surgeries like this

“Chief Jiang, is there a doctor from the orthopedics department in the operating theater Can you find a chief surgeon from the orthopedics department Also, give me a bottle of ten percent glucose.” Zheng Ren took the opportunity to communicate with Chief Jiang as he sat on the ground with his back against the wall.

He relaxed his entire body and seized every minute to recover his energy.

“Ah” Chief Jiang did not expect Zheng Ren to change the topic to the orthopedics department.

He was stunned for a moment.

However, he immediately realized the meaning of Zheng Rens last sentence.

He wanted to drink sugar water to replenish his energy.

He quickly opened a bottle of ten percent glucose solution and handed it to Zheng Ren.

“Its best if your level is high enough.

Otherwise, Ill have to explain a lot more.

I might not be able to understand you,” Zheng Ren said weakly as he sipped the sugar water.

It was as if he would fall asleep in the next second.

Chief Jiang found it very difficult to hear his words clearly.

He was afraid that he would miss a sentence, so he quickly walked to Zheng Rens side.

“Doctor Zheng, do you need a good orthopedist to explain things to you” Chief Jiang asked a very strange question.

What nonsense did he say Chief Jiang blamed himself in his heart.

“Yes, thats about it.

I want a doctor who has cooperated with the Department of Interventional Medicine and knows what the Orthopedics Department does after the embolectomy.

If there isnt…” Zheng Ren was silent for a moment.

This kind of doctor could only come from a very powerful Class Three Grade A Hospital.

It was estimated that there were only three to five hospitals in Chengdu that were at that level.

There were only one or two hospitals that were qualified for such a thing.

“Uh… Ill go and ask.

There are doctors from Huaxi in the operating theater, but they are also busy.”

“It wont take too much time.

Dont worry,” Zheng Ren said.

“Ill take a nap then.

Call me when you come back.”

“Go sleep on the sofa.

Its cold here.” Chief Jiang was just about to help Zheng Ren up when he heard a light snore.

The snore was very soft and indistinct.

As he spoke, Zheng Ren had already fallen asleep unknowingly.

Chief Jiang looked at Zheng Rens bruised and purple face and felt his nose ache for no reason.

He quietly stood up and gestured for the doctors and volunteers who were carrying the patients to lower their voices.

Then, he tiptoed out of the operating theater and closed the air-tight lead door.

“Chief, the surgery is done.

Let Doctor Zheng sleep in the duty room,” a junior doctor said.

Chief Jiang shook his head.

He glanced at the patients who needed to be amputated and could not be transferred to the operating theater for the time being.

After that, he steeled his heart and walked out of the interventional radiology suite.

Chief Jiang knew that there were orthopedists from Huaxi in their operating theater.

They were all the on-duty personnel and surgical staff who had immediately been brought to the frontline from Huaxis main department.

It was not an exaggeration to say that these doctors were the backbone of emergency treatment in Huaxi Hospital.

They were also like Zheng Ren in the operating theater.

They had fought for a few days and nights, and they were all exhausted.

They should go and take a look.

Doctor Zheng had told them that if they did not do it, it would not make sense even though Chief Jiang did not know what Zheng Ren wanted to do.

As he was thinking, Chief Jiang staggered.

When he walked on flat ground, his left foot tripped over his right foot and he almost fell.

F*ck! Chief Jiang cursed in his heart.

He rubbed his face with all his strength to make himself feel more energetic.

If he could not perform the surgery, he could not do the errands anymore.

It was simply unreasonable.

When he came to the operating theater outside the hospital, Chief Jiang saw Xie Ning holding a notebook.

He was talking to a doctor who was wearing an isolation suit and a disposable blue sterile cap.

“Uncle Ning, youre here too.” Chief Jiang recognized this volunteer very well by now.

He did not know how the other places were doing.

In any case, under the premise that this volunteer was the head organizer of Pengxi Village Hospital, everything was in good order.

Even though they were hit by a flood of injured people again and again, they were still standing.

This surgery was supposed to change their luck, and everything was in good order.

“Chief Jiang, why are you here” Xie Ning tilted his head and asked gently with a smile.

No matter what time it was, the smile on his face was always like that of spring.

It made people feel warm.

“Uncle Ning, Doctor Zheng asked me to find a high-level orthopedic doctor to discuss something,” Chief Jiang said.

“What is it” the doctor who was talking to Xie Ning asked.

“I think they want to intervene and remove the embolus.

The orthopedics department will carry out the amputation surgery,” Chief Jiang said.

“Huh” The orthopedics doctor was stunned.

The cooperation between different departments was needed to carry out the amputation surgery after the intervention and removal of the embolus.

The orthopedics departments surgery was not very difficult, but the difficulty of intervening and removing the embolus was quite high.

There were not many such surgical methods in Chengdu because there were so few patients who had been crushed by heavy objects for a long time.

There was no need to carry out the embolus surgery.

However, this surgical method was of great use in the current situation.

The Doctor was curious and said, “Its my turn to rest after surgery.

Ill go with you to take a look.”

Chief Jiang wanted to ask how good his surgical skills were.

But how could he ask such a question

After thinking for a moment, Chief Jiang quickly gave up on this idea and nodded.

Xie Ning was also very interested.

After he finished some handover matters with the orthopedist, he followed the two of them and walked toward the interventional surgery room.

“This is Sun Zhenxing from the Chengdu Provincial Hospital, Chief Jiang.

This is Chief Jiang from the interventional surgery department of Pengxi Village Hospital.” Although he was an outsider, Xie Ning knew the situation of the hospital like the back of his hand.

Without any false pleasantries, the three of them strode forward.

“Interventional surgery What did you do” Chief Sun asked as they walked.

“In the past two days, Ive mainly performed interventional embolization for severe pelvic fractures,” Chief Jiang replied.

Chief Sun nodded.

This was the greatest use of interventional surgery in this emergency treatment.

As for severe pelvic fractures and continuous bleeding, surgical methods could not solve this problem.

Only interventional surgery could.

“How many sets have you done” Chief Sun asked casually.

“We sent 162 patients to the department.

They should all be done,” Xie Ning answered directly without care.

Speechless, Chief Sun paused in his footsteps.

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