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Chapter 683: Life-saving Express Delivery

Two hours later, Xie Ning installed new software on all the computers in Pengxi Village Hospitals emergency department.

Even the backup generator was ready, afraid that an aftershock would cause a power outage and data loss.

The post-disaster family-seeking system was also synchronized online, with all kinds of data uploaded.

Everything went according to plan.

With the professional system, the efficiency was improved by leaps and bounds.

The diagnosis and destination of all kinds of critically ill patients were clear at a glance.

More than a dozen of Xie Nings men in suits turned the fever clinic of Pengxi Village Hospital into a database, sorting out all the open data.

People kept picking up their phones to determine which hospital certain patients were transferred to while entering in their own information.

Xie Ning knew that Chief Ji had already contacted the frontline headquarters for the same system and was ready to install and connect to each hospitals system network.

He sat in front of a notebook and flipped through the information.

He had a deep understanding of the overall data.

All in all, it was shocking.

The number of wounded was very large.

The post-operation for the wounded in Pengxi Village was already full.

Those with serious injuries were transported by first-aid ambulances from all over the country.

Those with ordinary injuries were simply transported by taxi and private cars from Chengdu.

Pengxi Village was like a dam being released for a flood, minimizing the pressure on Huaxi, the last line of defense.

Xie Ning had unknowingly become the night watchman there.

In the distance, the ear-piercing sound of a whistle could be heard.

Xie Nings heart skipped a beat.

He immediately stood up and looked into the distance.

A BMW X5 rammed in at high speed.

Normally, Xie Ning would assume that the driver was drunk.

This was the standard thing that would happen with drunk drivers.

However, that definitely wasnt the case now.

What exactly happened

He called for people to go out.

A few volunteers followed behind Xie Ning with weary steps.

The screeching sound of brakes could be heard.

The tires rubbed against the uneven ground, the faint smell of burnt rubber.

Xie Ning frowned.

A steel bar pierced through the BMW X5 drivers seat and was embedded in the car.

Did the driver inside insist on driving over before taking his last breath Such a melodramatic plot was done in a flash, and Xie Ning immediately went to check it out.

The drivers face was pale.

He lay on the steering wheel and panted heavily.

He was wearing volunteer clothes.

His back and hair were drenched in sweat.

His clothes had been soaked through by the cold sweat and turned into dust and mud that stuck to his body.

Xie Ning looked out and saw that the steel bar had penetrated through the cars body and pierced through the drivers left thigh.

There was a pool of blood under the drivers seat.

It was a shocking sight.

No wonder he had to honk all the way.

Half the steel bar was outside.

If he hit anyone, they would be finished.

He was so desperate… Why

However, this was not a question that should be considered now.

Xie Ning immediately asked, “Ten minutes ago, did you get a contact number for the fire brigade that went over”

A secretary immediately replied, “Yes!”

“Contact them and explain the situation.

Ask them to send reinforcements.”

The secretary turned around and left.

At this moment, Feng Xuhui who was sitting in the drivers seat barely managed to prop himself up.

Cold sweat was dripping down his face.

“Excuse me, is this Pengxi Village Hospital”

“This is Pengxi Village Hospital, you are…”

“Chief Zheng Ren, you should come over,” Feng Xuhui asked intermittently.

His thigh had been pierced by a steel bar.

The intense pain and excessive blood loss had caused him to enter a state of shock.

If not for the obsession in his heart, he would have long passed out.

“Zheng Ren Is it Zheng Ren from Sea City General Hospital” Xie Ning asked.

“Yes, thats him.” Feng Xuhui looked at the time.

It was just right.

“My backseat, trunk, and the two cars behind me are filled with the medical supplies that Chief Zheng needs.

Ill have to trouble you for the rest.”

After saying that, Feng Xuhui fainted.

A medical staff had already put an IV drip on him through the car window.

Xie Ning knew that this person probably just lost too much blood, so there wouldnt be too much of a problem.

But was he here to transport the goods In two hours, he ran from Chengdu to Pengxi village and under the condition of constant aftershocks, he also suffered serious external injuries.

This person was really quite hard-working.

Soon, a fire brigade had gone to the frontline to send people back.

They used professional tools to cut the steel bar and carried Feng Xuhui out of the car to rescue him.

Feng Xuhui did not expect that he would miss Zheng Ren again by accident.

However, the things that Zheng Ren and Su Yun wanted had been delivered on time.

The delivery of the things could not be delayed for Zheng Rens rescue attempts.

This thought supported him to drive to Pengxi Village hospital despite his serious injuries.

Xie Ning asked someone to transport various medical supplies such as guide wires and catheters.

He did not know what they were used for, but it did not matter whether he understood them or not.

He sent them all to the interventional radiology suite.

Chief Jiang was there to sort them out.

The young man could handle it.

He was his capable son-in-law.

It seemed more and more interesting that he was able to command people to do such things.

Everything was on the right track.

Xie Ning did not need to use pen and paper to make notes.

When he had time, he simply changed his clothes and entered the operating theater.

On the surface, he was helping Chief Jiang out by classifying all kinds of medical supplies.

In fact, he wanted to observe Zheng Ren up close.

Xie Ning brought people to the interventional radiology suite, using a few stainless steel stretcher trolleys that usually delivered trash to push all kinds of medical supplies.

The operating theater door was open.

A patient had just been sent in.

Xie Ning saw that pressure was being applied to stop the bleeding.

Chief Jiang and a junior doctor sent the next patient in.

“Is Manager Feng reliable or not Were almost out of medical supplies!” Su Yuns voice came from inside.

“The medical supplies are here.” Xie Ning raised his voice and said, “Chief Jiang, lets sort them out.”

Two figures walked out of the operating theater.

Su Yun bent down and skillfully found two catheters.

He raised his head and glanced at them but did not see Feng Xuhui.

“Wheres manager Feng” Su Yun asked.

“He was injured on the way here.

A steel bar shot out by the aftershock and penetrated his left thigh.

Hes currently being treated,” Xie Ning calmly explained.

Su Yun was stunned.

This f*cking aftershock!

He lowered his head and hurried into the operating theater.

Xie Ning also came to the corridor, leaning sideways.

Zheng Ren had already finished brushing his hands.

His left hand was holding the curved plate, and his right hand was holding the oval forceps.

He was disinfecting the equipment.

“Did the surgery go smoothly” Xie Ning asked.

“It went smoothly.” Chief Jiang squatted on the ground with a face full of joy.

When the equipment ran out, a large amount of equipment was sent up from behind.

Was there anything more timely than this

Xie Ning said that Chief Jiang did not really care that the person who delivered the goods was injured.

He had seen too many seriously injured people in the past few days.

It was just that his thigh had been penetrated by a steel bar.

It was a small matter.

At this moment, as long as he did not die from the injury, it was a small matter.

“Twenty to thirty surgeries were performed in one go, and all the guide wire catheters in the inventory were used up.” Chief Jiang began to sort the medical supplies.

As he worked, he said, “If you want to talk about doctors from the Imperial Capital, their standards are really high!”

As he spoke, the door of another operating theater opened.

Mu Tao walked out from inside.

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