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Hmm, just thinking about it, Zheng Ren could not be wild even if he wanted to because human lives were on the line.

However, what he thought was conservative was barbaric and wild to the extreme in the eyes of others.

Zheng Ren was not in a hurry to get off the stent.

Instead, he retook the angiogram and began to complete the preoperative evaluation of the left anterior descending artery.

Just like the right coronary artery, Dr.

Mehars left anterior descending artery was completely blocked.

Zheng Ren estimated that the reason why Mehar was still alive was because of the extracorporeal membrane lung.

The other reason was that there might be a slight gap in the circumflex artery.

Outside the operating theater, the professor began to feel a little excited.

The perfect opening of the right coronary artery meant that the surgery was more than half completed.

Even if Dr.

Mehars coagulation function was not good, the newly opened right coronary artery would not be blocked during the surgery.

With a blood vessel supplying blood and a completely open blood vessel helping it along, Dr.

Mehars fragile heart would be able to withstand even greater stimulation.

In other words, the most difficult part of the surgery was basically over.

The rest was just repeated operations.

The remaining two blood vessels of the coronary artery were all ground clean and a drug-eluting stent was applied.

After that, the surgery could be completed.


Professor Rudolf Wagners heart was brimming with excitement.

He patted Robin on the shoulder, just like Robin had patted him on the shoulder before, and said in a low voice, “Professor Robin, it seems that Ive disappointed you.

My judgment is accurate.

It was and will be the same in the future.”

Robin subconsciously swallowed another mouthful of saliva but the taste of blood reverberated in his mouth.

What did he want to say

What else could he say

The surgery was so perfect that it was unimaginable.

Could it be that Professor Rudolf Wagner had really met a doctor whose hands were kissed by God

His luck was really good.

As the right coronary artery was opened, the atmosphere in the operating room suddenly became relaxed.

Unexpectedly, that was how everyone felt.

Then, when they saw that Dr.

Mehars surgery was progressing smoothly, most of them let out a sigh of relief.

Even if the surgery stopped now, there was an intact artery supplying blood which was enough to support Dr.

Mehar to live for a few more months.


Mehar used her hand to cover her heart as if she was performing surgery on herself.

She felt the same way every step she took as she aged.

The assistant next to her was holding her medicine to relieve the vasospasm in her hand.

She was waiting for the surgery to fail.


Mehar was so emotional that she was prepared at any moment.

When she saw the angiogram on the screen show that the right coronary artery had been completely opened, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“Rudolf.” Mrs.

Mehar waved at the professor.

ProfessorRudolf Wagner seemed to be listening to the most beautiful music in the world.

He patted Robins shoulder heavily.

As if saying goodbye to his old friend, he walked past the professors side with a slightly giddy pace.

He was indeed a little giddy because the past half an hour was simply too difficult to endure.

Every second and movement had him extremely nervous.

All the muscles in his body were in a state of overload.

Now that he was slightly relaxed, the side effect of the accumulation of lactic acid caused his entire body to feel a little excited.

“Madam.” Professor Rudolf Wagner bent down with a respectful and serious expression.

“Thank you.” Madam Mehar was also a doctor.

She knew that with the opening of the right coronary artery, her husband would most likely be able to get off the operating table alive.

If the other two blood vessels were the same as the right coronary artery, he could even try walking in the future and do someintense exercises.

All of this was thanks to the young man recommended by Professor Rudolf Wagner.

“Madam, youre too kind,” the professor said respectfully.

“I didnt expect the surgery to be so smooth.”

“That young man is the first author in your application” Mrs.

Mehar asked.

“Yes,” Professor Rudolf Wagner replied.

“The boss has a pair of hands that have been kissed by God.

Many difficult surgeries became very simple in his hands.

“This is also the reason why I strongly urge him to give it a try.

Fortunately, this kind of persistence can be rewarded.”

Before she could finish her words, Madam Mehar nodded and tried to smile.

She said, “Im very satisfied that the surgery can be done to this extent and let him see the bright and beautiful morning sunlight a few more times.”

A flower bloomed in the professors heart but his face remained solemn and respectful.

He did not get carried away.

“Its my honor, Madam.”

“Continue to watch the surgery.

All your hard work will be rewarded,” Madam Mehar muttered.

Although her voice was soft, the operating room was very quiet.

Almost everyone heard that sentence.

In an instant, countless envious and jealous gazes were cast over.

Especially Robin.

His eyes seemed to be on fire as he stared at the professor.

Professor Rudolf Wagner stood up and straightened his back.

He did not care about those hostile or unhostile gazes at all.

The boss was like a huge mountain with indestructible support.

With his back against the boss, why would he care about their hostility

What a joke.

Within that moment, Professor Rudolf Wagner was full of confidence.

Another forty minutes passed.

Zheng Ren skillfully ground down the remaining two coronary artery thrombus and calcified stove.

After stretching his neck, Zheng Ren picked up a stent.

“Boss” Su Yun was surprised.

It was rare for him to give his opinion during the operation.

“Hmm Whats the matter”Zheng Ren began to insert the stent into the guide wire, preparing to enter Dr.

Mehars coronary artery.

“Arent you going to use the drug-eluting stent” Su Yun carefully reminded him.

As an assistant who knew how to act, he did not care voicing his opinions to Zheng Ren during surgery.

However, during the operation, that was the first time Su Yun questioned Zheng Rens decision.

A drug-eluting stent (DES) was a stent that used bare-metal stent platforms to carry anti-intimal hyperplasia drugs.

The drug would elute and release into the local blood vessels, effectively inhibiting the intimal hyperplasia of the stent to prevent the stent from narrowing again.

It was especially suitable for Dr.

Mehars condition.

What Zheng Ren was holding was a recyclable stent…

It must be a f*cking mistake, Su Yun thought.

“Hehe.” Zheng Ren just smiled and did not stop moving at all.

“Boss, are you really going to use a recyclable stent” Su Yun hurriedly confirmed.


Mehar previously used a drug-eluting stent but did you see the effects it caused”


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