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Chapter 624: Boss, Please Give Me A Break

Although the skin of the simulation mannequin was charred black by the electric current, the heart had recovered a weak fluctuation afterward.

Zheng Ren tried a few more times and finally determined that the power of the defibrillator was 323J.

It was the right amount of energy needed to restore the simulation mannequins sinus rhythm heart while avoiding side damage as much as possible.

It was almost done.

Next, he would do the coronary rotation grinding technique.

As long as the patients heart muscle restored its blood supply, everything would be fine.

Letting out a long sigh, Zheng Ren looked at the charred second rib on the right side of the sternum and the fourth rib on the left midaxillary line.

He was also a little nervous.

Once the patients family did not approve, these things could be considered life or death.

However, he still had to do what he had to do.

Zheng Ren did not have any other good ideas.

After leaving the Systems space, the black hair on Su Yuns forehead was still messy.

The doctor in the ward had not taken out the defibrillator to do a second defibrillation.

Seeing that the first defibrillator was ineffective, Su Yun could not stop himself and actually rushed in.

At the same time, a series of hurried footsteps came from the corridor.

Zheng Ren followed Su Yun in quickly and saw that the young nurse doctor had done a second defibrillation.

There was still no effect.

The monitor and the crazy alarm sound of the ECMO made everyones blood pressure rise by 20 millimeters.

Just as he was about to prepare for the third defibrillation, Su Yun rushed over.

He spoke Swedish and quickly communicated with the nurse and doctor.

‘This guy really knows everything, Zheng Ren lamented.

The young doctor who was holding the defibrillator was stunned.

Su Yuns voice had a familiar tone that came from a superior doctor who could not be rejected.

He was stunned for a moment as Su Yun took the defibrillator over.

Zheng Ren saw Su Yun start to adjust the defibrillators power.

It crossed the value of 300J and went straight to the area where his experiment had been successful.

“323J has the best value effect,” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun was hesitating between a few values.

When he heard Zheng Rens words, he was stunned for a moment.

It was so accurate, what in the world!

After working together for a long time, Su Yun did not have the slightest doubt.

Moreover, this energy value was also one of the values he had considered.

Therefore, Su Yun quickly adjusted the defibrillators energy to the 323J as Zheng Ren had mentioned.

Then, he applied the biological gel again and began to defibrillate.

Within that moment, a group of people rushed in.

A tall doctor came in and shouted, “Defibrillator, defibrillator! The electricity must be high, at around 330J!”


His voice was mixed with Dr.

Mehars voice in the ward.

“Beta-blocker.” Su Yun glanced at the monitor.

His heart rate had already returned to normal, so he barked out his order in Swedish.

The awesome doctor had a certain temperament.

When he appeared, he gave off the impression that things would go as planned.

Especially after the rescue was successful, this impression reached its prime.

The nurse responded and then started to push the medicine in.

Zheng Ren let out a long breath.

Fortunately, he did not let his efforts go to waste.

Su Yun was indeed very handy at times.

Just like the situation earlier, Zheng Ren felt that he might not be able to win the defibrillator.

However, Su Yun could do it.

That was a skill, Zheng Ren admitted.

The tall doctor who barged in saw that Zheng Ren and Su Yun were there.

Su Yun was still holding the defibrillator in his hand.

A strange expression appeared on his face as he lowered his voice and said something angrily.

Su Yun threw the defibrillator to the doctor afterward.

He did not want to clean it and return it to its proper place.

That was the work of a junior doctor.

It had nothing to do with him.

Su Yun acted as if he did not see the doctor who barged in.

He walked to Zheng Rens side and asked with a smile, “Boss, please give me a break.

Youre actually more familiar with the biological current of the heart than I am”

“You are already very good,” Zheng Ren said absentmindedly.

He was a little worried that the professor would not be able to persuade him and that he was able to perform the surgery.

If he could not perform the surgery… It would be a pity.

Professor Rudolf Wagner came in with a confused look on his face.

However, he immediately stood in front of Zheng Ren and started to shout at the tall doctor.

“Lil Fugui, this is the ward.

Lets talk outside,”Zheng Ren said softly before walking outside.

The monitor and the external membrane lung alarm had already disappeared.

The smell of adrenalin from the rescue workers was still lingering in the ward.

The professor glared at the doctor who had reprimanded Zheng Ren.

He followed Zheng Ren out of the ward and asked about the situation as they walked.

The doctor went to ask the rescuers what had happened.

The process was very simple.

When they walked out of the ward, Zheng Ren told them what had happened.

The professor said in a low voice, “Boss, youre awesome!”

Speechless, Zheng Ren felt that Professor Rudolf Wagner, Su Yun, and Chang Yue had been led astray.

After walking out of the ward, a group of people were in the observation room.

In the middle was a wheelchair with an old lady sitting on it.

She had a head of silver hair and a wrinkled face.

However, her expression looked especially serious.

Her gaze was like a knife as she stared at Zheng Ren.

However, when she saw Su Yun, her gaze became a little gentler.

The professor bent down and began to explain to the old lady.

“Boss, you havent told me why you knew to go up to 323J for the defibrillation,” Su Yun said lazily.

“Its nothing.

At that time, werent you prepared to use 320-330J for defibrillation” Zheng Ren said perfunctorily.

“Ive studied cardiac electric current.

It can be said that Im one of the most professional people in the world in this field.

Perhaps it can be said that Im even one of the best.” Su Yun blew a breath as the black hair on his forehead fluttered.

“Hehe.” Zheng Ren looked at his smug look and just chuckled without saying anything.

Su Yun was suddenly unhappy and wanted to say a few words against Zheng Ren.

However, when he thought about how he was calculating the energy value at that time, Zheng Ren had simply just blurted it out…

F*ck, he could not beat him.

Su Yun knew that very well in his heart.

Academics was like that.

No matter how much he said, it was useless.

Facts spoke louder than words.

He was so aggrieved.

He was in pain from holding all his thoughts in.

Su Yun took a glance and saw the doctor who had accused him and Zheng Ren walk out with a puzzled look on his face.

He went up to them.

He blurted out his words in fluent Swedish.

He could not refute Zheng Ren, but it was also good to vent his anger on these people.

Looking at Su Yuns impassioned and angry speech, Zheng Ren felt that it was funny.

However, he did not have the final say there.

It was really sullen.

Although Zheng Ren had said that he would treat Dr.

Mehar as his patient, he felt like he should just go home.

Zheng Ren looked at Dr.

Mehars health on the screen.

He blocked out all sounds of Su Yun arguing with the other, not even hearing a single word.

Looking at the waveform on the monitor, Zheng Ren became more worried.

Although he had recovered his sinus rhythm, it was only temporary.

The waveform was very unstable.

Zheng Ren could feel Dr.

Mehars pale and weak heart beating, desperately squeezing out every bit of life it had left.

When there was nothing to squeeze out, it would stop beating.

Moreover, the probability of being able to use a defibrillator to save him the next time was even lower.

“Su Yun, I suggest that we immediately do interventional surgery.

You should tell them that,” Zheng Ren said in a deep voice.

“If they refuse, there is no reason for us to stay.”

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