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Chapter 623: If He Was Wrong, He Could Start Over

“Boss, youre awesome.” Su Yun looked at Professor Rudolf Wagner leave and came to Zheng Rens side with a smile.

He gave him a thumbs up and praised him, “Youre really good at provoking people.”

“I wasnt trying to do such a thing,” Zheng Ren said indifferently.

“I just told the truth since I didnt want to make things difficult for Lil Fugui.

What I said before was very simple.

No wonder he has doubts.”


Do you think that by saying that, he wont have any doubts”

“Ill do my best.

What else can I do Do I have to barge in and directly perform surgery on Dr.

Mehar When the surgery is done later, the heart can stop at any time.

If theres a chance that might happen, you have to be prepared for defibrillation,” Zheng Ren said.

“Im one of the most professional experts in the field of cardiac surgery.

Dont worry, boss.” Su Yun clenched his right hand into a fist and knocked on his left pectoral, making loud banging sounds.

Su Yun was quite confident in his specialty in cardiac surgery.

“I know youre an expert, so I dare say that the success rate of the surgery is very high.” Zheng Ren was a little tired.

He slowly closed his eyes as if he was talking in his sleep, saying, “I definitely dont trust the people here.

If it were me, I wouldnt believe it either.

Thats why I cant cooperate with the doctors around.

Once theres a sudden cardiac arrest during the surgery, Ill have to rely on you.”

“Dont worry.”

The conversation between the two ended there.

Whatever they were saying was nonsense and meaningless.

Zheng Ren closed his eyes to rest, while Su Yun was chatting on his cellphone in high spirits.

It was quiet in the clinical decision unit.

The doctors who were looking after him were focused on monitoring his vital signs.

The nurses occasionally went into the ward to change the intravenous nutrition medication for Dr.


A few minutes later, a sharp and ear-piercing alarm suddenly sounded in the ward.

Without any warning, almost all the machines were screaming at the top of their lungs.

The doctor in the clinical decision unit jumped up immediately and rushed into the ward.

The screen in the clinical decision unit had all the values being relayed by the machines.

Zheng Ren frowned and opened his eyes.

He saw that the electrocardiogram had become a mess of waves.

Sinus rhythm no longer existed.

The electrocardiogram monitor showed rapid ventricular fibrillation.

Ventricular fibrillation was a rapid and weak contraction of the ventricular muscle or an uncoordinated rapid and chaotic tremor.

The result was that the heart would beat but no longer pumped blood out.

The heart sound and pulse disappeared.

As a result, blood perfusion stopped for the heart, brain, and other organs, as well as the surrounding tissue.

It was the onset of A-S syndrome.

The most serious patient would just suddenly die within a few minutes or even a minute itself.

Simply put, Dr.

Mehars life had come to an end.

Su Yun jumped up as if he had pressed a spring.

It was as if he was back in Sea City General Hospitals emergency department, trying to rush in to participate in the rescue.

However, in less than a second, he stopped as a smile appeared on his handsome face.

“I forgot, Im not at home,” Su Yun said.

Zheng Ren did not say anything, staring at the busy and orderly rescue behind the transparent glass.

A doctor was performing chest compressions.

The nurse took the medicine and injected it into the patients vein as fast as she could.

Another doctor quickly picked up the defibrillator and quickly and evenly applied the conductive paste on the defibrillator.

The upper edge of the STERNVM electrode plate was placed between the second ribs on the right side of the sternum; the upper edge of the APEX electrode plate was placed between the fourth ribs on the left midaxillary line.

Everything was done very professionally and quickly.

The external chest cardiac compression was ineffective, and the side was immediately defibrillated.


Mehars body was trembling slightly.

The waveform displayed on the monitor was still the same as the ventricular fibrillation waveform.

There were no changes in the situation.

Zheng Ren forgot that this was a ward at the Karolin Medical and Surgical Research Institute in Stockholm.

He also forgot that the patient who was being treated inside was Dr.


In his opinion, the only thing he could do was to try his best to save a life.

Compressions, drugs, and defibrillation were all ineffective.

All kinds of methods and methods commonly used in the clinic were being used.

If he could not get through, the patient would die.

Zheng Ren quickly entered the Systems space and selected the surgical training.

As usual, the simulation mannequin provided by the system was exactly the same as the patients recent symptoms and physical condition.

The System was very kind in that regard.

Zheng Ren quickly entered the Systems operating theater and picked up the defibrillator according to the operating procedure.

At the standard position, Zheng Ren pressed the discharge button with both his thumbs to defibrillate the patient.

As expected, the defibrillator failed.

He injected beta-blockers intravenously and changed the concentration of various drugs but there was still no effect.

The simulation mannequins heart rate was still showing ventricular fibrillation and after a few minutes, the electrocardiogram gradually became straight.

The simulation mannequin died.

Zheng Ren stood in the operating theater with a frown and began to think.

Countless journals and documents appeared in his mind, with all kinds of complicated cases providing Zheng Ren with what direction he should go for.

The simulation mannequins heart compression outside the chest was definitely ineffective.

Zheng Ren recalled that the first-aid doctors at Sea City and Yuandian County had said that there was a method of resuscitation for non-cardiogenic cardiac arrest.

As long as one was given enough strength, the problem could be solved quickly.

The standard time of 20 seconds before defibrillation was not wasted.

However, the condition of the simulation mannequin showed that his vitality was drying up.

The biological electric current in the heart had weakened to a certain extent, which led to the occurrence of ventricular fibrillation.


Perhaps there really was no hope.

However, Zheng Ren was unwilling to let that be the case.


Mehar could still perform the surgery.

He could not die just like that.

After thinking hard, an extremely bold idea suddenly appeared in Zheng Rens mind.

Giving up medicine, Zheng Ren increased the DC current of the defibrillator from the standard 200J to 300J.

The electrodes were pressed on the body of the simulation mannequin.

Both his thumbs pressed the discharge button at the same time to shock the defibrillator.


The simulation mannequin bounced up on the operating table and fell down again.

Both sides of the electrodes were a little charred, but the heart rate only recovered for a moment before ventricular fibrillation appeared again.

It was not enough, but his findings seemed to be heading in the right direction.

Zheng Ren frowned and increased the current of the defibrillator again.


However, the subjects heart stopped then…

Zheng Ren cursed in his heart.

The subject had electrocuted himself!

It was a good thing that he was in the Systems operating theatre and operating on a dummy rather than the actual patient.

If things went wrong, he could start all over again.

That was the only thing he could be happy about.

Zheng Ren seemed to have found a certain pattern.

His mind began to calculate the relationship between the biological current of the heart and the current intensity of the defibrillator.

A few similar articles appeared.

After a quick calculation, Zheng Ren adjusted the defibrillators power to 330J.

Then, he began to defibrillate.

There was another bang!

The simulation mannequin jumped off the operating table.

After that, his body crashed heavily back onto the operating table.

Zheng Ren immediately turned back to look at the ECG monitor.

A brand new ECG oscilloscope appeared on the left side of the ECG monitor, and the heart rate returned to sinus rhythm.

Although he was in the Systems space, Zheng Ren saw the waveform of sinus rhythm.

It was so beautiful.

It was done! That was what he had to do.

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