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Chapter 622: Was Not Qualified

Zheng Ren did not care about Su Yuns emotional change.

He recalled the surgery process and sighed.

The surgery training time was thrown in and the surgery itself was still effective.

He had made some errors in his judgment before but looking back at it then, it was not a difficult surgery.

Yes, it was not difficult.

Even in the Karolinska Institute of Medical Surgery of Stockholm the circulation interventional expert could not do it.

For Zheng Ren, it was still not difficult.

Through the glass, he looked at the countless tubes in Dr.

Mehars body in the ward.

The extracorporeal membrane lung was responsible for normal heart and lung function, reducing stress on the body.

Zheng Rens mood felt slightly strange.

Could someone live a meaningful life like that

The heart transplant Su Yun had done during his postgraduate student period was the most fundamental way to solve this problem.

However, the heart, lungs, liver, and most organs could be transplanted.

However, what about the brain

Humans still could not escape the laws of nature.

Life was a journey in reverse.

If one could live a day, things would be cheaper the day after.

He did not want to think about such a profound philosophical problem, so he focused on studying surgery instead.

Zheng Ren felt a tug in his heart.

Although he was not considered an idiot, he could not comprehend the idea of how someone could still be considered human if they only had their brain waves left.

After he got rid of the shackles of his own body, he could not be considered human.

When he was at his prime, he had to consider his present.

Just as he was thinking about that, Professor Rudolf Wagner walked back in a huff.

“Im assuming they said no” Su Yun asked with a smile.

“They didnt believe me when I said that the boss could do it,” the professor said.

“Come, take me to negotiate with you.” Su Yun stood up and blew at his fringe.

He looked so handsome.

“Brother Yun, you…” The professor frowned.

He thought that if he could not do it, Su Yun definitely could not do it.

Su Yun looked at the professor with his trademark sarcastic smile.

“Boss…” The professor wanted to say something but stopped.

“Why are you calling the boss Look at your cowardly face.” Su Yun looked down on him.

“You cant even handle such a small matter.

Lets go, take me there.”

Professor Rudolf Wagner hesitated for a moment but did not move.

“Do you still want to have the surgery” Su Yun looked at the professor with disdain.

He patted his shoulder and said, “Let me tell you that in the car earlier, the boss said that you had connections and could persuade Dr.

Mehars family to go through with the surgery.

See, the boss was wrong.”

The professors face turned red.

He clenched his fists and trembled slightly.

“Brother Yun, what are you going to do if you go” the professor asked.

“Of course, Im going to scold them and then book tickets to leave.” Su Yun revealed a trace of an embarrassed smile.

“Whether its the boss or me, neither of us have a medical license for heart interventional surgery.

Thats important in Sweden, right The possibility of being able to perform the surgery is not high.

I just cant take it lying down.

Do they want the qualifications or do they want to save people”

Professor Rudolf Wagner was speechless.

“Hurry up and bring me there.

You dragged me and the boss all the way here and did nothing.

After that, you want to go back.

Let me tell you about the rich and powerful.

If you just leave like this, it doesnt matter whether Im happy or not.

However, do you think the boss will be happy” Su Yun grabbed Professor Rudolf Wagners arm, pulling him so that they could leave.

“Brother Yun, what the heck is this” The professor was anxious and blurted out the words with a Northeastern accent.

“How many times have I told you Im going to go scold them.

The boss said that he can perform surgery.

I feel uncomfortable watching people die without saying anything.” Su Yun grabbed the professors arm and was about to walk out.

Professor Rudolf Wagner wavered once again.

He was still very determined when he went out.

However, when he mustered up his courage to wake up Dr.

Mehars wife, the professor became vague when the other party asked who was performing the surgery.

After briefly explaining, the professor felt like he was sleepwalking.

The boss had never performed heart surgery before.

The wordsinterventional surgery were all connected.

Was that enough

It was definitely not.

Therefore, Professor Rudolf Wagner came back dejectedly.

Zheng Ren could feel the hesitation in the professors heart.

He smiled and said, “Su Yun, stop fooling around.

This is the ward.”

“Huh You have good intentions,” Su Yun said.

“Boss, let me tell you.

The professor doesnt believe you.”

“He has never seen me perform interventional surgery.

He shouldnt just believe me by word of mouth.” Zheng Ren smiled and said, “Right, Lil Fugui”

Professor Rudolf Wagner was embarrassed.

“Yes, its okay.

I just watched the radiographic films again.

The success rate of the surgery is very high.

If you ask for the exact data, you wont be able to do it on your own.

But to improve the circulation and blood supply of the heart, its no problem to use the rotational grinding technique,” Zheng Ren said gently as he sat on the chair.

Seeing the smile on Zheng Rens lips, the professors heart seemed to have calmed down a lot.

“Theres no problem with the surgery.

Although the situation looks terrible, theres still a chance now,” Zheng Ren said.

“Its getting late.

Lil Fugui, you and Su Yun should go and ask again.”

“Im sure of one thing.

If the surgery is possible, I wont let you down.

“If it can be done, then prepare to start the surgery.

“If its not allowed, Su Yun and I will prepare to go back.”

Zheng Rens words were simple and peaceful.

However, the more it was said like that, the more uncomfortable the professor felt.

He felt that his previous hesitation had been a huge mistake.

“Boss, I was wrong.

Ill try again.” After the professor said that, he broke free from Su Yuns hand and quickly ran away.

Su Yun chuckled and did not chase after him.

Zheng Ren ignored the two of them.

If he could not perform the surgery, he could just turn around and leave.

It did not matter.

In less than ten hours, he would be able to see Xie Yiren.

To be able to be with Little Yiren was better than squatting in Stockholm.

In any case, the surgery was not something that he could do as he wished.

Although it was a little regretful, Zheng Ren could accept that sort of thing.

Not to mention in Stockholm or even in Sea City, there were many surgeries that he could do.

However, the patients family did not trust him so he could not do anything about it.

Zheng Ren was more curious about when Su Yun learned Swedish.

Why did he learn such a rare language Could it be that he started coveting the Nobel Prize in Medicine when he was a postgraduate student

That was probably the case.

Otherwise, learning Swedish would have been too much for him.

‘What an ambitious child. Zheng Ren smiled.

The specifics had nothing to do with him.

That was just how the world worked.

Without strong skills, he was still just a broker in the end.

The young doctors in the clinical decision unit looked at the black-haired guy with a strange gaze.

He sat on the chair, holding his chin as if he was thinking about something.

However, the people who came here were usually all well-known figures in the medical field.

They were not people that a group of young doctors could afford to offend.

No one was blind enough to provoke Zheng Ren.

After watching Professor Rudolf Wagner disappear from behind the corner, Su Yun returned to Zheng Rens side with a smile on his face.

He looked as if he had seen through all of his tricks.

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