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Looking at the young Chief Wang with his hint of unwillingness to admit defeat, Xie Ning just smiled and did not say anything.

If there was a person who was better than you and still working hard to get better, how could you ever close the distance

However, Xie Ning did not know that Zheng Ren had the System in his head…

Despite that, there was no need to point it out.

Even Zheng Ren understood the logic behind his words, and that was especially true for someone like Xie Ning who was born from the secular world.

While they were chatting, Old Chief Physician Pans phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID and his eyes narrowed as he smiled bitterly.

“Old Chief Physician Pan, who is it” Xie Ning saw Old Chief Physician Pans strange expression and was a little curious.

“Lil Fugui.” Old Chief Physician Pan sighed and picked up the phone.

“Hello, Lil Fugui.

Theres no news yet.

You just have to wait.

You can do the declaration yourself.

How do you expect to win the Nobel Prize if you cant even do that on your own Zheng Ren doesnt have the time…and I dont either.

Alright, Im eating now so Ill hang up here.”

Old Chief Physician Pan hung up the phone and helplessly looked at Chang Yue who was recording a short video with Chu Yanran, Chu Yanzhi, and Xie Yiren.

He shook his head.

“Lil Fugui Is it that German professor” Xie Ning asked.


Chang Yue taught him Chinese and how to speak in a Northeastern accent.

She even gave him such a name.

Its funny.” Old Chief Physician Pan drank a mouthful of wine to suppress the bad taste that came from Professor Rudolph Wagners phone call.

“Isnt he going back to the University of Heidelberg in Germany Whats the matter” Xie Ning asked after drinking a mouthful of wine with Old Chief Physician Pan.

“Its not me.

If it werent for Zheng Ren, Lil Fugui wouldnt have remembered that there was someone like me in Sea City.” Old Chief Physician Pan continued, “In the past few days, Lil Fugui has been looking for Zheng Ren like crazy, calling day after day to no end.

In the end, hes pushed all the blame on me.”

“Oh” Xie Ning did not know much about the professor so he was immediately interested.

“Why is he looking for Zheng Ren”

“To perform surgery on a Nobel Prize judge.

Its said that… who is it” Old Chief Physician Pan asked.


Mehar from the Karolinska Institute of Medical Surgery in Stockholm,” Chief Wang said.

“Yes, thats it.

Its said that Dr.

Mehar holds great weight among the judges.

If you want to win the prize, you must get his support.”

Xie Ning was silent.

When it came to the Nobel Prize in medicine, connections were key but Xie Ning did not take it seriously.

However, from what Old Chief Physician Pan said, was it actually true


Mehar has severe hyperplasia of the prostate and urinates through his urethra.

Every time he changes the urethra, he suffers a lot.

If this continues, hell have a bladder fistula.

“However, his bodys condition is not good and hes getting old.

A cystostomy may cause irreversible damage to the body.” Old Chief Physician Pan said, “Well, Lil Fugui wants to perform a prostate embolism surgery on Dr.

Mehar, but it is an important matter.

He doesnt have a hundred percent confidence so he wants to ask Zheng Ren to do it.”

“Zheng Ren can guarantee a hundred percent success” Xie Ning asked in a low voice.

“If he cant do it, no one can.” Old Chief Physician Pans expression was a little proud.

People would brag about their own childrens achievements, especially where alcohol was involved.

However, Old Chief Physician Pan realized that he could not brag even if he wanted to.

Zheng Ren had already reached the upper limit of his imaginations and was still growing far beyond it.

These words were the truth and only that.

However, even he himself found it hard to believe that he was telling the truth, so he subconsciously kept it to himself.

Xie Ning was thinking about what to say but in the end, he was stunned.

“Chief, was that Lil Fugui” They had finally managed to successfully record their video after countless failures.

Everyone was very satisfied.

A group of girls squeezed together and watched it with a smile.

Chang Yue asked the question loudly once she was free.

“Yes, he asked me where Zheng Ren is,” Old Chief Physician Pan said.

“Lil Fugui sent me a WeChat message saying that he wants to come back to find Zheng Ren.

If he cant find Zheng Ren, he wont go back,” Chang Yue said as she raised the phone in her hand.

“Tell him to get lost.

He wont be found even if he comes to Sea City,” Old Chief Physician Pan scolded with a smile.

Old Chief Physician Pan liked Professor Rudolf, Wagner.

At least the professor was obedient and had no temper after coming to Sea City.

He also spoke with such a heavy Northeastern accent so how could one not like him

“Then Ill just reply with that,” Chang Yue said with a smile.

“Lil Fugui… Is that the lifetime honorary professor of the Department of Interventional Medicine at the Heidelberg University Medical Center” Xie Ning asked.

“Yes.” Old Chief Physician Pan said, “You know about him”

“I didnt just go abroad for fun.

I also went to inspect a few projects and went to the Heidelberg University Medical Center once.

That name left an impression on me when I was there.”

“Oh You want to dabble in biological engineering” Old Chief Physician Pan asked seriously.

“I was just looking around.

There are still gaps between many fields at home and abroad.

I want to see what technology I can buy for research.

It was just a convenient visit then,” Xie Ning said with a smile.

“If you really want, you can find Lil Fugui to help you get in better contact with them,” Old Chief Physician Pan said.

Xie Ning also knew that with the foreigners help, they would probably be more lenient with purchasing their technology.

The pricing was not an issue.

Those who could go out and buy that kind of technology were not lacking in money.

“The professor and Zheng Ren are on good terms”

“Not really.” Chang Yue was having a good time.

When she sat back, she heard Xie Ning ask this question, so she interrupted, “I heard from Lil Fugui that when Chief Zheng was teaching him the surgical method, he used a pair of hemostatic forceps to hit his radial process and almost fractured the bone.”

No one else said anything.

“Lil Fugui called Chief Zhengboss.

I think he is more sincere than Su Yun.

If were really trying to describe their relationship then isnt it more appropriate to say that theyre like a subordinate and his superior” After Chang Yue finished speaking, she drank a big mouthful of fruit juice before being called over to record another small video.

Xie Ning still had the same smile on his face but the emotions in his heart were in turmoil.

It seemed his potential son-in-law was more than meets the eyes.

He was even better than he had imagined.

He wanted someone with abilities, not just someone who would follow orders.

However, when looking for a son-in-law, just being talented was not all there was to it.

The most important thing was their character.

Did the Xie family lack money No matter how much money he had, if Xie Yiren was not happy, there was no meaning to it.

There were many families that were connected by marriage.

On the surface, they were amiable, but behind their backs, they played with each other.

That kind of thing was very common.

In Xie Nings plans for Xie Yirens future, there was no such option in regards to her marriage.

“Old Pan, youve found a good chief resident.” Xie Ning thought about many things in his heart but the words that came out of his mouth were different.

“If the young man was given the proper chances, I believe hell get far in life.

Im just helping him out.

In the future, it will depend on his own capabilities.” Old Chief Physician Pan did not stand on ceremony.

He smiled and nudged Xie Ning before he downed his drink in one gulp.

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