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Chapter 61: Sudden Reward From The Fickle-Minded

In the emergency resuscitation room, the doctor in charge of B-scan ultrasonography had already started examining the patient.

Before Zheng Ren had time to read the patients condition in the upper right corner of his vision, a bell rang in his ears.


Huh A mission Was this person suffering from a special disease

[Sudden Mission: The Opponents Submission.

[Task: Complete surgical treatment for acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis.

[Reward: 200 skill points and 10000 experience points.

The higher the surgery completion rate, the greater the reward.

If the completion rate reaches 100 percent, additional rewards will be awarded.

[Time: 6 hours.]

What the f*ck… Zheng Rens eyes nearly popped out of his head.

Even though the System was not stingy, it was not particularly generous either.

In the beginning, when the System had been unstable, the surgical intensive training time given to him had been calculated in hours.

Once it had stabilized, the System came up with a new gameplay mechanic—experience points—and started calculating training time in seconds.

The System was indeed fickle-minded.

However, this time, the System was actually awarding 10000 experience points for a simple mission named The Opponents Submission.

That could be converted into precious surgical intensive training time!

Moreover, the time given for the completion of this mission was six hours, which meant that any remaining time would be converted to surgical intensive training time.

What in the world was this

The confused Zheng Ren savored the thought carefully, only to realize the meaning behind the missions name after a few seconds.

Someone who was hostile toward him had surrendered.

That must have been the case.

That made sense!

“Chief Zheng, there is a blockage in the patients common bile duct,” said the doctor in charge of the B-scan ultrasonography.

“He needs emergency surgery.

Establish venous access, nasogastric tube insertion, urinary catheterization, and start preoperative preparations.

Chang Yue, explain the surgery to the patients family members.”

No matter whose family this patient was related to, judging by the mission name, his condition could not be delayed any further.

“Do you know how to perform preoperative counseling of a jaundiced patient”

“Ill let you review my documentation once Im done writing,” answered Chang Yue.

The nurses and Chang Yue started preparing the patient for surgery without delay.

“Im going to the operating theater to prepare the equipment.

Wheel the patient in as soon as signatures are acquired and preoperative preparations are complete.” Zheng Ren scanned through Chang Yues perfectly written preoperative documentation and left in a hurry.

He appreciated Chang Yue very much after getting to know her better these few days.

She was definitely the kind of person who could bring the dead back to life and send the living to heaven through conversation alone.

In addition, all of her paperwork was flawless and indisputable, which greatly eased Zheng Rens workload.

Chang Yues preoperative counseling offered better results than Zheng Rens.

Apart from that, Chang Yues voice seemed to possess a miraculous ability to calm down the patients family members without them realizing it.

Zheng Ren hurried toward the operating theater to make necessary arrangements for the operation.

Acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis was a tier-three surgical case, and the surgery was far more difficult than laparoscopic cholecystectomy with new technology.

Most importantly, the System had hinted that this patient was not suffering from a simple choledocholithiasis.

It was a rare parasitic infestation of the bile duct!

Zheng Ren wanted to achieve perfection in the surgery, which was why he had to find someplace quiet and visit the Shop for some equipment purchase.

He was going to perform an unconventional operation, one that had never been done in the medical field thus far.

It was a surgical technique that he inferred from and experimented with on dozens of mannequins in the Systems operating theater.

Since it was a new technique, the newly established emergency operating theater definitely did not have suitable instruments.

In fact, such instruments did not exist in the world, so he had no choice but to buy them from within the System.

In the operating theater locker room, Zheng Ren changed into surgical attire and went to the smoking area.

Then, as usual, he lit up a Ziyun and took a deep drag, allowing the spicy tobacco to stimulate his nervous system before diving into the System.

He had previously spent all of his experience points learning laparoscopic cholecystectomy, so he could not buy the equipment even if he wanted to.

After completing the main quest several times recently, he had managed to save up some points, just enough for him to purchase a few instruments.

He opened the Shop and scrolled down the menu.

From his familiarity, it seemed obvious that he had been planning to buy the equipment all along.

Zheng Ren clicked “Purchase” without hesitation and left immediately with the equipment in sterile packaging in his hands.

Pathetically, there were only 200 points in his savings after spending 1800 on his new equipment.

Upon returning to the smoking area, Zheng Ren stubbed out his cigarette, put it back into its pack, and entered the operating theater with the newly purchased equipment.

“Chief Zheng, whats this surgery about” A slender figure appeared on the other end of the corridor.

Despite having spent two to three days together, Zheng Ren still had trouble distinguishing the twin sisters—Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi.

The question was unfathomable and Zheng Ren would likely never get the correct answer in his lifetime.

“Acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis,” answered Zheng Ren.

“Its going to be a new surgery, then.

Do you need assistants” asked the twin.

“Hold the retractor if you have time.

Im going to perform an open surgery today.”

“Ill assist you if you can accurately identify me,” said one of the Chu sisters, who seized every opportunity to criticize Zheng Ren for his face blindness.

They no longer cared that Zheng Ren had absolutely no desire to court beauties.

“Yiren, prepare an automatic retractor holder,” yelled Zheng Ren.

Xie Yirens clear and melodious voice traveled from the storage room.

“Oh, thats boring.

Cant you make a guess” asked one of the sisters.

“The patient is jaundiced and needs immediate surgical treatment.” Zheng Ren walked into the operating theater with a blank expression, which was barely visible in the first place behind a surgical cap and mask.

“When will the patient arrive” the other Chu sister asked.

“It depends on when Chang Yue can get the family members signature.”

“Prep up, then, the patient will arrive soon.” The Chu sisters went into the operating theater together and began preparing for general anesthesia.

The twins were definitely better at anesthesia than those undergoing standardized residency training.

They claimed that they had anesthetized hundreds of surgical patients during their training in West China Hospital.

The anesthesiologist seconded to the department, who was going to resign soon, had become even lazier after witnessing their standards and would only take part in preoperative anesthesia administration from time to time.

Zheng Ren did not know if the sisters had actually anesthetized that many patients, but after observing several operations, he concluded that they were highly skilled at both general and epidural anesthesia.

This was especially obvious during the general anesthesia recovery phase, where they could get the patient to regain consciousness right after he cut the last suture thread.

The patient was wheeled in five minutes later, just as the Chu sisters predicted.

Chang Yue and the nurses in the emergency ward had the credit for such a drastic response.

Preoperative preparations had been completed swiftly and Chang Yue had been able to persuade the patients family members to sign consent forms.

These two elements were indispensable.

After the patient was transferred to the operating table, the Chu sisters began intubating and anesthetizing him.

“Burn my calories!” shouted one of the Chu sisters childishly.

‘That one is Chu Yanzhi. This was the only time Zheng Ren could differentiate the two.

The younger twin—Chu Yanzhi—was slightly more active and childish than her older sister.

She was also the only one who could say such a shameless and silly statement.

Her statement did not refer to burning calories for weight loss but rather focused her attention on the surgery at hand, like a superhero saving the universe in manga.

What a childish postgraduate student.

Had all her studies been in vain and had she actually turned insane after being in the medical field

Zheng Ren began performing a surgical scrub to decontaminate his hands.

“The anesthesia is complete,” announced the Chu sisters in unison like a chorus.

Their lovely eyebrows and soft voices were a feast for the senses.

Zheng Ren put on a sterile surgical gown and a pair of sterile gloves before placing the last layer of surgical drapes on the operative field.

After that, he took sterile light handle covers from Xie Yiren and installed it on the surgical lighthead.

That way, Zheng Ren could position the surgical lighthead according to his own needs.

The operative site was disinfected with iodophor-soaked cotton and wiped with dry gauze.

Xie Yiren then placed the scalpel handle on Zheng Rens outstretched hand.

Zheng Rens surgery was again broadcast live in Xinglin Garden during the disinfection process.

[Watching the god performing surgeries is indeed beneficial.

I could even feel some improvements in my laparoscopic cholecystectomy skill these past few days.]

[Even a fool can do it after repeated observation.

What are you so proud of]

[Huh An open surgery today Let me read the medical record.

Wow, this is actually a case of acute obstructive suppurative cholangitis! Finally, I can learn new surgical techniques!]

An incision was made on the right costal margin.

The scalpel cut through only the epidermis and dermis without damaging any underlying capillaries.

This was considered a meticulous action.

[It takes more than thirty years to master such incising skills.]

[Is the god planning to perform blunt dissection after making the incision]

[Isnt this his habit in every surgery Have you seen the god achieving hemostasis by cauterization Cauterizing the subcutaneous tissue…]

[Barbeque smell with mushy meat.

Your statement made me hungry.

Im going to indulge in some barbeque skewers after this surgery broadcast is over.]

The doctors chatted leisurely; the atmosphere in Xinglin Garden was relaxed and lively as none of them had seen the pathological tissue.

Zheng Ren bluntly separated the subcutaneous and fascial layer and opened the peritoneum.

The moment the surgical field was expanded using an automatic retractor holder, the live broadcast room instantly went quiet.

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