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In a small, red clay pavilion at Sea City, there was the refreshing fragrance of tea.

Bu Lis movements were simple and unadorned, full of charm.

“Little Li, are you going to leave again after coming back this time” Bu Ruotian asked.

It had been a few months since the surgery.

He had recovered exceptionally well, and his face had regained a ruddy luster.

“Since ancient times, contentment has been a source of joy.

Youve already earned enough money for several lifetimes so theres no need to work so hard anymore.” Sitting opposite Bu Ruotian was a middle-aged, refined man.

His face was thin and angular.

However, there was a hint of sternness in his refined manner.

Despite that, his words were soft and gentle, making people feel delighted.

“Brother, youre open-minded.

Ive worked hard all my life.

Seeing you so carefree, Im really envious,” Bu Ruotian said.

“Brother Bu, you shouldnt say stuff like that.” The scholarly man smiled and said, “Youve just recovered from a serious illness.

If you cant work anymore then you shouldnt.

Your children and grandchildren will have their own blessings.

Theres no need to keep suffering.”

“Hehe.” Bu Ruotian only smiled and did not say anything.

The scholarly man knew that Bu Ruotian was extremely greedy for fame and fortune.

Back then, he was the same when they were partners in the land production business.

Bu Ruotian had never experienced such a situation before.

He would only advance bravely.

As an old friend, he would pretend to forget all sorts of grudges when they met.

He kindly reminded him that there was only so much he could do.

He smiled and changed the topic.

“Brother Bu, do you know Chief Zheng who performed the surgery for you at the Sea City General Hospital”

Bu Ruotian looked at the scholarly man with a smile and said faintly, “Speaking of that person, I really envy you.”

The scholarly man smiled and did not reply.

“When I was sick, it was by chance that Professor Moriyu came to the country to give a lecture.

I paid a huge price to invite him to perform the surgery.

I originally thought that life and death were something preordained by fate.

No matter what, hes still the best doctor.”

The scholarly man listened to Bu Ruotians words as he sipped his tea.

Steam rose from his cup of tea.

He took a sniff first.

The thick but not greasy smell of ginger was intoxicating.

“In the end, I didnt expect Professor Moriyu to give up.

However, Chief Zheng performed the surgery alone,” Bu Ruotian said faintly.

“Later, I woke up and thought that maybe it was fate.

It was my turn to part from the world.

I didnt expect that after going to the Imperial Capital for a check-up, the incurable disease had actually been cured.”

“Its because of Brother Bus good health.” The scholarly man took a sip of his tea and sang praises, “The Da Hong Pao [1] that Mr.

Chen Dehua personally cultivated really has a pure taste.

These few years, Ive traveled all over the world and have had no attachments to specific things.

However, I also dont have a fixed place to live.

Its rare to taste such good tea.”

Bu Ruotian smiled and said, “Xiao Li, when your Uncle Xie left, he brought the rest with him.”

Bu Li nodded and smiled.

The scholarly man did not stand on ceremony and replied with a smile.

“Chief Zheng asked Old San to thank him once.

I originally thought that after a few years, he would gain some experience that would help him operate at the Provincial Capital to allow for future growth,” Bu Ruotian said.

“But when I was in the Imperial Capital for a check-up, I actually saw him there.”

“Yes, I heard from Xie Yiren that he was going to do research on a new technique.”

“You still remember Old Qin from the Provincial Capital, right Back then when we went to look for him to buy land, we did quite a bit of work.”

“I remember, its all in the past now.”

“Yes, Old Qin is the kind of person who uses money to do things.

I remember his good qualities in my heart.

I was thinking of introducing Chief Zheng to him.

If I were to go to the Provincial Capital in the future, it could be considered a foreshadowing.

However, Old Qin was probably unhappy and ran to the Imperial Capital on his own.”

“You guys met”

“Yes.” Bu Ruotians smile became even wider.

It was something that made Qin Liren stunned to see.

It seemed like an interesting sight once he gave it more thought later.

“Old Qin looked for the chief to perform surgery in the Imperial Capital.

That chief was the person who transferred Chief Zheng to the Imperial Capital this time.

At that time, Chief Zheng developed a new technique specifically to treat patients like Old Qin who had multiple small nodules of liver cancer.”

The scholarly man smiled at his hands.

Everything else did not need to be verbalized.

They were all shrewd people.

Their words would not travel further than that afternoon itself.

“I saw that Chief Zheng is about the same age as my Bu Li so I originally wanted to matchmake those two.

However, youre lucky, little brother.

Your Little Yiren beat me to it,” Bu Ruotian said with a smile.

Bu Lis hands shook slightly as a bit of tea spilled out from her cup.

The elegant man waved his hand and said with a smile, “When I came back, I didnt even meet him.

Young people nowadays, its better not to mention it.”

“This young man is not bad.

Little Liu has interacted with him a few times and said that he is a loyal and honest person.” Bu Ruotian said.

“Nowadays,loyal isnt necessarily a good thing.”

“That depends on how capable you are.

Those who arent capable will get themselves involved in trouble.

Those who are will just do things casually.”

“Thats true.”

“Old San has a good evaluation of him.

He said that he is wise but foolish,” Bu Ruotian said.

“Thats far too much.”

“Its not necessarily true.

Well talk about it when you two meet.”

The two of them chatted for a while.

They mostly talked about all kinds of anecdotes from the past few years.

At the end of it, they could not help but sigh.

Life was like a dream.

The ancients were honest and did not deceive anyone.

The scholarly man took his leave.

He did not stand on ceremony with Bu Ruotian.

He said no more as he left the small, red clay pavilion.

He got into the car and said in a deep voice, “Lets go home.”

The driver nodded silently.

He drove steadily through the streets and alleys of Sea City, all the way to the North villa area to the courtyard.

When he reached home, the scholarly man rang the doorbell.

“Ah Ning, is that you”

“Yes, Im back.”

He opened the door and entered the house.

A beautiful woman dressed in home clothes who looked to be in her thirties helped him take off his coat and asked, “Why are you back so early”

“Old Bu told me a few things but I had no more energy to converse with him.

Hes too old-fashioned and cant get over many things,” Xie Ning said.

“Its fine if you dont want to talk about it.

What did you say How is that young man” The womans big eyes suddenly twinkled and she had a curious expression on her face.

She was an exact mirror copy of the grown-up Xie Yiren.

Xie Ning laughed loudly and reached out to scratch her nose.

He smiled and said, “Its been said that when a mother-in-law sees a son-in-law, shell like him more when she sees him more often.

You havent even met him yet, and youre already starting to like him”

“Shes so simple-minded.

Im just worried.”

“According to the information Ive been given, Chief Kong from the Imperial Capital Hospital dragged him to the Imperial Capital to set up a surgical research center.

Hes not even thirty years old so to be able to reach this stage, his skill level isnt a problem.

Old Bu said the same thing, so theres no need to worry about that.”

Xie Ning pondered and said, “Ive seen some amazing young people.

It doesnt matter how far they can go or how high they can fly.

With me around, even if theyre just a puddle of mud, theyre still a person.”

“Youre the best.

Ill make dinner for you.”

“I wont be eating at home.

I contacted Old Pan to treat the department to dinner tonight,” Xie Ning said.

“I should at least thank everyone for taking care of her during this period of time.”


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