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Chapter 606: There Was No Need For Resuscitation

The emergency room was very cold.

Although there was a thick cotton curtain hanging on the door, both the air conditioning and warm air were constantly blowing so the space could not really be warmed up.

Almost all emergency rooms in hospitals were the coldest places in the hospital itself.

In front of the emergency resuscitation room, Old Chief Physician Pan stood like a mountain.

Chief Zhou stood at the side with a cold and stern expression.

“Zheng Ren, is the surgery done” Old Chief Physician Pan asked.

“Yes, it is,” Zheng Ren said.

“The patients injury is very serious and his liver is very badly shattered.

Its practically affected his entire liver.”

The last word Zheng Ren said made Old Chief Physician Pan and Chief Zhou realized the injurys severity.

For ordinary hepatectomy, most Class Three Grade A Hospitals were well off so their chances of making a mistake were not high.

However, a hepatic rupture was different.

They could not perform hepatectomy.

They could only suture it.

Old Chief Physician Pan did not continue asking.

It was not the time to ask about how the surgery should be performed.

One after another, patients with slightly heavier injuries were sent over to them, while those with lighter injuries were all treated in Yuandian County Hospital.

“How many patients have been admitted” Zheng Ren asked.

“Up until now, there have been sixteen patients.

The orthopedics and thoracic departments are the main departments overseeing them,” Old Chief Physician Pan said.

Generally speaking, that would usually be the case.

However, if it was just a fracture, it would definitely not be a big issue.

For the patients who had just been treated, they had probably driven too fast and there might have been problems with the cars structure, causing them serious bodily harm.

If they were wearing seatbelts when they encountered a rear-end car accident, the most common type of accident was when their chest bumped into the steering wheel, resulting in a sternum fracture.

Stuff like that showed the importance of seatbelts and airbags.

Seatbelts and airbags reduced most of the force, so even a sternum fracture would not be very serious.

It was far from a situation where the explosive force struck inward and damaged the heart and mediastinum.

“Its been more than ten minutes since the patient was sent here.” Old Chief Physician Pan looked at the time and said, “Hopefully everything else goes well from here.”

When he said that, a head popped out from the door of the nurses station.

The night nurse shouted, “Chief Physician Pan, we received a call from the first-aid ambulance.

They said that a patient had a cardiac arrest twenty-five minutes after entering the city and is rushing to our hospital.

Hell arrive in about another three to five minutes.”

Old Chief Physician Pan frowned.

What was going on

If the patient was seriously injured, why had they not rescued him immediately How long had it been!

However, it was not the right time for him to get angry at anyone.

When Zheng Ren heard the nurses words, he immediately brought the stretcher trolley to the emergency departments entrance and waited.

They did not try to hide.

After all, it was a sudden cardiac arrest.

They did not know whether the patient could be saved or not.

Regardless of the scenario, every second counted when it came to saving them.

A second was extremely precious when it came to CPR.

The sound of the ambulance came from not far away.

It was snowing heavily.

Without the sound of the ambulance, it would have been a quiet night that allowed people to recount countless events in the past.

A few glasses of wine and a few good friends would sit around the steaming hot pot, bragging and talking about their past experience throughout the years.

It was as beautiful as it could be.

However, Zheng Ren could not enjoy it.

On the night of Xie Yirens birthday, a series of busy and palpitating memories would be left in his memory.

The first-aid ambulance drove very fast, almost reaching the maximum speed that it could muster while maintaining control on the road.

It barely stopped, skidding to a stop at the main entrance.

Zheng Ren rushed up with the stretcher and the patient was immediately wheeled out.

The Systems panel in the upper right corner of his field of vision was a vast expanse of white.

Zheng Ren cursed in his heart.

The patient was already dead.

“He cut his left wrist radial artery.

When he got into the ambulance, his blood pressure was 60/40 but we couldnt really speed here.

His heart stopped five minutes ago,” the doctor near the stretcher trolley roared as he ran to the resuscitation room.

He was as fast as lightning.

Before he could finish, the patient had already arrived at the resuscitation room.

Under the control of the medical examiner, the stretcher trolley used a beautiful drift to save two seconds of time.

“Ive been performing CPR on the patient.

I defibrillated him three times and his energy level is 200 joules.

However, he didnt make it back.” The doctor in the first-aid ambulance was left behind.

A few minutes of CPR had already exhausted him.

Using all his strength to perform chest compressions would indeed exhaust a lot of his energy.

He watched helplessly as the stretcher trolley drifted into the resuscitation room.

He sighed in his heart.

A big hospital was indeed different just by looking at how they handled the stretcher trolley for emergency treatment.

Even the escort was so professional.

However, no matter how professional he was, he was afraid that all their efforts would be useless.

The patient had his radial artery cut by broken glass.

The patient did not notice it either.

He covered his wound with a towel that he had brought along with him from the stretcher trolley and rejected immediate aid for the first-aid ambulance, sending his injured wife and child to the ambulance first.

Because of the long distance and the slippery snow, it would take a long time for the ambulance to go back and forth.

He did not pay much attention to it himself.

He only thought that it was a cut so when the ambulance arrived again, he was still helping to carry the other patients.

After that, he fainted.

He got into the ambulance and they took his blood pressure.

The diagnosis of 60/40 mm in the mercury column was a clear indication of hemorrhagic shock.

The doctor in the ambulance left him an intravenous line and used the corresponding antihypertensive drugs to maintain his blood pressure level.

However, it was a ruptured radial artery, after all.

No matter how hard he tried to maintain it, the man had not managed to make it alive to Sea City General Hospital.

The person was probably not going to make it, the doctor on the ambulance judged.

The family members were not around, so there was no need to put on a show for them.

Chest compressions were done for three to five minutes.

If he could not be saved, he would be declared clinically dead.

Although it was a pity, there was nothing else that could be done.

If the heart stopped beating for more than ten minutes, even if he could be saved, prolonged cerebral hypoxia would turn the patient into a vegetable.

For him, a life like that was meaningless so why would one bother

He bent over and placed his hands on his knees.

He panted heavily as his hands trembled slightly.

There was a spasm and convulsion that resulted from muscle tension after a long period of exertion.

Since there was someone on the other side, the doctor in the first-aid ambulance was no longer in a hurry.

He panted a few times before he stood up.

He was prepared to walk over to Sea City General Hospitals emergency department for the handover so that he could return.

After a few steps, the sound of a stretcher trolleys large wheels crushing the marble floor rang out again.

The doctor had given up so quickly

The first-aid doctor was a little puzzled.

“Move aside, move aside!” the escort shouted as he angrily chased away the people who were walking in the emergency departments corridor.

Within that moment, the only people who were blocking the way were the first-aid doctor and nurse.

The doctor was stunned for a moment.

He was already dead so why was he still so angry

However, he did not care.

During emergency treatment, the surge of epinephrine and dopamine would indeed make people irritable.

The stretcher trolley roared as it sped past him.

The first-aid doctor widened his eyes and was immediately stupefied.

He looked at the patient with his eyes wide open and his lips moving slightly.

He wanted to say something but it had no strength to move past his lips.

He moved a bit too slowly and the nurse with the IV pushed him away violently as the attending doctor ran in.

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