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Chapter 600: Wishing You Both Happiness

In the quiet night, goose feathers and snow danced in the sky.

Two strong spotlights came down from the sky.

One shone on Zheng Ren, and the other was directed at the corner.

Zheng Ren held the box of lipsticks in his hand and stood foolishly underneath the spotlight.

His eyes were narrowed and he looked a little embarrassed.

Xie Yiren took a step forward.

Their calculations were flawless and she just happened to walk into the light from the darkness.

Under the sudden strong spotlight, Little Yiren subconsciously covered her eyes with her hand.

The red down jacket was like a dancing flame in the snow, vivid and strong.

Xie Yiren gradually adapted to the strong light.

She was stunned for a moment before she saw Zheng Ren opposite her.

The whole ordeal was unexpected but also within reason.

Xie Yiren instantly understood what her friends meant.

She was slightly surprised and covered her mouth with her hand, revealing a smile that came from the bottom of her heart.

The melodious sound of a violin rang out amidst the heavy snow.

The melodious melody of Laizas unaccompanied Ballad No.

3 danced with the snow.

The modern composition lacked the classical tune from Bach but it was especially passionate.

An invisible force broke through the mortal realm and went straight to the deepest part of ones soul.

“What a good life.

Its snowing at this exact moment,” Su Yun muttered.

He looked at the silly couple, Zheng Ren and Xie Yiren, who were pleasantly surprised at the situation.

He sighed from the bottom of his heart.

Zheng Ren finally understood that he was also a part of the design.

It was their surprise for him as well.

He instantly sorted out his emotions as a gentle smile appeared on his face.

He held the box and slowly took a step forward.

The spotlight was like the shadowless lamp in the operating theater.

Zheng Ren quickly adapted to it, and in that instant, all his confusion disappeared.

It was as if he was standing on the operating table.

Zheng Ren was filled with firm confidence and a calm charm.


Zheng Rens foot landed on the pure white snow, making a slight sound.

This sound was mixed with the music of Laikas unaccompanied Ballad No.


It was so harmonious and perfect as if the music was perfectly meant for the moment.

Looking at Xie Yirens sweet smile, Zheng Ren felt that such a night was so warm.

It was so beautiful.

The spotlight moved with Zheng Rens footsteps and the two light pillars that fell from the sky gradually came together.

“Happy Birthday, Xie Yiren,” Zheng Ren said gently.

His voice was calm and a little awkward, but there was a hint of determination amidst it.

While speaking, Zheng Ren opened the box and looked at the pretty face with a smile.

“Ah!” Chu Yanran and Chu Yanzhi exclaimed at the same time.

They covered their mouths, their faces full of surprise and excitement.

Tang Xiu instantly became absent-minded and a little melancholic, however, she was calm.

Chang Yue did not think much about it.

She only thought that the lipsticks looked really good but there were too many of them.

How long would it take for her to use them all up

“So many lipsticks did you buy” Xie Yiren muttered.

She was very calm and indifferent.

As she spoke, she picked up a lipstick tube and held it in her hand.

Xie Yiren looked at them.

Her expression was very serious as if she was doing something very important.

She gently pulled Zheng Rens hand.

Her soft and smooth hand drew a circle on the back of Zheng Rens one.

“Last time, I signed here.” Xie Yirens eyes sparkled like stars as she muttered, “From now on, every day is a new day.

I have to sign here every day.”

The two spotlights combined into one.

Zheng Ren held Little Yiren in his arms in the snowy night.

The atmosphere was filled with silence, peace, and joy.

Amidst the melodious sound of the violin, there was a round of applause.

Su Yun clapped like a ruffian and whistled.

In his opinion, tonights plan had gone perfectly without a hitch!

Xie Yiren did not push Zheng Ren away in panic as usual.

Instead, she leaned into Zheng Rens arms and blinked.

Although she was still a little shy, she just blinked her big and curious eyes as she looked at her friends that were surrounding them.

She smiled happily, bright and innocent like the first waters of spring.

Their applause and the sound of the violin broke the silence of the snowy night.

The moment was so happy and wonderful.

Zheng Ren could feel Xie Yirens heartbeat.

It was beating very fast as if she was a little nervous.

He smiled and tightened his embrace again, afraid Little Yiren would run away.

It was also because he wanted to be closer to her heart and melt himself into it.

Zheng Ren really wished that he could spend his whole life like that.

After an unknown amount of time, Xie Yiren gently patted Zheng Rens back and whispered in his ear.

“Zheng Ren, you should let go.”


“Its not over yet.

Didnt you say you wanted to celebrate Ji Feier surgery” Xie Yiren smiled strangely.

“Today is my birthday.

I want to bless them.”

Zheng Ren was stunned for a moment before he slowly let go of Xie Yiren.

In his mind, everything was perfect.

However, in Xie Yirens mind, everything had just begun.

Xie Yiren stood on her tiptoes and gently kissed Zheng Rens forehead.

She said with a smile, “This is todays signature.”

After saying that, she skipped to Su Yuns side and began to talk to him.

After a few words, Xie Yiren ran to Professor Rudolf Wagners side and stretched out her hand to ask for the violin.

The professor was a little confused but after a moment of hesitation, he still handed the violin to Xie Yiren.

The professor was tall, so his violin model seemed a little out of place on Xie Yiren.

However, they were not at Viennas golden hall.

Even if there were mistakes, it did not matter.

What was important was the atmosphere.

Xie Yiren tested a few notes and felt satisfied.

She smiled and made a gesture that she was ready, indicating that she would start her song then.

The melody of Bachs unaccompanied Ballad No.

1 began to play.

The classical style was gentle and beautiful.

It did not have the excitement of contemporary music.

It was simple and unadorned, as melodious as spring water.

All of this went beyond their previous plan, but Su Yuns ability to adapt to changes was strong.

He and Yu Min from the Imperial Capital worked together and took action once again.

The spotlights that had gradually merged into one in the night sky above their heads separated and landed on Ji Feier and Du Chunfang who were standing in the corner.

Xie Yiren played the violin.

The jumping notes seemed to be telling a story.

After the plain foreshadowing, it gradually reached the climax.

There were no sudden changes.

Everything was so natural, smooth, and gentle.

Ji Feier and Du Chunfang looked at Xie Yiren in surprise.

Little Yirens eyes were moving, her smile refreshing like the spring season.

Under the heavy snow, she was like a goddess, giving her blessings.

“Dont just stand there being stupid.

Hurry up.” Su Yun sneaked to Li Sheng and Li Liang who were still in a daze and kicked them.

At first, the two of them were still a little panicked and confused.

However, when they saw their beloved girl standing under the light…

All their doubts and suffering were forgotten as they embraced each other happily, accompanied by the sound of the violin which was giving them its blessing.

Fireworks began to shoot up to the sky, completely breaking the nights silence.

It was as if countless stars had appeared, bringing endless joy.

“I wish you both happiness.” Xie Yiren tilted her head.

She was so cute that she looked like a little elf.

The eld who was in charge of the music gave her heartfelt blessings.

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