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“Chief Wang, its me, Old Xia.

Yes, I have a patient who needs an emergency MRCP.

Ill have to trouble you.”

As she spoke, she covered her phone and asked, “Chief Zheng, are you saying that you want to do a three-dimensional MR reconstruction”

“Yes, I did it on the way here.

If you want to do a three-dimensional CT reconstruction, you have to relocate the patient.

Its too troublesome,” Zheng Ren said.

“Chief Wang, we still have to do a three-dimensional MR reconstruction.

It hasnt been carried out Oh, thats fine.

Ill bring the patient over now.

Sorry for the trouble.”

After that, Chief Xia hung up the phone and said to Zheng Ren, “Chief Zheng, our hospital hasnt carried out a three-dimensional MR reconstruction.

“Oh, they usually dont run a three-dimensional MR reconstruction, ” Zheng Ren said.

“The reconstructed section is thicker and the effect is not as good as a three-dimensional CT reconstruction.


“Its okay.

Its just to take a quick look.

MR is sufficient.

It saves the patient some money and it doesnt have to be that clear.”

“I mean no one can do it.”

“Chief Xia, I know no one can do it.

I can do it myself.” Zheng Ren finally understood where the misunderstanding between him and Chief Xia was.

He smiled and said, “After youre done here, send a doctor to take the patient to do the MRCP.

Ill follow him to take a look and do the reconstruction.

Itll take twenty minutes tops.”

Chief Xia looked at the young and energetic Zheng Ren and felt conflicted.

However, that was not the usual youthful vigor.

His energy was brimming with confidence.

Ceftriaxone was commonly used in clinical medicine.

Chief Xia had used it for decades, but she had never encountered anything like a silt-like stone.

She guessed that if what Zheng Ren said was true, then she might have encountered it.

However, she did not do the relevant check-ups.

The patients had no symptoms and recovered after being discharged from the hospital.

Regardless, that was a hidden danger.

It was a hidden danger that she, a clinical chief who had been in the hospital for decades, had not noticed.

She was curious and anxiously waited for Zheng Ren to bring the patient for a check-up.

After that, she immediately went to the pharmacy to find a nurse.

The nurse in charge of collecting medicine did not know why Chief Xia, who had always been strict, was looking for her.

Looking at her anxious expression, she was a little nervous.

When she heard that Chief Xia wanted the instruction manual for ceftriaxone, she immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

The nurse quickly found a box of ceftriaxone, opened the package and took out the instruction manual inside.

After taking a look, the words were too small.

She then went to the convenience store in front of the nurses station and took a magnifying glass for Chief Xia.

Chief Xia picked up the instruction manual for ceftriaxone.

After opening it, she found the part of drugs contraindications and side effects.

She took the magnifying glass and looked at it carefully.

The more she looked at it, the more surprised she was.

It was written on it—gallbladder ultrasound could be misdiagnosed as the shadow of gallbladder stones.

These would disappear with the end of the treatment or termination of the use of this drug.

A drug that had been used for more than ten years would actually have this kind of special drug reaction.

Chief Xia was stunned.

She vaguely remembered that when she was still a young doctor, when Rocephin(ceftriaxone), produced by Shanghai Luo Shi Pharmaceutical, had just entered clinical usage, it had won the favor of the clinicians because of its effectiveness and moderate price.

At that time, she had also studied the instruction manual.

It seemed like… she was in a trance… she had an impression of it in her memory.

She had read it before.

Chief Xia had become an experienced chief since she was a young doctor.

She had never met a single case.

She had never even heard of it from others.

She had long forgotten about this one-in-a-million possibility.

Now that she was reminded by Zheng Ren and saw the instruction manual, Chief Xia was shocked and broke out in a cold sweat.

This young doctor was really transforming into a formidable existence! Chief Xia held the magnifying glass and stared at the line of words for a long time.

How did he remember such strange complications and side effects of the medicine Moreover, he was able to confirm the patients symptoms immediately after he heard herself mentioning it.

Amazing, truly amazing!

Chief Xia suddenly recalled a matter that had been widely spread in the hospital recently—it was said that a German professor had traveled thousands of miles to Sea City to learn surgery from Chief Zheng.

She had met Professor Rudolf Wagner before, but Chief Xia had the dignity of a Department Chief.

It was unlikely that she would be as curious as she was decades ago when she saw a blonde foreigner.

If that was the case, it would be very embarrassing.

Of course, Chief Xia did not believe that the foreign professor was here to learn from Chief Zheng.

Most of the rumors in the hospital were just for fun.

If they were to be serious, most of them would not stand up to scrutiny.

However, at that moment, Chief Xia believed it.

With Chief Zhengs level and diagnosis… In any case, she was completely convinced.

Even if the foreigner was there to learn surgery from Chief Zheng, it was not a big deal.

It should be!

Chief Xia held a magnifying glass in her hand and stared blankly at the line of small words, completely forgetting everything.

After some time, the ringing of the phone interrupted Chief Xias thoughts.

Her hands were a little sore.

She put down the magnifying glass in her hand, massaged her eyes, and picked up the phone.

“Chief Xia, the MRCP and reconstruction are done.

Take a look at the computer over there, ” Zheng Ren said over the phone.

“The patients scan is very typical.

Thats it.

Im hanging up.

Lets talk about it when I get back.”

Ugh… before she could finish her lamentation, Zheng Ren gave her another surprise.

Double gallbladder deformity

Could it be true

Chief Xia immediately moved her sore, numb, and swollen wrist, turned on the computer, and found the patients MRCP scans.

Just as she was about to take a look, the phone rang again.

Chief Xia was a little frustrated.

She was so eager to take a look at the patients scans and see what double gallbladder deformity was.

However, the ringing of the phone… To all doctors, it might be an emergency that required them to go to the emergency department for resuscitation and consultation.

After many years of habit, even though Chief Xia was completely unhappy, she still picked up the phone.

It was Chief Wang from the MRI Department.

Chief Xia frowned.

Why was he calling her Did they not just finish the MRI

“Old Wang, Whats the matter Im busy right now,” Chief Xia said bluntly.

They were both department chiefs for many years.

They were familiar with each other to a certain extent, so there was no need to be polite.

“Old Xia, the one who came just now is chief Zheng from the emergency department”

“You dont know him”

“The emergency department rarely runs MRI scans, of course I dont know him.

The emergency department only knows Old Chief Physician Pan.”

“Why are you calling Hurry up and tell me.

Im busy right now.”

“Its nothing.

I just want to confirm with you,” Chief Wang of the MRI department said.

“Old Xia, that Chief Zheng doesnt look old, but hes really familiar with reconstruction.”

“A while ago, my classmate suddenly vomited blood.

He was the one who performed the emergency TIPS surgery,” Chief Xia said, “Hes a formidable figure.”

Both of them lamented for a while.

Chief Xia had something on her mind, so she hurriedly hung up the phone.

She clicked on the MRI on the computer and shockingly saw two gallbladders appear in the image!

Double Gallbladders!

Double Gallbladders deformity!


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