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Chapter 58: Bronze Rank in The King

Zheng Ren documented the surgery while recalling its preoperative process.

He had gained a lot from the intensive training in the Systems operating theater.

Moreover, he had a feeling that the increment in his overall skill level had had some effects on certain subspecialty surgeries as well.

Should he put all his savings of 930 skill points into the general surgery skill tree

After contemplating for a while, Zheng Ren decided to wait.

Old Chief Physician Pan was extremely satisfied with Zheng Rens surgery.

After the patient had recovered from general anesthesia, his side effects were not serious and he did not even feel much pain.

It was indeed a wise decision to force Zheng Rens transfer to the emergency department.

This thought put a delighted smile on Old Chief Physician Pans face.

However, the establishment of an emergency center could not depend solely on one doctor.

No matter how strong Zheng Ren was, even if his body was made entirely of metal, how many nails could be made out of him in the end

The more outstanding Zheng Rens performance was, the heavier the burden on Old Chief Physician Pans shoulders.

The patients condition was stable.

Zheng Ren proceeded to oversee the emergency department while Old Chief Physician Pan rushed to the medical administration division.

Naturally, his purpose there was to demand more manpower.

The surgical assistant in Zheng Rens surgery today turned out to be a scrub nurse.

It would be utterly humiliating if anyone caught wind of this.

Old Chief Physician Pan strode toward his destination.

His presence had annoyed the chief of the medical administration division greatly these past few days.

Dark clouds swarmed above Chief Zhou of the medical administration division instantly upon seeing Old Chief Physician Pan through the window.

If hospital management transferred doctors from any department to the emergency department, he would definitely offend the senior consultant of the corresponding department.

After all, every clinical department had a shortage of medical staff, so it would be very difficult to make an interdepartmental transfer.

Most importantly, no doctors wanted to work in the emergency department.

The emergency department was just like Siberia—a place for exiled criminals.

The fact that Old Chief Physician Pan was here at the medical administration division again made Chief Zhou pull at his hair in frustration.

If this situation continued, Chief Zhou firmly believed that Old Chief Physician Pan would consider the medical administration division his home.

The very thought of seeing that square face every day at work sent a chill down Chief Zhous spine.

“Chief, this is the information you requested.”

Chief Zhous eyes shone brightly.

Why did he not think of her before

“Little Chang, how long have you been working in the medical administration division” Chief Zhou put his thoughts into action quickly before Old Chief Physician Pan could arrive at the office.

“Five months.

Ill be able to return in another,” answered the lady whom Chief Zhou addressed.

Little Changs full name was Chang Yue, a twenty-five-year-old woman who stood between 162 and 163 centimeters and sported a pair of black-framed spectacles.

Despite her young age, she was neither carefree and joyous but appeared mature and prudent instead.

She was a bachelors degree holder from the third batch of undergraduate students within the province.

In Sea City General Hospital, this type of doctor was the least favored and had very limited opportunities for promotion.

After her graduation, she had come to Sea City General Hospital by chance and was hired as a resident doctor in the obstetrics and gynecology department.

A few months ago, a female patient was admitted to the ward in the obstetric and gynecology department due to post-miscarriage vaginal bleeding.

She was accompanied by a paramour but unfortunately, her husband was on the scene as well.

The cuckold lost his mind instantly and cut his unfaithful wifes carotid artery with a fruit knife on the spot.

Blood splattered up to the ceiling and everyone fled in terror.

Everyone was frozen to the spot when the man walked out of the ward with a bloodstained fruit knife, but Little Chang was unusually calm and started speaking to the man about ideals, life, worldly affairs… The conversation continued until police officers arrived on the scene.

The man had cried with tears and snot flowing down his cheeks as he gave up without a struggle.

Her skills in initiating conversation made her a king in this category.

Logically, Little Chang should have been commended, but things did not develop as planned.

One of the frightened patients had had an accidental prenatal disturbance as she ran out of the ward and ended up having a miscarriage.

The patients family members sued the hospital and demanded compensation of one million yuan.

In the end, Little Chang had to take the fall as she had been the doctor on duty that day.

She received admonition and was suspended for six months.

Such disorganized nonsense was common in the hospital and the only difference was who the scapegoat would be each time.

Little Chang merely assumed that she had run out of luck and reported to the medical administration division without crying or argument.

She always completed her assignments well.

One could imagine her being a brick that could be utilized anytime and anywhere.

Chief Zhou had initially planned to let her continue working in the medical administration division, but she just smiled and rejected his kind offer twice.

Trouble would be inevitable if she returned to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Those who framed her would probably feel guilty upon seeing her but would not mind digging a pit for her again if the need arose.

The chief of the medical administration division had witnessed this dark side of people countless times in his life.

Such being the case, what about transferring her to the emergency department

“Little Chang, your admonition is coming to an end.

What are your plans after this” The chief of the medical administration division put on a kind expression and asked softly.

“Im going to continue my clinical work.

I dont know how to perform other tasks, anyway,” answered Little Chang in a relaxed manner.

“Itll be troublesome in the obstetrics and gynecology department in the future.”

“Youre right.” Little Chang was well aware of her situation.

“Ive an idea.

Why dont you give the emergency department a try” The chief of the medical administration division had no time to explain further and stated his intention directly when Old Chief Physician Pan disappeared from the transparent French window.

“The emergency department”

“Old Chief Physician Pan has set up an emergency center recently.

I think youll benefit more in the long run if you go there.” The chief of the medical administration division was sincere and earnest in his explanation.

“Old Chief Physician Pan is different from the others.

He was born a soldier and is very protective of his own subordinates.

If you encounter similar incidents again and your superior is Old Chief Physician Pan, he will definitely not ask you to take the blame for his safety.”

“…” Little Chang kept quiet and gave it some thought.

Her double eyelids were conspicuous despite her small eyes, which made appear that her eyelids were actually bigger than her eyes.

Her eyelashes were long and radiated an aura of an elf with every blink, but her gaze remained indifferent no matter who she was talking to.

Even as she faced the chief of the medical administration division, who held the power to decide her fate, her tone was respectful but did not contain the slightest mote of flattery.

Not only was there a lack of flattery, she even appeared slightly… apathetic.

“What do you think Old Chief Physician Pan is a god.

If you want to have a breakthrough in the medical field with your current educational background, its better for you to work in a newly established department.” The chief of the medical administration division was trying to brainwash Little Chang like a Grandma Wolf constantly tempting the little white rabbit.

The little white rabbit smiled in response.

“Even if I want to go, I still have one more month of admonition.”

“Dont worry about it.” The chief of the medical administration division waved his hand immediately after knowing that Little Chang had been persuaded.

“Anyone who dares to have a different opinion will come to the medical administration division to get their dues, or maybe they will go to the emergency department instead.”

Perhaps, in his smugness, the chief of the medical administration division worded his last statement wrong, which embarrassed him slightly.

Incidentally, Old Chief Physician Pan barged into the office.

He sat directly on the couch in the office and asked, “Chief Zhou, where are my men”

“Haha, Old Chief Physician Pan, you arrived just in time.” In order to conceal his embarrassment, the chief of the medical administration division smiled and said, “Little Chang has agreed to work in the emergency department.”

“Little Chang” Old Chief Physician Pan glanced at the lady before him, obviously unsatisfied.

He needed male doctors who could perform surgery, not female doctors.

The medical industry had always treated women as men and men as livestock.

Naturally, Old Chief Physician Pan was dissatisfied by the fact that he had lost one of his livestock to work his butt off.

However, Old Chief Physician Pan recognized this female doctor and admired her attitude since the rumors around her had been widely spread within the hospital.

Old Chief Physician Pan did not refuse the offer, but continued to ask, “Do you think one is enough”

“There is a batch of students under training this year.

Ill give them to you as long as they agree to stay, how does that sound” Chief Zhous promise was basically pie in the sky.

After arguing for some time, Old Chief Physician Pan solidified Chief Zhous impression that he would be a thorn in the chiefs side every day if his manpower remained inadequate.

Then he said, “Little Chang, pack your stuff and return to the emergency department with me.”

Little Chang nodded obediently.

She took her bag with only a few items in it and followed Old Chief Physician Pan.

The chief of the medical administration division sighed in relief after Old Chief Physician Pan disappeared from view.

He had managed to overcome today, but what about tomorrow

He hoped Little Chang was good at her job and could satisfy Old Chief Physician Pans needs temporarily.

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