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Chapter 559: Will Help You Earn Money

There was a treatment center for TIPS surgery!

Ma Quan knew all kinds of information about interventional surgery like the back of his hand.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to grow from a small company to a national company with Changfeng micro-surgery.

Even now, Changfeng had grown up and even had a grudge against materials science.

A smaller company would be satisfied if they could copy it and earn a living.

How would they dare to covet such a high-end subject like materials science.

Tips surgery was known as the pearl on the Crown of interventional surgery!

There were at least two million hepatitis B patients in the country who needed to undergo TIPS surgery!

He immediately realized the value of what director Kong said.

Moreover, director Kong was very honest.

He did not call several companies together and bid against each other.

At the very least, Ma Quan knew that director Kong used Cooks products at home.

Even if his products entered the 912 hospital, director Kong would not use them.

This time, he was the only one who was called.

Ma Quan did not see anyone from Cook.

He was slightly puzzled, but he immediately realized that director Kong was giving Zheng Ren face.

Although he did not understand why he would do this, Ma Quan knew that he could not let go of this opportunity.

“Director Kong, thank you for your support for Changfeng.

” Ma Quan stood up and bowed respectfully.

“Its okay.

” Director Kong waved his hand and smiled.

“Its your manager Feng who has done a good job.

Its boss Zheng who has supported you.

It has nothing to do with me.

Ma Quan was silent for a moment, then asked, “Director Kong, can you give us a hint What kind of support do you need ”

“HMM ” Director Kong snorted coldly and sat upright like a mountain.

Ma Quan knew that this little bit of cleverness of his could not be hidden from the old fox, director Kong.

He must not provoke him.

It was not that he did not have a choice.

He did not use cook, whom he had worked with for many years, but insisted on using Changfeng.

It was indeed giving Zheng Ren face.

But on second thought, Ma Quan was dumbfounded.

He had never encountered such a situation.

In the early years, when the intervention materials had just entered the mainland, it was all done by international big manufacturers.

At that time, the country was poor.

People would think that it was a huge sum of money just by giving them some scattered silver.

But now, the situation was completely different.

Wasnt this Bai Sheng going bankrupt and liquidating did he even dare to think of going up and getting a share

The change was obvious.

Then, the relevant experience from the past could not be applied to the current situation at all.

Ma Quans mind flashed.

He came up with one plan after another, but it was immediately denied.

After being stunned for more than ten seconds, Ma Quan saw that director Kongs expression was getting darker and darker.

He made up his mind and said, “Director Kong, you know that our Changfeng doesnt have any experience in this area.

He paused and observed director Kongs expression.

“We will definitely support boss Zhengs matter.

As for the specifics, please help us and give us a plan.

“Then we can haggle over the price ” Director Kong said coldly.

“UH… ”

We cant haggle over the price anymore While Ma Quan was hesitating, he saw director Kong take out his phone and start to flip through the contact list.

When he heard the name Cook on director Kongs phone, Ma Quan felt a chill on his back and his clothes were instantly drenched in cold sweat.

“Director Kong, how about this ” Ma Quan almost shouted when director Kong pointed at him.

“Give us a plan.

If it works on my end, I will definitely do my best.

If our company cant handle it, you can look for other companies.

We have no complaints.

This was practically begging.

Director Kong said in a deep voice, “For consumables, the ex-factory price plus 5% is the profit of your company.

The selling price is based on the national uniform price.

You Dont have to worry about the profit in between.

” … ” Ma Quan never dreamed that director Kong would actually come up with such a plan.

Only Private Hospitals would try their best to lower the factory price.

However, private hospitals rarely carried out large-scale surgeries.

For example, TIPS surgeries.

They basically would not touch them.

This was because private hospitals were usually specialized in small specialties, such as hemorrhoids and the like.

Or they were womens and childrens hospitals, eye hospitals, and so on.

For interventional surgeries like liver cancer and cirrhosis, they needed the support of large-scale tertiary grade A hospitals.

Private Hospitals could not afford to support so many people.

What was director Kong thinking

Ma Quan was stunned.

Seeing that director Kong had found the phone without hesitation, he immediately pressed it and was ready to find Cooks people.

He immediately shouted, “Director Kong, yes! ”

At this moment, director Kong smiled.

“Director Kong, Whats Wrong ” Zheng Rens voice came from the door.

“Boss Zheng, isnt this to earn money for You ” Director Kong joked.

“Huh ” Zheng Ren was puzzled.

“I thought about it.

Im afraid that using the research fund will lead you astray.

But you said that a Nobel Prize candidate would get hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year on September 12.

If you dont mind the small amount, I feel ashamed, ” director Kong said.

“And then ” Since Zheng Ren and Xie Yiren spent more than a thousand dollars on a meal, he began to pay attention to making money.

In the past, Zheng Ren also needed money, but he still put learning skills first.

Now that he was the world leader in the level of intervention, he also felt great economic pressure.

Naturally, he could not ignore earning money.

“Dont go through the middleman.

Changfeng will increase the factory price by 5% and provide the consumables for TIPS surgery.

In the research institute, Normal Sales.

One set… estimated to have a profit of 20-30 thousand yuan.

You and the hospital will split it equally, ” director Kong said.


Zheng Ren was speechless.

Based on the number of patients in the capital and his own surgical standard, earning 10 to 20 million a year was very easy.

“The money is still a little small, but lets just make do with it, ” director Kong said.

Ma Quan Cried.

Make do with it How could it make do with it.

Changfengs net profit in a year was only about 100 million.

How could tens of millions become make do with director Kong.

“Its alright.

” Zheng Ren smiled.

“Manager Feng, just contact me when the time comes.

Zheng Rens words made Feng Xuhuis mind calm down.

Director Zheng was a particular person.

He would never forget himself.

It seemed that he could continue to focus on his career.

Feng Xuhui thought to himself.

“Boss MA, its settled then, ” director Kong said with a smile.

“You can go back.

Lets talk about the specifics in the capital.

“Director Kong, Boss Zheng, a few days ago, professor Rudolf Wagner mentioned that the product had entered the Heidelberg University Medical Center… ”

Ma Quan didnt forget about this.

“Oh, looking for a rich guy.

” Zheng Ren turned around and asked Yang Lei to call the professor over.

Soon, the professor came to the office.

His long golden hair was not elegant at all.

After staying in the ward for many days, his hair was almost as long as a blanket.

“Boss, Haha ” Professor Rudolf Wagner came in and said.

“This is the manufacturer of the consumables for the application of prostate interventional embolization.

Dont you want to import some consumables ” Zheng Ren said.


” The professor was not in a great mood.

He said casually, “Find someone to go back with me and do the procedures as soon as possible.

We are fine on our side.

Im just afraid that the procedures will not be completed when they exit, and it will be messy.

Zheng Ren did not mind.

The rest was up to Ma Quan and the professor to discuss.

He… really wanted to go back and sleep.



Note 1: the profit model of a private hospital nearby, excluding the middlemen.

The research institute in the capital was not the main body of the hospital, so it should be able to play a marginal role.

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