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Chapter 551: What Are You Looking At

Cheng Lixue was furious!

He was trying to make things difficult for himself!

The patients liver cirrhosis diagnosis was very clear.

On the scan, the amount of ascites was also very large.

What right did he have to say that his diagnosis was wrong !

Cheng Lixue glared fiercely at Gao Shaojie.

It must be because of this medical university professor.

It must be!

Then, he glared at Zheng Ren and barely suppressed the anger in his heart.

He said, “Director Zheng, I think the diagnosis is very clear.

As soon as he said that, a rush of hot blood rushed to Cheng Lixues head.

He pointed at the scan on the scanner angrily, he said, “The symptoms of cirrhosis are very obvious.

The pressure on the portal vein is very high.

Theres a lot of ascites! I dont know why director Zheng said that my diagnosis was wrong.

Is it because he doesnt want to be my patient ! ”

The last sentence was a little harsh.

After saying that, he had already torn apart all of his face.

It meant that there was no longer any possibility of cooperation between Cheng Lixue and Zheng Ren.


Cheng Lixue couldnt tolerate it!

Yes, he could tolerate it, but who couldnt tolerate it!

F * ck, he actually didnt want to be my patient!

Director Zhangs expression changed.

He took half a step forward and stood between Cheng Lixue and Zheng Ren.

Just as he was about to speak, he heard Zheng Ren say leisurely, “Director Cheng, did you not see the patient ”

“HMM ” Director Zhang was stunned for a moment.

Cheng Lixues face flushed red.

He was also very confused.

How did Zheng Ren know that he did not see the patient

But how could he admit that!

He thought that Zheng Ren was deliberately trying to smear him.

It was impossible for him to know that he did not see the patient.

Yes, that was it! He was not a fortune-teller.

How could he know that he did not see the patient.

This thought was reasonable.

Therefore, Cheng Lixue was even angrier!

He was furious!

However, before he could say anything, Zheng Ren asked Wang Qiang for a pen.

He gently tapped on the scan and said, “From the scan, it does look like liver cirrhosis.

The spleen is large, and it is in the advanced stage.

Cheng Lixue snorted coldly.

“But did director Cheng notice that the patients liver did not shrink, but instead grew larger ” Zheng Ren asked.

” … ” Cheng Lixue did not even look at the scan carefully.

The liver did not shrink.

That was not very normal..

Of course, Cheng Lixue also knew that this was not normal.

Although that was what he said, such rare cases could occasionally be seen.

Cheng Lixue felt that Zheng Ren was even more guilty.

“This is not cirrhosis of the liver, but Budd-chiari syndrome.

” Zheng Ren sighed, “Budd-chiari syndrome is a type of retrohepatic portal hypertension that is caused by the obstruction of the hepatic vein and the inferior vena cava above the opening of the hepatic vein for various reasons.

It is often accompanied by the inferior vena cava hypertension.

“It seems that there are similarities with the performance of cirrhosis.

It is possible to make a wrong judgment, but it is usually misdiagnosed in hospitals below the county level.

How could director Cheng Not See It It shouldnt be.

Zheng Rens words were very calm.

It was as if he was talking to himself.

There were no accusations, only questions.

However, every word was like an invisible big hand slapping Cheng Lixues face.

“You… Impossible! ” Cheng Lixue defended himself forcefully.

“Director Cheng, if you went to check the body personally, you would definitely find that the patient had the signs of a spider-man.

Moreover, the veins on the surface of the abdomen were bulging, and the lower limbs were in the shape of boots.

“All of these can clearly tell you that it is different from cirrhosis of the liver.

” Zheng Rens tone was still very calm.

However, the slapping became more and more intense.

Professor Rudolf Wagner curled his lips and was very disdainful of Cheng Lixue.

Director Kong stood at the back with a smile.

He had long seen through it, but he was only a guest minister.

If Zheng Ren had ignored it, he could have just reminded him softly when there was no one else.

However, there was no doubt that Zheng Ren had seen through it.

Gao Shaojie was expressionless as he looked at the scan coldly.

If Gao Shaojies doctors, or even Wang Qiang, showed him the scan of Budd-chiari syndrome as if he had cirrhosis, Gao Shaojie would have smashed the scan into the doctors face long ago.

He could not understand it, but it would be too much if he did not even look at the patient.

When director Zhang saw that Cheng Lixues face was flushed red and he could not say a word, he had already guessed that this guy really did not look at the patient.

He quickly tried to smooth things over and said, “Teacher Zheng… ”

“Lets go take a look at the patient, ” Zheng Ren said.

“Budd-chiari syndrome was almost an incurable disease before the intervention surgery.

However, with the intervention surgery, it is no longer a difficult problem.

“When the intervention surgery enters the clinic, it is one of the most typical diseases.

Director Cheng really should know about it.

” Zheng Ren shook his head and looked at director Zhang.

Director Zhang was also helpless.

He asked where the patient was in the ward and brought Zheng Ren to see the patient.

The patient was lying on the bed.

His stomach was high and his limbs were thin.

It was a typical cachexia state.

Because his stomach was high and his limbs were thin, he was lying on the bed like a big-bellied spider with only four legs.

In a trance, there was a magical feeling.

Zheng Ren glanced at the system panel on the upper right side of his field of vision.

The diagnosis given on the panel was the same as the one he had read — Budd-chiari syndrome.

After greeting the patient and the patients family, Zheng Ren began to examine the patient personally.

He lifted the clothes on the patients abdomen.

Three veins with a diameter of about 1 cm meandered on the patients belly like small snakes.

The symptoms were exactly the same as what Zheng Ren had judged in the office.

All the doctors were silent.

Zheng Ren knocked on the door to confirm the ascites and the range of the liver area.

Then he began to look at the patients feet.

A pair of purple feet appeared in front of everyone.

They were ischemic, but not to the extent of necrosis.

But even so, they were still very heavy.

Zheng Ren asked a few more questions about the patients medical history before he led everyone out of the ward and back to the office.

“Typical spider-man signs.

The symptoms of boots caused by venous reflux in both lower limbs are also very clear.

” Zheng Ren returned to the front of the scan and pointed at the scan.

“So, the patients diagnosis of Budd-chiari syndrome is very definite.

Cheng Lixues face was so red that it looked like blood was about to drip out.

“Director Cheng, I remember that a few days ago, you went to the first municipal peoples Hospital and said that you wanted to learn TIPS surgery, right ” Zheng Ren said.

There was silence.

“Its okay if you cant understand the MRI diffusion.

Its also very difficult to use the MRI diffusion to determine the relationship between the portal vein and the hepatic vein in the advanced stage of cirrhosis.

” Zheng Ren looked at the x-ray, his tone was calm.

“But as a doctor and as a chief physician, its too much to not look at the scan and the patient before the operation! ”

Cheng Lixue was speechless.

He lowered his head and took a few steps back.

“Teacher Zheng, do you think this patient can be operated on ” Director Zhang asked.

“Manager Feng, do you have any vascular consumables ” Zheng Ren asked.

“Thrombolytic I brought them.

I was preparing for you to do a thrombolytic, ” Feng Xuhui said happily.

“Theres no need for thrombolytic.

It can be done with ordinary guide wire, ” Zheng Ren said.

Cheng Lixue suddenly raised his head.

His eyes were bloodshot.

His lips moved as if he wanted to say something.

Professor Rudolf Wagner glared at him and said, “What are you looking at! “

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