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Chapter 550: This Isnt Your Fault

Youre a step too late

Director Lin was a little puzzled, but he immediately understood that imperial capitals 912 hospital had also come to poach people!

In an instant, his mouth was filled with bitterness.

If he had known earlier, he would have come yesterday with Gao Shaojie.

Although the provincial capital Medical Universitys affiliated hospital was Grand, that depended on who it was compared to.

Compared to Haicheng Citys first hospital, it was indeed.

But compared to the imperial capital 912 Hospital… There was no way it could be compared.

It was one of the top top three hospitals in the country.

In its eyes, the provincial capital Medical University Affiliated Hospital was just an ant-like existence.

Director Lins fingers were stiff as he shook director Kongs hand.

“Director Lin, you guys still dont know boss Zheng well enough.

” Director Kong had been displeased with director Lin for a few minutes.

How dare you snatch him away from me! Are you tired of living !

Director Kong still had lingering fear in his heart.

If it werent for the coincidence that he had made another trip to Haicheng for the Nobel Prize, Zheng Ren might have agreed to it.

Although he also knew that the possibility of Zheng Ren agreeing to director Lin wasnt high.

After all, his door had long been opened for Zheng Ren.

The conditions given by the affiliated hospital of the Medical University… Hehe.

“Ah ” Director Lin didnt know what director Kong meant.

“This time, the leaders of our hospital paid special attention to boss Zhengs work in the capital.

They entrusted me to come and discuss with director Pan of the first hospital of Haicheng City.

” Director Kong let go of his hand and followed Zheng Ren to the ward, he said, “Boss Zheng must have his own research room when he goes to the capital.

The scientific research project has been declared and the special approval procedure has been followed.

The first batch of funds will be 30 million RMB.

” … ” director Lin was speechless.

“For special talents, the title is not a problem.

Oh right, more than ten years ago, there was a joke.

I dont know if director Lin has heard of it, ” director Kong said with a smile.

Director Lin was in a state of shock.

He had expected that this trip might not necessarily be able to poach Zheng Ren.

But he definitely did not expect to meet people from the imperial capitals 912 hospital poaching Zheng Ren.

Moreover, the conditions of the other party..

Director Zhang and Wang Qiang were already charred on the outside and tender on the inside by the Nine Heavens Mysterious Thunder.

“What joke ” Director Lin was in a daze.

“Back then, the Ministry of Health said that they wanted to select a grade III a hospital.

They wanted all the hospitals in the country to submit their materials.

” Director Kong chuckled.

Victory was within his grasp.

“I know.

” Director Lin remembered that at that time, the entire affiliated hospital of the provincial capital Medical University worked together.

They worked hard for more than half a year before they were the first batch to be approved.

At that time, director Lin was still in clinical work.

He had experienced it firsthand, and during that period, he had suffered a lot.

“The Imperial Union Hospital didnt submit any materials at all, ” director Kong said with a smile.

“But in the end, the Ministry of Health had no choice but to send the Union hospital directly to a tertiary grade a hospital.

As he said that, he paused and adjusted his tone.

“The Union Hospital isnt a tertiary grade a hospital.

which hospital has the face to call themselves a tertiary grade a hospital ”

” … ” director Lin.

” … ” director Zhang.

” … ” Wang Qiang.

Gao Shaojie nodded.

If Zheng Ren wasnt a vice director or a vice director, who would have the face to call themselves a tertiary grade a hospital That was what director Kong meant.

Director Lin immediately understood what director Kong meant, and sweat was already starting to form on his forehead.

He recalled how Gao Shaojies tone was a little vague when he told him the “Good News” .

At that time, he still thought that Gao Shaojie was too bookish.

He did not expect that he was too naive, too childish, too innocent, and too f * cking whimsical.

“Director Lin, you have a discerning eye for talent.

” Director Kong saw that the heat was enough, so he took a breath, patted director Lins shoulder, and said, “Its just that the platform of the Provincial Medical Universitys affiliated courtyard is too small to accommodate boss Zheng.

This is not your fault.

” … ” director Lin continued to be speechless.

Gao Shaojie said — the temple was too small to accommodate a bodhisattva like teacher Zheng.

These words echoed in his ears.

He did not expect it to be true!

“In the future, come to the capital and look for me at 912 road.

Meeting is fate.

Although boss Zheng will not go to the affiliated hospital of the Provincial Capital Medical University, I still admire your eyesight, ” director Kong said.

As he spoke, he walked into the ward.

The moment he stepped into the ward, Zheng Rens fatigue was swept away.

Like a soldier hearing the bugle call, his whole spirit changed.

“Boss, youve seen the scans of the four patients on Wang Qiangs side yesterday.

Lets take a look at the patients and send them to the stage, ” Gao Shaojie interrupted the conversation between director Lin and director Kong and said to Zheng Ren.


” Zheng Ren nodded.

As they were talking, a tall and thin figure walked out of the office.

“Director Zheng, long time no see.

” He looked very warm and greeted him.

Huh Zheng Ren was stunned.

He still looked very familiar… he seemed to have seen him somewhere before

“Director Cheng, whats the matter ” Wang Qiangs face fell immediately, and he was a little unhappy.

Cheng Lixue was trying to poach someone.

Wang Qiang could feel it.

However, he could not say anything.

After all, Zheng Ren was initially invited by director Zhang from the first Municipal Peoples Hospital to perform the surgery.

Moreover, the person appointed by the hospital to learn TIPS surgery was also director Cheng Lixue.

He could only be annoyed, but he could not shed all pretense of cordiality with Cheng Lixue.

Cheng Lixue completely ignored Wang Qiang, as if he disdained to talk to such a “Junior doctor.


“Director Zheng, I have also found a patient with advanced cirrhosis and stubborn ascites, ” Cheng Lixue said with a smile.

“Why dont you take a look at the scan first ”

Zheng Ren did not care.

If there was one, he would do it.

It was not a big deal.

Zheng Ren did not want to get involved in the personnel dispute of the Second City Hospital.

Director Zhang did not want to directly ruin Cheng Lixues reputation.

Seeing that he was very active, he thought that he had corrected the wrong idea, so he sent Zheng Ren to the office first.

Cheng Lixue took out the bag of scans and said, “The preoperative preparation for this patient has been completed.

Director Zheng, take a look at the scans, and then I will bring the patient up.


This was a very clear stage-snatching.

In some places, there was a problem of hiring professors after grouping them up.

If the conflicts and entanglements were to develop, it would be enough to write a history of blood and tears in the ward.

Wang Qiang was immediately unhappy and was ready to turn on Cheng Lixue.

Young Master Gao pulled on Wang Qiangs white sleeve and told him to be quiet.

Zheng Ren did not answer Cheng Lixue.

Instead, he took out the film from the film bag and inserted it into the film reader.

With his left hand under his right armpit and his right hand supporting his chin, Zheng Ren watched the film in silence.

“Boss, ” professor Rudolf Wagner said, but he did not continue.

Zheng Ren just nodded and continued to be silent.

Gao Shaojie glanced at the film, frowned, and carefully reviewed it.

The atmosphere in the office was a little awkward.

Cheng Lixue was very proud.

He was happy to see that he could make things difficult for Wang Qiang.

“President Zheng, I have also seen the film.

Shall I send the patient up now ” Cheng Lixue estimated the time and said again after about three minutes.

Zheng Ren remained silent.

“Director Zhang ” Cheng Lixue thought that Zheng Ren did not want to embarrass Wang Qiang, so she brought out director Zhang Keming.

“This patients diagnosis is wrong.

We cant do the TIPS surgery, ” Zheng Ren said.

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