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Chapter 541: All Department Chief Kongs Fault

A small clerk from the medical service department rushed to the chief physicians office with all kinds of equipment.

There were no words needed between them as the small clerk placed the camera equipment and began to carry out the necessaryroutine procedures with Old Chief Physician Pan.

Seeing Old Physician Pan talk about the patients condition, Zheng Rens rescue process, and the surgery that was about to be prepared, Department Chief Kong was inexplicably surprised at what he was witnessing with his own eyes.

Did the two men from Sea City General Hospital have the gift of telepathy with each other

Zheng Ren pulled the patient along, steeling his heart as he went up to the operating stage.

Old Chief Physician Pan was in charge of other matters.

He calmly faced the troublesome matter that even an old doctor like Department Chief Kong found particularly troublesome.

Sea City General Hospitals emergency department worked like a well-oiled machine.

Zheng Ren and Old Chief Physician Pan were both different gears.

When they worked together, there was almost no friction.

All sorts of kinetic energy were released from it as efficiently as possible.

There was now an emergency resuscitation in the emergency department!

With authorization from the Medical Affairs Department, Old Chief Physician Pan was no longer in a hurry.

After the Medical Affairs Departments junior staff member left with all the relevant materials, he finally had time to smile at Department Chief Kong.

“Chief Physician Pan, youre really fast that it feels as if youre working in the front line,” Department Chief Kong praised him.

Nowadays, there were all kinds of conflicts in society.

It was very difficult to see such a scene where people were willing to take care of each other and put their lives on the line.

“Its what I should be doing.” Old Chief Physician Pan sat on the chair.

There was not a hint of alcohol on his body as he seemed to be thinking about something.

“Chief Physician Pan, arent you going to take a look at the surgery” Department Chief Kong asked.

“The surgery Whats there to see” Old Chief Physician Pan asked in return.

However, he chuckled when he remembered that Department Chief Kong was a guest and did not understand the situation.

He told him, “If you want to take a look, lets go up and do so.

However, at this point, the surgery would probably almost be done by now.”

Speechless, Department Chief Kong estimated that it had been less than thirty minutes since the patient had been sent over and Old Chief Physician Pan completed all the procedures.

The surgery was done How was that possible!

He did not refute the others comment but his expression revealed his true thoughts.

“Lets go, Old Kong.

Ill bring you to take a look.” Chief Pan did not point out the obvious expression on his face and said that with a smile.

Let the facts speak for themselves.

It would have a better effect than them just staying there and saying 10,000 words.

When they walked out of the door, Old Chief Physician Pan shouted, “Xiao Liu, the patients family is here.

Tell them to go directly to the operating theater.

In fact, please personally bring them there.”

The nurse hurried did as told.

“Chief Physician Pan, does Boss Zheng know how to perform chest surgery” Department Chief Kong asked.

“He saved a patient with a heart knife injury and a cardiac tamponade before,” Old Chief Physician Pan said.

“The blood shot straight out across the room.

However, the patients luck then was better.

The cardiac arrest should have only been around three minutes.

He was probably fine after being saved.”

“Thats not much,” Department Chief Kong said in a low voice.

“Zheng Ren has only been in the emergency department for a few months.” Old Chief Physician Pans tone became a little heavier.

“What about before Was Boss Zheng in the interventional department or…” Department Chief Kong asked.

He had heard before from Su Yun that Zheng Ren was a general surgery major who went to the emergency department to be the chief resident so that he could start performing interventional surgery again.

However, when he thought about it from a clinical perspective, something like that felt impossible.

If such a person really existed, graduate students under him could pretty much just find a corner to cry in.

“Let me tell you, Old Kong.” When Old Chief Physician Pan mentioned Zheng Ren, he had a smug look on his face as if he was talking about his favorite youngest son.

“A few months ago, Zheng Ren was still a junior doctor in the general surgery department.

Someone invited Professor Moriyo from Japan to perform surgery and something had happened then.

Later, a Whipple procedure was done by Zheng Ren himself.”

This was the first time Department Chief Kong had heard about this.

He had done a Whipple procedure on his own

“Its said that it took half an hour for the surgery to go from resection to abdominal closure.

The surgery itself was done beautifully.” Old Chief Physician Pans face was flushed red.

He brought Department Chief Kong to the operating theater while he recounted Zheng Rens experience.

“Im an army man so I have to be reasonable.

If hes capable then he is.

If hes not then hell be looked down upon no matter where he goes.”

Department Chief Kong nodded.

That was indeed the case.

It was now an era of peace.

If war was commonplace, a single general was useless and a thousand soldiers would simply be exhausted to death.

Therefore, the army was the most practical when it came to things like these.

“Since he was originally located at a local hospital, you know how some of those people are.

They wanted to kick Zheng Ren away, so I made my stance and asked the kid to come over with me.” Old Chief Physician Pan sounded slightly agitated when he told the other about the event that had made him proud of himself.

Department Chief Kong praised him, “Old Pan, you have good foresight!”

“Of course!”

With that, the two of them went to the operating theater, changed their clothes, and walked into the corridor

“Chief Zheng, you arent really that great so why are you so busy” a voice complained.

The door of the operating theater was open, and the voice traveled into the corridor.

It was a small place.

It was not standard for such a thing to occur and the door was not even closed when performing surgery.

Department Chief Kong saw and heard everything as he thought to himself that there was not even the most basic concept of sterility here.

If everything here was under him, he would have scolded them till kingdom come.

However, he did not say anything.

He had to give Old Chief Physician Pan some face no matter what.

“This time, its really not my fault.

Department Chief Kong said that he wanted to see how busy we are.

Once he said that, I felt that things today wouldnt go well.

I guess I wont be able to sleep tonight.

Im not lying.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Su Yun.”

Zheng Rens helpless voice was heard.

Department Chief Kong was stunned for a moment.

“Chief Cao, this patient was thrown into the ICU.

You should go and take a closer look at him during the night,” Su Yun said.

“If the patient cant pay, dont ask for the money for the titanium clip from the emergency department.

I also saved a cardiac tamponade for you.

You should know better.”

Department Chief Kong did not understand the situation inside at all.

Should the atmosphere in the emergency department not always be tense with everyone having their hands busy Why did such an atmosphere not exist in Sea City General Hospital

When he walked into the operating theater, Department Chief Kong saw Zheng Ren patting the patients leg with the needle holder before he turned around and left the stage.

The two of them looked at each other and were stunned for a moment.

“Department Chief Kong, what are you doing up here” Zheng Ren was in a trance for a moment before he simply asked what was on his mind.

“Boss Zheng, are you done” Department Chief Kong was also in a trance.

“Im done.” Zheng Ren tore off the sterile surgical gown and threw it into the red trash can.

“You dont need me to carry the patient as well, right”

“You can go, Boss.

There are people in the thoracic department that can help.” Su Yun just threw all responsibility to the thoracic department.

Chief Cao of the thoracic department was so embarrassed that he did not dare to object and remained silent.

“Youre done so quickly” Department Chief Kong was stunned.

“The cardiac tamponade is not a big deal.

Everythings fine once the patient is saved.” Zheng Ren smiled and continued, “This patient was lucky to be carried on someones back.

I estimate that his heart stopped for more than five minutes but on the way here, the constant motion kept shaking and squeezing his heart.

Because of that, he could still maintain some form of blood supply.”

Department Chief Kong did not know what to say.

“Hes fine.

Hell wake up tomorrow morning.

Its just the internal fixation of the rib fracture thats a bit more troublesome but thats been dealt with,” Zheng Ren said.

Department Chief Kong was stunned when he saw the various indicators on the ECG monitor.

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