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Chapter 540: Too Impulsive

The people there were stunned

Zheng Ren touched the patients skin under their torn clothes to check their temperature.

He found the person running a little warm.

There were multiple fractures on the sternum and ribs.

Zheng Rens hand touched it and felt that they were slightly dented.

The injuries were caused by a heavy object and were not from a stab wound.

When he realized this, his feeling suddenly changed completely to when he felt like he himself was being stabbed in the heart.

Zheng Ren suddenly had a thought and felt like he had to help the patient no matter what.

At that moment, all the diagnoses had disappeared without a trace as the Systems panel showed the pale color of death.

“Get the surgery room prepared immediately! You guys, take off the clothes!” Zheng Ren roared.

After that, he quickly ran to the nearest stretcher trolley to grab some dressing, coming back once he grabbed a whole bunch of iodophor cotton balls.

He put on sterile gloves, grabbed a handful of iodophor cotton balls, and prepared to disinfect the patients left pectoral.

However, when Zheng Ren looked back, the two workers in uniform who had brought the patient were taking off the clothes… Their own clothes, in fact.

The messier the whole situation got, the more trouble it would cause for him later!

The two young nurses took the bags so that they could cut them open.

One helped Zheng Ren to open the sterile bag, while the other struggled to take off the patients shirt.

“Take off the patients clothes!” Zheng Ren barked out.

Then without waiting for them, he wiped a handful of iodophor cotton balls on the patients left pectoral as a few other people on the side began to take off the patients clothes in a flurry.

Zheng Ren took the blade and cut open the patients chest.

There was a 20cm incision between the sixth and seventh ribs.

Blood was gushing out from the wound.

Zheng Ren was slightly relieved.

The fact that the patient was bleeding proved that his guess was probably right.

The patients ribs were broken beyond recognition, obstructing Zheng Rens vision.

However, it would not pose any issues.

After opening the chest, Zheng Ren touched the heart that had expanded to the point of resistance.

With the blade in his hand, he cut open a 3cm incision.

As the incision widened, Zheng Ren could feel a stream of liquid spurting onto his arm like a fountain.

He took out the blade and threw it into the incision bag.

“Push the bed to the operating theater!” Zheng Ren roared.

“Call Su Yun and prepare for the operation!”

Department Chief Kong followed him into the emergency room and found a safe place to secretly watch.

With his many years of clinical experience, he judged that the patient was already dead.

At this time, the possibility of saving the patient by performing chest compressions was not very high and was simply a formality toward the patients family.

A few more minutes of chest compressions would give the patients family a few more minutes to accept the fact that the patient had passed away.

This was the same whether in Sea City or the Capital.

However, he did not see Zheng Ren doing the perfunctory chest compressions.

Instead, he used the most extreme method—he went to the emergency to cut open the chest wall and directly perform chest compressions on the heart.

Not much blood spurted out but the surgical field was already messy.

The rib fractures were serious and Zheng Rens arm extended into the patients chest cavity.

All the blood and pericardial fluid sprayed onto Zheng Rens arm.

When his hand was taken out, his forearm was dripping with blood.

It was a scary sight to behold.

Not only the patients family members, but even Department Chief Kong was shocked.

It was such an impulsive move… Department Chief Kong wanted to help but was slightly older.

He had also drunk some alcohol, so his reaction speed was a few seconds slower too.

The well-trained nurses and doctors of Sea City General Hospital were already pushing the bed as they ran toward the elevator.

Zheng Rens roar echoed in the corridor.

He told them to find Old Chief Physician Pan and get a family member who could sign for the emergency surgical treatment.

In less than a minute, the emergency room was just an empty mess.

Department Chief Kong and a few other family members of the patients who could not react looked at each other as if they were in a dream.

They did not know what had just happened.

Just now, he had said earlier that Boss Zhengs skills were wasted in Sea City.

However, what was being displayed in front of them was Zheng Rens clean and efficient rescue skills.

Although Department Chief Kong did not approve of such things and though the risks were quite high, he could not blame Zheng Ren for going against the grain.

‘I should go to the operating theater to take a look, Department Chief Kong thought to himself.

When he walked out of the resuscitation room, a tall figure suddenly appeared in front of him as the two of them almost bumped into each other.

Department Chief Pans face was dark as he shouted, “Whos the patients family member Whoever can sign for the patient should go and make the payment!”

A few people who looked like workmates looked at each other.

One of them stood up and said in a low voice, “Doctor, were workmates, not family members…”

It was then that he felt Department Chief Pans sharp gaze on him.

He felt that the pressure was especially great and even more terrifying than when he had just seen the fresh wound.

His mouth was dry, but he subconsciously swallowed and said in a low voice, “Ive already informed his family.”

Old Chief Physician Pan did not have the time to greet Department Chief Kong.

He waved his hand and asked his workers to follow him.

After that, he stood in the emergency departments hallway and took out his cellphone to call the medical department.

“Is this the medical department This is Chief Physician Pan of the emergency department.”

“Its a John Doe whose heart has stopped.

Hes already at the operating theatre.

Hurry up and send someone over!”

After hanging up the phone, Old Chief Physician Pan grabbed a nurse who was about to clean up the resuscitation room and said loudly, “Go to the operating theatres entrance and wait for the blood sample.

If the blood transfusion department doesnt have enough blood, inform me immediately.”

The nurse ran away in a flash.

Old Chief Physician Pan thought for a while and said to his workmates, “Go to one of them and look for the patients familys phone number.

Tell them to come to the emergency departments Chief Physicians office to look for me.

Quickly get it done!”

His words were firm and forceful.

He was fast but did not panic.

Additionally, Old Chief Physician Pan was old and born with an attribute to make people trust him.

One of the workmates quickly looked for the foreman.

Each family members phone number could only be found from their end.

Old Chief Physician Pan then asked, “Who was at the scene Tell me about how the patients injury occurred.”

A person stood out.

His face was still covered in grease and there was a panicked expression on his face.

He calmed down for a few seconds before saying, “Were car mechanics.

Little Liang Zi was just underneath the car repairing it when there was a problem with the jack and the entire car fell on him.”

Old Chief Physician Pan nodded calmly.

The story of how the injury had occurred was very simple.

With just that single response, the other did not know how to continue.

“The first-aid ambulance drove you all here” Old Chief Physician Pan asked.

“At that time, we saw that there was blood coming from his mouth and nose.

It seemed like he was having difficulties breathing, so we panicked and drove him here ourselves,” the worker said.

Old Chief Physician Pan nodded and pointed at his office.

“Ill wait here for the patients family.

When they come, tell them to look for me first.”

The worker glanced at the nameplate on the doors right side.

On it was written the wordsEmergency Departments Chief Physicians Office.

He was the chief physician.

They nodded in agreement to his words.

Old Chief Physician Pan and Department Chief Kong walked into the chief physicians office.

Department Chief Kong felt that his mouth was dry, so he picked up a paper cup to get some water to moisten his throat so that he could talk to Old Chief Physician Pan.

Right before he could speak, hurried footsteps came from the corridor.

“Chief Physician Pan!”

“Im in the office!”

Both of them shouted at the same time.

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