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Chapter 539: Felt Wronged And Cried

“Whats going on” Zheng Ren asked.

The first-aid doctor had a strange look on his face as he walked quickly toward Zheng Ren.

On the upper right side of Zheng Rens vision, there was a light green color on the Systems panel.

Nothing was wrong so what was going on

“Chief Zheng, this group of people got into an argument with a waiter and got into a fight.” The first-aid doctor wanted to laugh but knew that he would be in an uncomfortable situation if he did.

He held back his laughter and reported to Zheng Ren, “Only one of them sustained heavy injuries.

The rest of the first-aid department left earlier to pick up the whole lot.

Most of them dont look too bad and Ive brought eight of them back with me.”

It was then that another ambulance came back with another eight middle-aged men.

They were all dressed messily.

Some of them even had just a towel and a pair of pants on in the middle of winter.

What the f*ck was going on

Zheng Ren was vexed.

Who would have to deal with it if any of them got frostbitten

“Why didnt you let them all put on their clothes properly” Zheng Rens tone was slightly stern.

“Chief Zheng, the servers at the bathhouse were already agitated so we didnt want to delay sending them here as we felt if they took too long, itd be hard to explain if they started to fight again,” the first-aid doctor complained, feeling like he had been wronged.

Zheng Ren nodded and said, “Contact the bathhouse and get them to send the clothes over.

If they are afraid of losing their money and belongings, tell them that theyll have to take full responsibility for themselves if they get frostbitten!”

After he finished speaking, Zheng Ren brought the patients to the consultation room and started to help the surgery departments on-duty doctor to do a bodily examination and note down anything unusual.

Just as he arrived at the consultation room, Zheng Ren heard a burst of grief-stricken crying.

“Its not that we couldnt beat them.

We were wearing slippers and fell every time we tried to swing back.

It wasnt conducive for us to fight.” One of the big brothers was crying very sadly as he recounted the experience of losing the fight.

“The shoes they wore all had non-slip soles.

Please tell me how you would fight back against that.”

Zheng Ren was speechless.

It was already noon and they were taking a bath.

There were more than ten to twenty people there.

To want to fight the servers there just felt weird and was probably because there were too many people.

One of the servers probably did not take good care of them and the rest might have retaliated by saying inappropriate things, thus causing the fight on both sides.

Furthermore, the bathhouse servers were all young men in their twenties and full of vigor.

Moreover, it was normal to wear anti-skid shoes when working there since there were all kinds of bath fluid and foam that would make the ground wet.

Indeed, it would be impossible for them to fight back.

However, this particular big brother felt a little wronged then and actually cried in the emergency department.

Zheng Ren felt helpless.

Under such circumstances, he could not just ignore giving someone a check-up even if there was not really anything wrong.

No matter what discomforts the patient had, they had to be checked.

Otherwise, Zheng Ren himself would be in trouble over the next couple of days.

Perhaps he would still be in trouble over the next few days regardless.

Since they could not beat up the bath attendants, they might have wished to vent their anger out on the hospital afterward.

Although Department Chief Kong was experienced and knowledgeable, he rarely saw such strange things.

He had drunk some wine earlier and was still in a relaxed mood.

As such, he pretended to be the patients family member in the corridor and looked around to understand the overall situation of Sea City General Hospitals emergency department.

These were a batch of patients being dealt with at the moment.

A young man who looked like a foreman brought around ten more young men to the emergency department.

Zheng Rens heart constricted.

He was afraid that these two groups of people would have another bloody battle in the emergency department.

Each of them looked strong.

When dozens of people engaged in a chaotic battle, it was normal to kill or cripple one or two people in the crowd.

After a quick glance, he saw Fan Tianshui guarding the surgery departments entrance like a hawk as he held a rubber baton in his hand.

Although that baton was usually just used to scare people, it felt different when Fan Tianshui held it in his hand.

Zheng Ren was relieved.

The foreman came to the emergency surgery room.

Unexpectedly, he had no intention of acting hastily.

He looked around first as if he were trying to find someone.

It was then that his gaze fixed itself on Zheng Ren.

After Zheng Ren finished dealing with the patient, the man walked into the consultation room and bowed slightly.

He asked politely, “Excuse me, you must be Chief Zheng.”

Zheng Ren nodded.

He did not know what was going on.

“Brother Six specifically told me not to cause trouble in the Sea City General Hospitals emergency department.

Chief Zheng, would now be a convenient time” the foreman asked.

“Yes, whats the matter” Zheng Ren asked frankly, ignoring the foremans gaze.

The foreman looked at Zheng Ren and knew that he would not allow himself to be messed with.

It seemed like he could do nothing but be straightforward to the other.

“Since you asked, weve done what youve requested.” The foreman then continued, “Weve brought over some clothes we dont want for them to use first as their clothes are in a locked area that we arent allowed to access at the moment.

Theres video evidence as well of what had occurred, so we arent afraid of any repercussions.”

Zheng Ren nodded.

He began to appreciate this young mans ability to do things.

“Whats your surname” Zheng Ren asked.

“Chief Zheng, youre too kind.

My surname is Zhao.

You can call me Xiao Zhao,” the foreman said with a smile.

“Ill take the rest of them to pay the bill and check out.

You can just send an escort to show us the way.”

Oh, so he was being thoughtful

Or could it be that he was going to take these people away and beat them up again

Zheng Ren immediately smiled.

He was overthinking things.

After such a hot-headed and passionate fight, would someone really want to beat others to death because of it They were all common folk, not professionals trained in the Special Forces like Fan Tianshui.

“Well, talk to them properly,” Zheng Ren instructed.

“Dont worry,” the foreman said with a smile.

“If I follow Brother Sixs specific order, Ill be packing up and leaving Sea City tomorrow.

I dont have enough ego to just stay around here.”

The implicit flattery made Zheng Ren feel very comfortable.

‘This young man is an expert when it comes to this sort of thing, Zheng Ren judged.

“Okay, you guys go ahead.” It was only then that Zheng Ren stood up and reached out his hand.

The foreman had a gentle and unflattering smile on his face, comforting those around him.

He shook Zheng Rens hand and left his contact information.

He said that he would contact Zheng Ren if anything else happened on his end.

Seeing them leave, Zheng Ren shook his head and walked out of the consultation room.

“Boss Zheng, its not that I want to criticize you but this is the stuff you bother expending your energy on” Department Chief Kong complained.

Zheng Ren smiled honestly and did not argue with Department Chief Kong.

Actually, Department Chief Kong was right.

This kind of trivial matter was nothing compared to doing TIPS surgery itself.

Zheng Ren was just about to call Department Chief Kong to the emergency ward to sit there for a while when he heard a shrill cry coming from the corridor.

“Doctor, help!”

His heart rate instantly went up to 120 beats per minute.

Zheng Ren did not have time to talk to Department Chief Kong.

He quickly ran to the emergency rooms entrance.

A group of people had rushed over to the corridor.

The person in front was a muscular man dressed in greasy clothes.

He was carrying someone on his back.

Because he was so muscular, Zheng Ren could not see the patients diagnosis on the Systems panel clearly.

He quickly pointed to the emergency room and said, “Go there!”

The group of people rushed to the emergency room as the man placed the person on his back on the diagnosis bed.

They were so cold and pale with no signs of breathing.

The diagnosis shown to him was—rib fracture, sternum fracture, heart contusion, and cardiac tamponade.

The writing he saw of the diagnosis was blurry as if it were about to disappear into the background of the white System panel.

Zheng Ren rushed forward and pushed away the burly man who had carried the patient.

While quickly undressing the patient, he yelled out, “How did they get hurt!”

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