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Chapter 532: Dont Get Involved In Our Family Affairs!

“That old bastard has cursed me! Hes going to wish he was sorry!” When the middle-aged man heard Yang Leis words, he flew into a rage and started cursing non-stop.

Seeing him like this, Zheng Ren was somewhat relieved.

Normally, a ruthless person would attack without saying anything.

Just like the person holding the big black umbrella in the Capital, he came up with the intention to take someones life.

Zheng Ren did not know what that person had been thinking then.

The man in front of him would probably only yell at him.

He would be dumbfounded when Fan Tianshui came up.

In fact, there was an old saying that noisy dogs usually did not bite.

While Zheng Ren was thinking about this, a hunchbacked figure appeared at the ward entrance, standing in the corridor.

“Doctor, quickly get rid of this man.

I dont know him,” the old man named Xu Guangcai said shakily.

“Youre my father.

How do you not know me” The middle-aged man was probably irritated by Yang Leis words.

He strode over and said, “Come home with me and dont pretend to be sick.

You dont have enough money for treatment.

Why did you come to Sea City”

Zheng Ren saw that he was going to grab the old man and his face turned cold.

He quickly followed behind him.

Zheng Ren could not control what happened in the patients own house.

However, this was a hospital.

No matter what, Zheng Ren would not turn a blind eye.

Sure enough, the middle-aged man went forward and grabbed the old mans hospital gown.

Using some force, he dragged the old man forward and made him stagger.

Zheng Ren quickly went forward and elbowed the middle-aged mans soft ribs.

After that, he held the old man to steady him.

“Let go!” Zheng Ren said angrily.

“Why are you meddling in our business!” the middle-aged man roared.

Before he could do anything else, a big hand-picked him up from behind and pulled him aside.

“Please be quiet.

This is a hospital so you shouldnt be so loud.” Fan Tianshui stood there like a door god, awe-inspiring to witness.

The man saw Fan Tianshui and felt the murderous aura coming from him.

He subconsciously shrank his neck.

It was as if an invisible knife was cutting through his body there and then.

He glanced at Fan Tianshui, then at Su Yun who was recording the incident with his phone behind him.

He tried his best to put on a fierce expression and pointed at the crowd.

When his finger reached Fan Tianshui, the trace of ferocity that he had barely managed to maintain had vanished.

He did not say a word and walked away with his head lowered.

Seeing him walk away like that, Zheng Ren heaved a sigh of relief.

It was not that he was afraid of a fight.

Even if Fan Tianshui was not around, even three to five ruffians would not be able to win with him and Su Yun around.

What Zheng Ren was afraid of was that the man would lie on the ground and insist that he had a heart attack.

That would leave them with at least three to five hours worth of torment that made Zheng Rens heart feel tired just at the thought of it.

Seeing the ruffian leave, Zheng Ren and Fan Tianshui exchanged a look.

Fan Tianshui understood and followed the man all the way on his way out.

With Fan Tianshui around, Zheng Ren was saved from plenty of trouble.

He also felt very emotional.

He helped Xu Guangcai back to the ward and into the hospital bed.

Zheng Ren was worried that Xu Guangcais emotions would be agitated and his blood pressure would rise.

If something like a brain hemorrhage occurred, plenty of unexpected things could happen.

Fortunately, although the old man was old, he had already expected these things to happen so there was no sudden surprise.

There were no unstable outcomes that occurred due to the old mans emotional state.

Zheng Ren heaved a sigh of relief.

He talked with the old man for a few minutes… Although it was aconversation, it was actually Xu Guangcai who cried while talking about his experiences.

He had four children in his family.

A few years ago, Xu Guangcais wife had passed away.

He had been thinking about which child he wanted to live with so that he could retire.

However, none of his sons were willing to take him in because he especially doted on his youngest son, the ruffian who had visited earlier.

His youngest son was in his forties and had spent all his time in the village stealing things.

He did not even have a wife.

At this point, Xu Guangcai still did not give up on him.

He often used what little savings he had left to help support his youngest son.

However, this was not enough.

He was already fifteen when he was in his first year of junior high.

His youngest son was like a bottomless pit, constantly reaching out for money.

Xu Guangcai kept a small portion of his savings in the end and did not dare to give the last of it to him.

This time, he had a stomach ache for two days and had first gone to the village clinic beforehand.

The doctors at the village clinic were good at physical examinations and more or less had some general medical knowledge.

After two days when his symptoms did not get any better, he suggested that Xu Guangcai go to Sea City.

The doctor specifically told Xu Guangcai that he might have to carry enough money for the surgery.

Unexpectedly, Xu Guangcai came and the youngest son followed.

Zheng Ren was not very interested in these family matters.

He only listened and did not express how he felt about it.

They were both adults.

They had to take responsibility for what they had done.

Things like right and wrong were too complicated.

Zheng Ren did not think about it.

It was only because he was in the hospital and the old man was a patient that Zheng Ren listened.

Family matters… Perhaps if he helped, the father and son duo would get better.

In the end, he would become the villain that would be blamed.

That was usually how things like these went.

The hospital walls had heard more sincere prayers than even a church.

There were more sincere hugs at the platform station than a wedding hall.

He had seen these sorts of things many times, so he was not really affected by it.

After listening to Xu Guangcai patiently, Zheng Ren simply comforted him.

When he heard Yang Lei calling him from outside, he smiled and said goodbye to Xu Guangcai before walking out of the ward.

It was a young doctor from the medical services department.

After he inquired about what had happened, he asked his superiors for instructions.

Then, he rushed to get the camera equipment and prepared to go through the procedures so that the hospital could keep a record of it for evidence.

It was almost time to get off work so he was in a hurry.

If he made haste, he might be able to catch the bus.

If he was even a little late, he would have to pay for a taxi home.

His wife only gave him such little pocket money every month that even taking a taxi would make his heart ache.

After dealing with this matter, Zheng Ren finally had some free time.

He sent a WeChat message to Xie Yiren and asked where she was planning to have dinner tonight.

However, Xie Yiren said that she already had plans.

She wanted to go out with Miao Xiaohua and the rest to let Zheng Ren have a good meal by himself.

That was a bit frustrating.

However, he would then have time to read so he would not feel bored.

Zheng Ren was a little tired after a busy day.

He called Su Yun and went home.

Dinner… Zheng Ren did not care about such things.

Because he did not eat at noon, he was afraid that his blood sugar would be low at night.

Hence, he made a bowl of instant noodles and took a bite.

After cooking dinner, Zheng Ren went to hide in the Systems space to read.

At around nine oclock, Zheng Ren sent Su Yun a WeChat message to ask about Xu Guangcais condition.

Su Yun did not reply.

After half an hour, Su Yun said that the surgery was done and had proceeded without a hitch.

He also said that he had done Xu Guangcais job and hired a nurse to be in charge of accompanying him during his hospitalization.

This guy was still so reliable, Zheng Ren thought to himself.

This night went by without any issues.

Zheng Ren slept until his alarm went off.

He had set an alarm specifically because he had to pick Chief Kong up today early in the morning.

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