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Chapter 519: The Health Care Groups Collective Decision

After Chief Sun and Zheng Ren decided that the second-stage operation for Chief Suns friend would be next morning, they turned around and left.

The red packet given suddenly felt really cheap.

Returning to the changing room, Zheng Ren was not in a hurry to change his clothes.

Instead, he went to the small smoking room and lit up half a Purple Cloud.

Taking in a deep puff, he felt much more energetic afterward.

There were too many things to do and too few people.

He was exhausted every day.

This was the basic state of life for almost all motivated doctors.

Moreover, Zheng Ren had a slight advantage over them.

The people of Jevoy would not quarrel with Zheng Ren because they spent less time together.

Generally, doctors in their thirties work eight to ten hours a day.

Apart from the necessity of sleep and meals to maintain their physiological functions, they also had to find time to study, advance their skills, and engage in scientific research.

Those without kids usually were better off whenever they went back home.

Every now and then, they could accompany their wives out to watch a movie and have a meal.

If they had children, there would be trouble.

Everyone was the same.

Thinking of this, Zheng Ren was a little worried.

Xie Yirens birthday was a major event.

Zheng Ren did not need Su Yuns advice to know that was a fact.

He only had one thought in his mind about what to do but was not sure how to pull it off.

He could not even say that it would work.

He took a look at WeChat and saw that Cui Heming had left a message.

The person he asked him to look for had already boarded the plane.

Zheng Ren quickly sent a message to Feng Xuhui and forwarded the ticket to him, asking him to help the person up from the airport.

In the afternoon, there were still three pre-operation instructions…

Zheng Ren could not leave at all.

After smoking half a cigarette, Zheng Ren sighed.

He hoped that he would not be busy tonight.

He had to ask Little Yiren out for dinner.

He was so busy that he was inches away from a breakdown.

Zheng Ren especially missed the quiet time he would have with Xie Yiren.



Somewhere in the capital.

Chief Kong sat upright with his hands resting on his knees.

It was as if he had went back in time 20 years ago when he had just joined the army.

The hospitals Director and Deputy Director who were in charge of clinical work and a few essential people were all quietly doing their jobs.

A middle-aged man in his forties who looked shrewd and capable was holding a document in his hand and carefully reading it.

He had been reading it for twenty minutes but the people present did not show any signs of impatience.

They just sat up straight and waited.

After a long while, the middle-aged man raised his head and asked, “The results of the political review are very good.

There seem to be no problems at the moment.”

The expression on Chief Kongs face relaxed a little.

“Is it because the new surgical method has almost been perfected” the man asked.

“Yes, it is.

While the number of patients undergoing surgery is not enough, I feel like the technique has definitely become more refined.” When Chief Kong said this, he still felt a little nervous.

No matter what, he was using his own name and pride to vouch for Zheng Ren.

If it was successful, he would naturally benefit from it.

If it was not successful, he would still have to bear the responsibility.

The middle-aged man continued to ponder.

“Yesterday when I was discussing with my colleagues in the health care group about stuff like this, we talked about a similar problem,” Chief Kong said.

“A German professor who previously conducted research on related surgeries in Shanghai is now in Sea City and studying these surgeries with Dr.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun.”

“According to the feedback from Dr.

Zhengs assistant, the second surgery was performed by this German professor.

The surgery was very successful, and it was a surgery used to help teach the professor,” Chief Kong said slowly.

This was also the source of his confidence.

Professor Rudolf Wagner was a big shot in the academic world.

Since he was also in Sea City, the chances of problems occurring during surgery were not high.

The middle-aged man continued to be silent.

He looked at Chief Kong and said nothing.

“After our discussion, we decided collectively that the surgery can be carried out,” Chief Kong said at the end.

This point was important.

The middle-aged man nodded and did not waste any time.

He stood up and said, “Then Ill go and report this matter.”

After he left, the atmosphere finally eased up a little.

The Director was already very old.

He was almost sixty years old and had a full head of white hair.

However, his back was straight, and he had not changed much from when he was a teenager.

Some habits were immersed in the depths of the soul.

“Chief Kong, are your comrades in the health care group united in their opinions” After the meeting ended, Chief Yan called Chief Kong to his office, together with Deputy Director Yuan, who was in charge of clinical work.

“They werent united in the beginning,” Chief Kong said truthfully.

There was a hidden meaning behind his words.

The two chiefs sat down as the secretary made three cups of tea and placed it in front of the three of them.

“Recently, there have been some new developments in Sea City.

When faced with their objections, I explained these developments.

Later, everyone came to a consensus and decided that Dr.

Zheng would be the chief surgeon,” Chief Kong said.

Chief Yans interest was immediately piqued, but there was no expression on his face.

He only picked up the teacup and used the lid to blow away the water vapor.

He was not in a hurry to drink the tea.

Instead, he took a whiff of the teas fragrance.

“Im old and dont like many things.

Drinking tea is my only hobby,” Chief Yan faintly commented.

When Chief Kong heard this, he immediately sat up straight with a serious expression.

Based on his understanding of Chief Yan, he was afraid to act too proudly in front of him.

By keeping the chief in suspense, he had already made him unhappy.

“After Dr.

Zheng returned to Sea City, he began to study the new TIPS surgery technique.

His thesis will be published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.”

“Oh Hes so young but is already getting his thesis published in such a renowned magazine.

Thats not bad.” Chief Yan nodded and took a sip of his tea.

“Thats just the beginning,” Chief Kong said.

“He is studying with Dr.

Zheng… Or rather, hes the research assistant of Professor Rudolf Wagner of Heidelberg University Medical Center.

The professor is a top scientist and technological talent in the field of interventional surgery.

Its reported that hes currently working on submitting the new surgical method for TIPS surgery to next years Nobel Prize judging panel.”

“Huh” Chief Yan and Deputy Director Yuans hands froze for a moment.

Other things were fine since publishing papers and the like would not attract the attention of many chiefs and directors in hospitals around the country.

However, the Nobel Prize…

That was a big deal!

Even if he could not be awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine, a candidates identity was worth paying attention to.

It was no wonder that the comrades in the Health Care Group would collectively agree.

“Chief Kong, what do you think” Chief Yan was shrewd.

He instantly thought of countless things but did not say much.

Instead, he only looked at Chief Kong with a reserved gaze.

“My idea is that a talent like Dr.

Zheng should stay in our hospital,” Chief Kong said firmly.

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately felt that there was something wrong with his tone, so he repeated, “He must stay in our hospital!”

“Yes…” Chief Yan fell into deep thought.

Deputy Director Yuan chuckled and said, “Hes that young doctor who saved Fang Lin, right”

Chief Kong nodded.

“That young man is not bad.

I think it should be fine.” Deputy Director Yuan nodded.

“Definitely,” Chief Yan agreed cheerfully after pondering it for a few seconds.

The final decision was at the hands of the Head Chief.

If he did not agree, it would be a waste of time for both Chief Kong and Deputy Director Yuan.

Chief Yan also knew that this was an opportunity for Chief Kong to report this matter to him.

However, it was unlikely that he would disagree.

After all, he was a Nobel Prize candidate.

In the future when Zheng Ren became famous, it was likely that he would not be able to rope him in.

At this moment, it was a good opportunity for them to meet.

Chief Kong did not relax because of the first chiefs agreement.

He frowned as if he had something difficult to say.

“Chief Kong, if you have something to say, just say it.” Chief Yan also did not understand.

Usually, Chief Kong was not the kind of person who would hold back from saying something.

What was going on today

“Chief Yan, when Doctor Zheng first completed the prostate interventional embolization, I asked him if he wanted to come to our hospital but Dr.

Zheng did not agree.”

Hmm A doctor from a city-level hospital should not reject the call of the top tertiary grade-A hospital in the country.

What was the problem Was it the treatment or the position

Chief Yan and Deputy Director Yuan looked at Chief Kong and waited for him to continue.

“I was also curious.

After that, I sent Professor Rudolf Wagner to Sea City.

The Emergency Departments Chief in Sea City General Hospital was an old doctor in our army.

He used to be the chief of a high-level ward in the military region.

He and Dr.

Zheng have a very close relationship.

Theyre like father and son,” Chief Kong said slowly.

“Old Chief Physician Pan was determined to raise the level of the emergency department in Sea City and made sure to protect the local community,” Chief Kong said.

“Later, I also inquired about some relevant situations.


Zheng rejected my invitation probably due to Chief Physician Pan.”


He seems to be one of our people.” Chief Yan nodded.

He crossed his hands and twirled his thumbs together.

After hearing Chief Kongs analysis, he definitely agreed with it.

The people who went out of the army were all the same.

They always wanted to do something, such as supporting the local construction and other silly martyr things.

Society was becoming more and more impetuous, but the soldiers could not conform to these changes.

He did not expect that a young doctor who was not even thirty years old would actually give up the opportunity to come to the Imperial City due to the unrealistic dream of helping the community.

This was rare and valuable.

“What do you think” Deputy Director Yuan asked Chief Kong.

“At the beginning, I thought that it wouldnt be good to burst his bubble,” Chief Kong said.

“Since Little Zheng has such thoughts, fulfilling his wish is also fulfilling the efforts of our old comrades in the army.”

While saying this, Chief Kong smiled bitterly.

“Most importantly, Chief Physician Pan is getting old and wont be able to work for much longer.

I was thinking that when Chief Physician Pan retires completely, it would be too late to bring this up again.

“However, I didnt expect him to grow so quickly.

Its only been a few months, and he already wants to compete for the Nobel Prize.

If he doesnt make a move soon, Im afraid that the difficulty to branch his wings further will increase exponentially in the future.”

“Mhm.” Chief Yans eyes narrowed as if he were falling asleep.

However, under the office desk where others could not see, his two thumbs were fiddling with each other faster and faster.

“I have some big ideas about what we can do.

For example, we can simply take over Sea City General Hospital,” Chief Kong said.

“Thats impossible” As expected, this idea was instantly rejected by Deputy Director Yuan.

“Then we can only send people to support them in the name of supporting the community.” Chief Kong thought for a long time before finally throwing this idea out.

Hearing this suggestion, the eyes of the two other men lit up.

“That sounds good!” Chief Yan made the decision.

“Lets help old comrades and solve the worries of a younger one.

This is a good idea!”

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