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Chapter 502: Fate

What was the use of asking for money when the person was not around

Perhaps this was love.

Zheng Ren nodded and looked at Chief Zhou.

He had asked all the questions he wanted to.

The rest were the normal legal procedures and most importantly, Du Chunfangs personal authorization.

“Little Zheng, are you confident that you can do the surgery” Chief Zhou was not shy about directly asking this question in front of Du Chunfangs boyfriend.

“The chances of success are very high.

Theres only a small chance that something would go wrong but no matter what, Ill do my best and strive for good results,” Zheng Ren said frankly.

This was different from usual.

These instructions were usually given to the other patients.

Since he was deeply involved in this matter, Zheng Ren did not mind saying something more positive.

A glimmer of hope appeared in the young mans eyes.

“Originally, I was planning to wait a few months and save up twenty thousand yuan before bringing her to the Provincial Capital for surgery,” the young man said.

“I didnt expect life to be this bad… This is all my fault.

If only I had borrowed the money sooner.”

What he said had nothing to do with what Zheng Ren and Chief Zhou had talked about but from his tone, one could hear both a hint of guilt and joy.

He had asked around up till this day and under the current circumstances, no one was willing to perform surgery on the patient.

Regardless of whether the surgery was performed or not, the amount of money that would be spent for the patient to stay in the ICU was just the tip of the iceberg.

Next, if the blood oxygen could not be improved, the long-term tracheal intubation would require a tracheotomy.

After that, there would be some common complications in the ICU, such as falling pneumonia.

These were all considered fatal diseases.

Whether or not they would be able to be pushed out of the ICU alive was another matter.

A seemingly simple and honest doctor like Zheng Ren had actually said he could perform the surgery and was very confident about it.

That was why the young man was pleasantly surprised.

Even if Sea Citys medical standards were worse than those of Provincial Capital hospitals, as long as he dared to go up the operating theatre, he probably had some skills.

Zheng Ren walked out of the briefing room and took a deep breath.

He felt that his emotions had calmed down a little.

Old Chief Physician Pan stood outside with his hands behind his back.

His eyes were looking out the window.

The myriad of lights in Sea City was dazzling.

It seemed so out of place with this life-and-death situation.

“Zheng Ren, the surgery isnt anything major, right” Old Chief Physician Pan said.

“Ive done surgeries on patent ductus arteriosus before.

Its not difficult.

Recently, its been said that you can use an interventional umbrella to block it.

What are your thoughts on it”

“The surgery is very simple and the patients condition is also good.

Unless its a special case that modern medicine cant explain, its basically impossible to fail the surgery,” Zheng Ren told Old Chief Physician Pan the truth.

“Hmm, will it be done tonight or tomorrow”

“The earlier the better.

It costs less, and the recovery is faster,” Zheng Ren said.

Old Chief Physician Pans hand was behind his back, the fingers of his right hand tapping on the back of his left hand like he was tapping on a pipe.

He did not ask Zheng Ren if he had done this before, how many similar surgeries he had done, and what the success rate was.

Everything was rooted in the confidence he had built up after coming into contact with countless surgeries over the past few months.

Su Yun stood quietly on the side as if thinking about something.

When he became quiet, it made people feel quite strange.

It was usually more normal for him to stand up and insult people about this and that.

After a few minutes, Chief Zhou and the young man walked out.

The hospitals legal consultant held a document in his hand.

On it was the young mans signature and handprint.

“Prepare the camera equipment before starting,” Chief Zhou said as he waved his hand.

“Su Yun, how long will it take for the patient to break out their comatose state” Zheng Ren asked.

“Five to ten minutes.

Because the patient is young, their drug metabolism speed will be slightly faster.

I estimate that it should take about five to six minutes,” Su Yun said.

Zheng Ren nodded.

After changing their clothes, everyone entered the ICU.

The young man was a little nervous.

His hands were hidden in his sleeves and were trembling slightly.

After entering the ICU, Su Yun said to the doctor on duty tonight, “Stop the pump of midazolam and inject 4 mg of flumazenil midazolam into the muscle.”

The ICU doctors face revealed a trace of joy.

He asked in a low voice, “Brother Yun, can we stop the extubation now”

Despite that, Su Yun did not show any joy on his face.

His expression was unusually heavy as he nodded slightly.

The ICU doctor happily went to help the nurse stop the venous pump and inject antagonistic drugs into the patients muscles.

“Do you think theres a problem” Zheng Ren saw that Su Yun seemed uneasy, so he came over and asked him about it.

“Im worried,” Su Yun said bluntly.

“Im worried that once the patient wakes up, shell become agitated due to fear, causing her blood oxygen levels to drop drastically.

If that happens, she wont be able to complete the signing procedures.”

This was also within Zheng Rens expectations.

However, he did not have any good ideas to settle the problem.

“Thats not what Im most worried about,” Su Yun continued unexpectedly.

Zheng Ren was stunned for a moment.

“What else are you worried about”

“The patient knows that she needs money to treat her illness.

She doesnt want to drag down her boyfriend.

She doesnt want to die, but she also doesnt want to drag other people down with her.

Once this kind of drama happens, youll be quite embarrassed, boss.” Su Yuns expression was a little cold.

The black hair on his forehead was messy.

This was something Zheng Ren did not expect.

He thought about it carefully.

It was indeed possible for this kind of situation to happen.


There was still no good way.

He had done everything he could.

The rest…would be left to fate.

After a few minutes, Du Chunfang began to become restless.

Her blood oxygen saturation on the monitor began to drop from 98%.

“Du Chunfang, dont be afraid,” the ICU doctor said loudly into the patients ear.

The repeated breathing seemed to wake the patient up a little.

Her breathing calmed down a little.

Under the supply of pure oxygen, her blood oxygen saturation stabilized to about 92%.

The young man appeared in front of the hospital bed, holding Du Chunfangs hand as his tears began to fall uncontrollably.

“You should try to be emotionally stable for her sake right now.

She wont be able to hold on for too long in this kind of situation,” Zheng Ren whispered.

The young man nodded his head vigorously, tears streaming down his face.

The camera began to work.

Chief Zhou replaced the ICU doctor and used the most concise words to describe the entire incident.

The patient was only in a comatose state.

It was used to relieve the discomfort caused by the trachea intubation and to prevent the suction spasm from causing severe hypoxia.

There was nothing wrong with her mind.

She quickly understood Chief Zhous words and nodded her head vigorously.

She looked at her lover, her eyes filled with endless attachment.

“Next, youll confirm your guardian during the period of illness.

Theres a camera here that will record all your actions as evidence,” Chief Zhou said.

“Theres a document here that requires your signature.

If you dont have the strength, you can just press your fingerprint here.”

The ICU doctor took out the red ink and put it next to her side.

The patient used all her strength to hold the young mans hand.

The camera recorded everything.


Du Chunfang, please confirm one thing.

During your illness, will Mr.

Li Liang be in charge of your treatment at Sea City General Hospital” the hospitals legal consultant asked solemnly in front of the camera.

Du Chunfang nodded her head vigorously.

Zheng Ren and Su Yun let out a sigh of relief.

At this time, it would not be fun if things went awry.

The next step was to press her fingerprint on the document.

Because the patient did not have the strength to sign it, with the help of the nurse, she barely pressed a bright red fingerprint on the legal document.

The procedure was now complete.

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