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Chapter 489: Worse Comes To Worst, Theres Surgery

“Teacher Gao, can I try” Zheng Ren asked softly beside Gao Shaojie.

The entire operating room was filled with failure and frustration.

No one said a word.

It was extremely quiet that even the sound of a heartbeat seemed like it would disappear into nothingness.

Although Zheng Rens voice was soft, it was exceptionally ear-piercing in such a quiet place.

Gao Shaojies heart tightened.

The thing he was most afraid of had finally come.

The guide wire had fallen into the blood vessels.

Because its surface was extremely smooth, the chances of it being removed were very small.

The vast majority of patients had to participate in vascular surgery.

The chances of success were less than 50%, maybe even less than 10%.

The best way was of course to use the interventional methods to remove the guide wire.

However, the interventional doctors from the First Affiliated Hospital of Provincial Capital Medical University had all tried.

They failed, shame etched on their faces.

Teacher Zheng said he wanted to try… However, he did not have the qualification and practice in this field.

To perform a freelance surgery and register it under the medical department was something that only the related surgical department could do.

This kind of matter was neither big nor small.

If someone caught him doing the surgery, it would be hard to explain.

The other people in the room looked at Zheng Ren in surprise.

He wanted to try it

Who was he!

The Medical Service Chief looked at Zheng Ren from the corner of his eyes with dissatisfaction.

After that, he looked at Gao Shaojie and said, “Chief Gao, this is…”

“Chief Lin, this is Teacher Zheng whom I invited to do TIPS surgery.” Gao Shaojie was a little embarrassed and quickly explained the situation to him.

“Hmph!” Chief Lin snorted coldly.

“Teacher Gao, this… Can he really do TIPS surgery” Chief Chen asked in surprise.

Because vascular surgery was both a surgical operation and an interventional surgery, they were more familiar with the surgical methods of interventional surgery.

That was why Chief Chen was surprised.

Gao Shaojie was usually very steady and did not have the reckless behavior of a newbie professor.

However, it was precisely because of this that he was even more surprised.

Everyone here knew exactly how difficult TIPS surgery was.

No matter what, Gao Shaojie was a medical doctor from Columbia University Medical Center.

If he invited a professor from Columbia University Medical Center to perform TIPS surgery and called him a teacher, everyone would agree.

If he invited a professor from Imperial City or Shanghai to perform TIPS surgery, it would be reasonable.

However, why did he invite such a young man to perform the surgery and was even calling him a teacher…

Was it not embarrassing!

Gao Shaojie felt like he was sitting on pins and needles under everyones gazes.

Hearing Chief Chens question, Gao Shaojie sighed in his heart.

However, he still said out loud, “You guys misunderstood me.

I didnt invite Teacher Zheng to perform the surgery.”

Chief Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

It seems like he had heard wrongly.

No wonder.

“I asked Teacher Zheng to teach me how to perform TIPS surgery,” Gao Shaojie faced all their gazes calmly and said this in such a serious manner.

Chief Chen, Chief Lin, and everyone else in the room was inexplicably surprised.

They stared at Gao Shaojie in shock, thinking that they had misheard.

Gao Shaojie was a little uncomfortable in the face of countless astonished gazes but quickly calmed down.

Since Zheng Ren had stood up and spoken, he had to stand on Zheng Rens side unconditionally.

This was something that could not be shaken.

“This… You said youre Teacher Zheng, right Youre saying that you want to try” Department Chief Chen really did not want to go on stage.

The failure rate of cutting open the guide wire was simply too high.

Moreover, it required even more luck than TIPS surgery.

From the moment the operation was performed, one had to pray that the guide wire would not flow into the blood vessels.

Once it flowed out, he had to change the incision position.

However, that meant praying that the blood would not flow, so did it not seem like a joke He could only hope that the guide wire would be stuck on a branch of the blood vessel and would not move for the time being.

Once the guide wire moved, he would have to change the incision.

However… It would not be to the extent of cutting wounds all over the patients body.

The surgery was extremely difficult.

Even Chief Chen was not confident.

There was not even one-tenth a chance of success.

“We can give it a try.” Zheng Ren did not pay attention to what the people around him were doing or saying.

Instead, he looked at what was being displayed on the screen, engrossed in his own thoughts.

“Its already like this and we still need a few more minutes” Su Yun stood beside Zheng Ren and said, “To be able to push the guide wire and contrast agent into the aorta during the interventional surgery is already considered a miracle.

Are you guys still willing to operate

“Once the guide wire enters the aorta, no one knows what will happen next.”

What Su Yun said made sense.

It was simple, direct, and even a little crass.

Every word was like a slap on the face to everyone in the operating room.

Chief Lins expression suddenly turned ugly.

It was because he did not know this person.

If any doctor in the First Affiliated Hospital of Provincial Capital Medical University dared to speak to him like this, he would not allow them to live a peaceful life in the future.

“Chief Lin, why dont we let Teacher Zheng try” Gao Shaojie voiced out and said firmly.

“Teacher Zhengs standard is much higher than mine.

If we cant do it, he might be able to.”

Chief Lin hesitated for a moment.

“Worse comes to worst, well just opt for surgery.” Gao Shaojie threw down the last bargaining chip.

“Alright, lets give it a try.” Chief Lin sighed and said helplessly.

What Gao Shaojie and Su Yun said made sense.

They were just giving it a try.

What if… What if it worked

To operate on a patient, regardless of whether it was a success or failure, would be a major medical incident.

No one would want to operate on him unless they knew that they could pull it off.

However, this Teacher Zheng was far too young.

In the medical field, being young meant that one was still wet behind the ears and lacked experience.

It also meant that ones technique…

He was not even thirty years old.

At most, he was just an attending physician.

How could he have any technique TIPS surgery Old Gao was just messing around!

“Teacher Zheng, sorry to trouble you,” Gao Shaojie said politely to Zheng Ren.

“Its fine.” Zheng Ren had a complete plan in mind.

He smiled and patted Gao Shaojies shoulder.

“Boss, Ill go with you.” Su Yun glanced at the doctors around him.

His eyes were full of disdain.

All the doctors in the operating room had the same thought when they saw Su Yuns eyes.

They really wanted to beat him up.

This person was definitely someone who annoyed plenty of people.

“Teacher Gao, this isnt good.” Zheng Ren was a little hesitant.

“Yes, it isnt,” Gao Shaojie said very politely.

“Brother Yun, take a rest.

No matter what, this is a matter from our hospital.

We cant let others take responsibility.

Teacher Zheng and I will go.

If anything happens, Ill be the one who performed the surgery.”

Everyone looked sideways.

They did not know what Gao Shaojie was doing.

It was fine if he respected the surgeon.

However, what if the other partys standards were really high Furthermore, he was also so respectful to this sarcastic assistant.

What was going on

Even if a chief from the Imperial Capital came to perform freelance surgeries, he would not use such a respectful tone while speaking.

In the entire country, only Teacher Xu Ke and a few other influential figures were worthy of being respected in such a way.

Brother Yun, who was this!

Was he considered worthy

Su Yun thought about it and agreed.

He smiled and said, “Study hard and dont get distracted.”

Gao Shaojie was embarrassed.

Taking out the guide wire was a job to wipe someones ass.

What was there to learn

If not for Zheng Rens words, Gao Shaojie would not have taken the lead.

There was no responsibility, but the key was that Gao Shaojie did not think that it could be taken out.

The lead door opened and professor Liu walked out dejectedly.

He shook his head and said, “the guide wire is too slippery, so it cant be taken out.

Director Chen, get ready to go.

“Old Gao said that he wanted to try, ” director Chen said slowly.

Professor Liu was stunned for a moment, then he shook his head.

When he saw Gao Shaojie and that “teacher Zheng” from earlier enter the other side of the operating theater and start to wear lead clothes and brush their hands, he was stunned.

“Jianguo, why didnt old Gao bring you along ” Professor Liu did not know what was happening outside until he saw Gao Shaojie put on lead clothing first, brush his hands, and go to prepare.

He was completely stunned.

“teacher… Zheng said he wanted to try.

” Li Jianguo was also stunned and answered in a daze.

” … ” Professor Liu was suddenly unhappy.

Was this a slap in the face

The young doctor from the outer court really didnt have any sense of propriety when handling matters.

If he couldnt even “fish” out, then old Gao definitely couldnt either.

Could that young doctor do it

What a joke!

The nurse entered the operating room and helped Gao Shaojie and Zheng Ren with their clothes.

Zheng Ren stood on the stage and said, “manager Feng, send in a 5f micro-guide wire.

Under everyones watchful eyes, Feng Xuhui was sweating profusely.

He found a micro-guide wire from the suitcase and handed it to the scrub nurse.

“Yo, you even have your own consumables, ” Professor Liu said coldly.

“when the boss is at home, the scrub nurses in the operating room are all specialized, ” Su Yun retorted without hesitation.

“Isnt it proper to use specialized consumables “

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