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Chapter 482: Gastroenterology Consultation

Slightly speechless, Zheng Ren smiled.

Gao Shaojie was a little embarrassed.

He was in his forties and afraid of being beaten with hemostatic forceps.

This kind of thing had never happened to Gao Shaojie before.

When Gao Shaojie was in school, he had only seen his classmates being beaten by their teachers.

He had always been an excellent student and was skillful with his hands.

Therefore, he had never been through any similar experiences.

After all, Gao Shaojie was a straight As student.

However, no matter how good of a student he was, he still had to kneel.

Professor Rudolf Wagner was beaten like a dog in the operating theatre…

Although Gao Shaojie was humble and serious, he suddenly shivered at the thought of being beaten by a small doctor with hemostatic forceps in front of his students and colleagues when he returned to the Affiliated Hospital of the University of Medicine.

“I did that at Lil Fuguis request,” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“As long as you dont have such a special request, I wont use the hemostatic forceps that way on you.”

Gao Shaojie carefully observed Zheng Rens expression.

When he saw that Zheng Ren did not seem to be lying, he was relieved.

“Moreover, TIPS surgery is different from prostate interventional embolization surgery.

The former is a brand-new and subversive method of diagnosis and surgery.

It tests the ability to combine preoperative screening with intraoperative imaging.

“On the other hand, the prostate interventional embolization surgery tests more on ones surgical technique.”

At this point, Gao Shaojie suddenly remembered something.

He hesitated for a moment before firmly saying, “Teacher Zheng, do you know that the professor wants to declare the new diagnosis and surgical method for the TIPS surgery for the Nobel Prize”

“I didnt.” Zheng Ren smiled.

Gao Shaojie really could not see through Zheng Ren.

It was normal that he did not know about such a big thing.

However, after hearing what he said, his expression did not change at all.

This was far too strange.

“I know that Lil Fugui wants to do something.

However, it has nothing to do with me.

If he wants to apply for the Nobel Prize with the diagnosis and surgical method of the TIPS surgery, he should go ahead with it,” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“You… Arent you worried” Gao Shaojie did not think there was such a noble person in the world who did not regard the Nobel prize as anything.

“Are you asking me how I feel about my name being used in the research results between the two of them” Zheng Ren asked.

“Yes.” Gao Shaojie was honest.

“I feel like it doesnt really matter,” Zheng Ren said.

“Even if Lil Fugui doesnt apply for it, Su Yun will slowly figure it out.

As for writing a thesis, hes much better at it than I am.

The thesis has already been mailed out and Im most probably the first author.

The ownership of the innovation of the TIPS surgery should already be settled.

“There are indeed top scholars in the academic world, and their results will be snatched away by others.

Moreover, its normal to wait for ten to twenty years to apply for the Nobel Prize.

It seems like no one has won a Nobel Prize for a new surgical method in decades.

“Therefore, if Lil Fugui likes it, he should go and do it since he has the connections and all.

“This kind of thing is the most energy-consuming.

I cant be bothered with it.”

He did not say much and simply sorted out the misunderstanding to the best of his abilities.

Gao Shaojie sighed.

From publishing his thesis and confirming the matter of first author, to teaching wealthy people to learn prostate surgery so that they could compete for the Nobel Prize, Zheng Ren made this sequence of events feel so natural.

Young people really thought things through.

“What Im concerned about is not the Nobel Prize.

In the world, there are two hundred million hepatitis-B patients and more than half of them reside in China.” Zheng Ren ignored Gao Shaojies sigh as he continued, “Hepatitis-B cirrhosis is much higher than cancer.

If I were to win the Nobel Prize myself and push it across the country, it would take at least ten years.

How many people would die by then”

Gao Shaojie sobered up at that thought.

“Its best for a rich and powerful person to do it.

I only thought of it after hearing about it from Su Yun these few days.” Zheng Ren smiled.

“Teacher Gao, you have to work hard on your end.”

Gao Shaojie quickly nodded.

He knew that this was a great opportunity.

It was not because he wanted a Nobel Prize.

Gao Shaojie did not have any intentions of getting that kind of award.

It was just a faraway dream.

Just the technical status of the Provincial Capitals Medical Department and the status of the countrys Jianghu.

To be one step ahead of others, the benefits were huge.

Just thinking about it made Gao Shaojie excited.

“Teacher Zheng, dont worry,” Gao Shaojie nodded repeatedly and said, “Ill rush back to the Provincial Capital and comb through the patients again.

Those who have problems must not be rushed to the operating table.”

Zheng Ren felt very reassured talking to Gao Shaojie.

“If there are no problems on that side then Ill have to ask you to make a trip then.” Gao Shaojie was a little embarrassed.

This kind of thing…

Without the professional consultation fees, Zheng Ren still had to teach him award-winning surgical techniques.

Even Gao Shaojie himself felt that it was unjustifiable.

He was so grateful.

While they were chatting, Zheng Rens phone rang.

“Hello, Chief Xia.

“Oh, okay.

Ill be there right away.”

After a few simple sentences, Zheng Ren hung up the phone.

“Teacher Gao, I still have something to do here so Ill have to end the conversation here.

When youre ready, give me a call.

If theres nothing important, then Ill be there as soon as possible.” After Zheng Ren finished speaking, he exchanged phone numbers with Gao Shaojie and left the changing room.

He had just received a call from Chief Xia of the gastroenterology department.

He said that he wanted the emergency department to come over for a consultation.

There was something strange about this.

Why would the gastroenterology department want the emergency department to come for a consultation! It was not a TIPS surgery patient.

Chief Xia did not elaborate and said that they were meeting to chat.

Zheng Ren pondered over what might happen as he quickly walked to the gastroenterology department.

Just as he entered, he heard a mans voice coming from the office.

“Ive asked the specialists in the Capital Province.

This disease needs to be treated in the out-patient department of the hepatobiliary and pancreatic department! The gastroenterology department is for treating the stomach so therefore, if this pancreatic disease isnt cured, dont bully me because I dont know anything about medicine.”

Zheng Ren had another headache.

This kind of patients family was the hardest to deal with.

Generally speaking, there were two types of situations for a patients family to be able to say such words.

The first was when the patients family was too concerned about the patients condition.

Before and after the patient was hospitalized, they would rush to the Provincial Capital—or even the Imperial Capital—and Shanghai to find people to inquire about the illnesss severity and how to treat it.

However, because most of the patients family members did not know much about medicine, even if they found someone who understood the situation to inquire about it, they would say the same thing when they came back.

When Zheng Ren was a child in the orphanage, he heard many stories about cases like that.

This was probably what they were talking about.

The second was the complete opposite.

The patients family members did not want to spend money.

This was especially true for diseases like pancreatitis.

Due to the upgrade of somatostatin, there was basically no need for surgery to treat acute pancreatitis anymore.

However, the treatment of severe acute pancreatitis required water fasting, high nutrition in the veins, and daily pumping of somatostatin.

The high cost of treatment was daunting.

Especially for family members of patients who did not earn much, it was even more difficult to bear the treatment costs.

If the middle-and late-stage malignant tumor was a big pit that could never be filled, then the acute pancreatitis pit might be even bigger than the malignant tumor in the short term.

After all, it would take at least tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of yuan to remove it in such a short period of time.

In the Northeast, many families could not afford it.

Zheng Ren walked past the doctors office and saw a young doctor from the gastroenterology department communicating with the patients family.

After hearing a few words, Zheng Ren had a rough idea in his heart of what was going on.

The patients family was unwilling to pay the money and found all kinds of reasons to beat around the bush.

“Brother, are you planning to stay at the cashiers office”

Zheng Ren continued walking forward and went straight to Chief Xias office.

He knocked on the door first before entering.

Chief Xia did not waste time talking nonsense.

He began to talk about the patients condition with shrewdness and skill.

The patient was hospitalized last night because of acute pancreatitis.

When he came, he said that his familys financial circumstances were average, so the gastroenterology department did not give him any expensive drugs.

Somatostatin was a must.

There was no doubt about that.

Regarding the other intravenous high-nutrition drugs, he tried to prescribe the cheapest alternatives possible.

One night and he had already spent 3,500 yuan.

The patient was now in a state of debt and could not even pay for his somatostatin.

Because the patients family raised doubts today by saying that the gastroenterology department did not specialize in treating pancreatitis, they said he had to seek treatment from the hepatobiliary and pancreatic department.

The young doctor in the gastroenterology department said, “Ill find you a doctor from the general surgery department then.”

Thus, the family became angry.

“I want to find the hepatobiliary and pancreatic department and you want to find me a general surgery department doctor Are you bullying me because I dont understand all these medical terms”

No matter how they explained it, the patients family was stubborn.

Later, Chief Xia had an idea.

She remembered that Zheng Ren once performed emergency surgery on a patient with a pseudocyst of the pancreas.

She told the patients family, “Ill find you a doctor from the emergency department.

All emergency cases are under their jurisdiction.”

The family was a little unhappy but reluctantly agreed.

This was what had happened.

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