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Chapter 479: Smacking Sounds From the Operating Theatre (Part 1)

Little Oliver looked at the professorsclumsy operation and really wanted to go on the stage to replace him.

However, that was only an unrealistic dream.

He knew that he did not have the same level of surgical techniques as Zheng Ren.

If he went on the operating stage, he would be evenclumsier than the professor.

It could only be a beautiful idea.

“Select the internal Ilium and go up to the second branch,” Zheng Ren said lightly.

“Okay.” Professor Rudolf Wagner was fully focused.

His wrist and fingers trembled slightly, the movement barely visible.

The micro-guiding thread seemed to have its own soul.

It followed the large blood vessels and went straight into the next branch.

“Continue to go down to the third branch,” Zheng Ren said, continuing to guide him.

The professors operation was the worlds top, early-stage vascular superselection.

It was not difficult for him at all.

A few minutes later, the early-stage vascular superselection ended.

His current position was similar to the surgery he had done in Shanghai.

This was the professors limit.

“Continue going down the third branch,” Zheng Ren chimed.

“Boss… I cant get in here…” The professors hand began to hurt as soon as he said that.

Smack! The sound was soft.

Zheng Ren held the hemostatic forceps in his hand and smacked Professor Rudolf Wagners wrist.

“Ah…” The professor did not expect Zheng Ren to hit him with the forceps.

He turned his head and looked at Zheng Ren in surprise.

“Boss…” Professor Rudolf Wagner was confused.

“Huh” Zheng Ren was also confused.

“Lil Fugui, didnt you say that I should smack you”

Speechless, the professors face was full of tears.

Little Oliver stood at the back.

He felt that the lead apron draping his body seemed to have become several times heavier.

It was difficult for him to even breathe.

“You misunderstood the meaning in Chinese.

This is exactly why I told you not to learn a Northeastern accent.” Zheng Ren smiled and said, “Just try and do it.

If you really cant Ill take over.”

Facing the gentle Zheng Ren, Professor Rudolf Wagner felt that there was a devil standing beside him!

“No!” The professor shouted subconsciously, “Boss, youre a great teacher! Thats what I meant!”


“I wont have any objections.

Please teach me how to do the surgery!” After the professor said that, he immediately put all his energy into operating the micro-guide wire.

With Zheng Rens instructions, he tried his best to let the micro-guide wire enter the next level of the blood vessel branch.

However, the previously obedient micro-guide wire was no longer willing to listen to Professor Rudolf Wagner.

After it was placed near the blood vessel branches, the professor exerted force but the micro-guide wire deviated to the other side.

“You shouldnt be using your strength that way,” Zheng Ren said.

“Keep your wrist fixed.

Dont move your middle finger.

Use your thumb and index finger to twirl it.

You should only be exerting a light amount of force.

Dont use too much strength.

Uh… Dont be too light either.

Just a moderate amount!”

The professors hand was suspended in the air.

He followed Zheng Rens instructions.

However, the micro-conducting wire in his hand was too hard! Even a specially-made micro-conducting wire could not enter the next level of branching blood vessels, let alone such a hard one in his hand.

Once, twice, thrice…

Beads of sweat appeared on professor Rudolf Wagners forehead.

“Oliver… Xi Baoer, help Lil Fugui wipe his sweat.” Zheng Ren was very calm.

The professors repeated failures were normal to him.

The professors standard was close to the Master-level.

When he was promoted to the Grandmaster-level, this was now apparent to him.

It was already good enough for him to be able to reach the standard that he had in the Imperial Capital when he performed the surgery.

Moreover, he needed to upgrade his luck during that surgery.

However, could it really be done

Zheng Ren was not in a hurry.

Seeing that the professors sweat had soaked his sterile cap, he let Xi Baoer wipe the professors sweat away.

Wiping sweat was a routine action at the operating table.

Usually, circulating nurses or anesthetists would come to wipe the doctors sweat.

If there was no time, the surgeon would rub his head against the back of the assistants shoulder a few times to wipe the sweat off or even off the scrub nurses shoulder.

However, during the intervention surgery, if the nurse did not come in, there would be no such treatment.

Little Oliver quickly asked for a piece of sterile gauze from the scrub nurse.

“Professor, let me wipe your sweat.”

Professor Rudolph Wagner was very unhappy.

He vented all his anger on Little Oliver.

“How many times have I told you! Call me Lil Fugui!” Professor Rudolph Wagner roared.

Little Oliver was like a lamb, innocent and helpless.

“Lower your voice.” The hemostatic forceps in Zheng Rens hand hit Professor Rudolf Wagners wrist with another smacking sound.

Although Zheng Ren did not add skill points to the orthopedics department, his overall skills had improved.

His technique was exquisite, which was particularly handy when he hit the professor.

Although he hit the same spot every time, it did not cause visible damage to the skin or any organic damage.

However, it was still especially painful.

The professor immediately changed his expression and chuckled.

He stretched his head to the side and let Little Oliver wipe the sweat off his forehead.

“Dont be nervous.

Take your time.” Zheng Ren was very gentle and not impatient at all.

“You have to feel the hardness of the micro-conducting wire and then use the right force to send the micro-conducting wire into the blood vessels.”

The professor continued to operate.

He failed dozens of times, over and over again.

He seemed to recall seeing Zheng Rens operation just now.

It was not difficult at all, done in an instant.

Seeing Zheng Ren do it made it seem like a cakewalk.

However, doing it by himself was extremely difficult.

This was the first time Little Oliver saw Professor Rudolf Wagner so docile.

He stood behind him in a daze, not daring to move at all.

The action of Zheng Ren hitting the professor with the hemostatic forceps just now almost made Little Olivers eyeballs fall out.

The professor was one of the top interventional doctors in the world.

How could he be hit with hemostatic forceps… Usually, only the professor would hit others.

He would roar like a lion, and the entire operating theater would tremble under his tyrannical power.

He did not expect that in the distant East, the professor would be trained just like a German Shepard.

It was simply too scary.

Little Oliver felt that the lead suit on his body had become heavier.

There were also some foreign students from China at the Heidelberg University Medical Center but they were usually well-tempered.

Could this be the legendary Eastern method of communication

Their communication with patients was very strange, so was this the communication between doctors Little Oliver seemed to have gained some understanding from this.

“Yes, thats the amount of force you need.

Be careful not to burst the branching blood vessels… Yes, thats it.

Dont move your middle finger.

Gently twist the guide wire.

Gently now.”

As he said this, the hemostatic forceps in Zheng Rens hand hit Professor Rudolf Wagners wrist with another smacking sound.

“Im talking to you.

Didnt you hear me Gently!”

“Okay, boss,” Professor Rudolph Wagner replied in a crisp voice.

His mood was good.

This was a standard Eastern method of communication.

Little Oliver stood behind him and smiled as he watched the micro-guiding thread enter the next level of branching blood vessels with a bit of difficulty.

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