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Chapter 467: Pulling Out The Rebar

Bit by bit, he looked for the bleeding point.

Zheng Ren quickly stopped the bleeding around the damaged part of the rebar.

He washed the abdominal cavity with warm salt water and sucked out the feces and digestive fluid.

The infection was very serious!

Zheng Ren knew that even if the operation was successful, the chances of the patient surviving were not very high.

At most, the chances were 50-50.

If Su Yun was in the ICU, it might increase the chances of survival by 10%.

However, it was only by that much.

Yang Lei put on his clothes and went on stage to replace Su Yun in the thoracic surgery.

Su Yun did not stand around and stood in the chest surgeons position.

Cao Guozhen came out and saw Su Yuns position.

He was only stunned for a moment and did not say anything.

He obediently put on his clothes and came in as his assistant.

Yang Lei held the patients intestines with one hand and used the suction device with the other to help Zheng Ren expose the surgical field.

The patients injury was very serious.

The number on the monitor could not represent everything.

The most crucial step was the moment the steel bar was taken out.

Countless blood vessels would bleed at the same time.

The chest was fine, but the most important thing was the abdominal cavity.

Could he match Zheng Rens speed Yang Lei was a little nervous.

However, in the current situation, even if he could not do it, he had to.

There was no room for retreat in emergency treatment.

“Ill go get the blood!” Chu Yanzhi shouted in the corridor, her voice getting further and further away.

It seemed like she was running.

Zheng Ren glanced at Su Yuns progress.

Within a few minutes, the chest cavity was opened.

The thoracotomy opened the chest cavity to the maximum.

The ribs must have been broken.

Su Yun did it on purpose.

If the ribs were not broken, the surgical field would be smaller.

After weighing the pros and cons, the choice was already very clear.

“The lower left and upper lobe of the lung is penetrated, and the intercostal artery is broken.

I dont have much of an issue on my end.

It mainly depends on where you are,” Su Yun said calmly as he checked the chest cavity.

“Chief Cao, where are you guys” Zheng Ren asked.

His voice was very serious, as if he was asking a question.

They were all Chief Residents and on the same level.

Zheng Ren had no reason to speak like this.

Even if he did not have any sense of propriety, Cao Guozhen could completely ignore what he said.

However, Cao Guozhen had seen Zheng Ren and Su Yun perform surgeries.

Their skills were indeed high.

Most doctors were very scholarly.

For those who were better than them, even though they did not say it out loud, when it came to emergency treatment, the person with the highest skill would naturally take the lead and take charge of the emergency treatment.

Cao Guozhen was stunned for a moment before he immediately said, “tour, please call 042.

Ask Haibo to come up quickly.”

The nurse picked up her phone and dialed the Thoracic Department.

She then placed the phone next to Cao Guozhens ear.

“Sister Zhang, tell Haibo to hurry up and come to the Emergency Operating Theater! He wont even be on stage for less than three minutes this year!” Cao Guozhen roared.

‘What a disgrace! Cao Guozhen thought to himself.

The emergency department was performing major resuscitation, yet they were still dawdling.

Who the hell did they learn this from!

Lin Haibo had graduated from university less than a year ago.

He came to Sea City General Hospital and was still under rotation between departments.

He was now rotated to the Thoracic Surgery Department.

He was a resident doctor.

There was a heart bypass surgery in the Thoracic Department today, and Lin Haibo was very interested in it.

Now with the rapid development of interventional cardiology, there were fewer and fewer bypass surgeries in the cardiac surgery department.

Although it was a surgery that was destined to disappear in the future, Lin Haibo was still very attentive.

Perhaps if he did not watch it this time, he would not have the chance to see a heart bypass surgery ever again

The first time Lin Haibo received a call from Cao Guozhen asking him to participate in the emergency treatment, he was unenthusiastic.

Emergency treatment, huh Was that not the same thing done repetitively

The heart bypass had already begun.

Lin Haibo deliberately dawdled for a few minutes, wanting to take a few more looks.

But within a few minutes, a call from the department came.

The doctor and nurse in front of him told Lin Haibo Cao Guozhens exact words, scaring him so much that he almost peed his pants.

He had been under rotation for a year without participating in an actual surgery.

Was this not a waste of time

What was the point of watching a heart bypass He needed to hurry up and leave.

Yi Hao ran to the emergency operating room.

After he entered the door, he apologized to Cao Guozhen first.

“Chief Cao, Im sorry, I…”

“Wear gloves and go and pull out the rebar,” Zheng Ren said coldly.

A pile of equipment was placed beside him.

Only then did Lin Haibo realize that the atmosphere was not right.

The entire operating theater was filled with tension.

He was stunned for a moment before he looked at Cao Guozhen.

That was not right.

Why was Chief Cao in the position of first assistant Did he not need to go on stage himself Pull out the rebar What the hell was he talking about

“Hurry up! What the hell are you dawdling for!” Cao Guozhen roared.

Lin Haibo trembled for a moment before he immediately took the gloves that the circulating nurse handed over.

He wore the gloves while observing the surgery.

When he took a look, his hair stood on its ends while he was putting on his sterile cap.

A rusty and bloodstained steel bar penetrated the patients body, and the huge surgical incision exposed the steel bar.

A small section was outside the body, and the main body of the steel bar was embedded internally.

Could… Could this person still live

Only now did he understand what they meant by pulling out the steel bar by himself.

The steel bar created a huge friction force with the internal organs and bones in the body.

To pull out the steel bar cleanly, this kind of work was definitely not something a woman could do.

Once it was repeatedly entangled, the steel bar could not be pulled out quickly, which would result in the bleeding not stopping in time, losing large amounts of blood.

One could only imagine the consequences then.

Seeing this situation, Lin Haibo felt his legs go soft.

He moved to the other side of the patient reluctantly and touched the rebar under the sterile sheet.

“Pull it out in direction of the insertion.

Try not to cause too much damage to the side,” Zheng Ren said.

Direction, direction… Lin Haibo was a little confused.

His stomach was churning and he wanted to throw up.

Doctors were also ordinary people.

Many young doctors, when they were inexperienced, would still have natural reactions when they encountered special situations like these.

This was Lin Haibos current situation.

He endured the discomfort in his body and tried his best not to look at the surgical field.

Zheng Ren looked at Lin Haibo helplessly.

Seeing that his eyes were slightly closed, he frowned and said, “33 degrees in the front to your left.

Exert your strength.

Dont lean to the side.

Be quick!”

Lin Haibo was dumbfounded.

33 degrees How could it be so accurate

Subconsciously, he followed Zheng Rens instructions.

But 33 degrees He could not find the exact angle.

“To the right.


Up and a little to the right.” Zheng Ren judged from Lin Haibos hand shape and posture and kept correcting his direction.

A minute later, Lin Haibo twisted into a weird posture like a statue.

“Okay, thats it,” Zheng Ren said.

“Move the machine at the back.

Be careful not to be damaged by the steel bar yourself.

You must use force and pull it out as soon as possible.”

Cao Guozhens lips trembled.

No one saw this under the sterile mask.

In his opinion, it was better to pull it out bit by bit, or cut it in the middle.

However, cutting it off would generate a lot of heat, and it would require a firemans help, which would be very troublesome and delay time.

However, doing this could stop the bleeding bit by bit, preventing the situation of excessive bleeding.

Although he also knew that both options had their pros and cons, he was not a genius.

“Okay, steady, push!”


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