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Chapter 465: Fully Recovered

“Its nothing,” Zheng Ren said.

“Tomorrows surgery.

During the surgery, you do one…”

Halfway through his sentence, Zheng Ren suddenly realized that the patient had no family members, only Little Oliver and the others that came with him.

“Lil Fugui, the patient has no family members… There wont be a problem, right” Zheng Ren was confused.

“Boss, please rest assured.

Its an honor to be able to receive treatment in Heidelberg University Medical Center.

No matter what happens after the surgery, there wont be any problems.

This is different from what you have here,” Professor Rudolf Wagner said affirmatively.

“Oh, I have no problems with this then.” Zheng Ren said, “As long as youre sure that your side is fine, I can teach you during the surgery.”

Professor Rudolf Wagner was excited.

He opened his arms and wanted to give Zheng Ren a warm hug.

“Boss, youre far too amazing!”

Zheng Ren quickly dodged it.

He was not used to such a warm way of expressing his emotions.

Moreover, Zheng Ren was not used to receiving such compliments.

Little Oliver stood to the side and looked at Professor Rudolf Wagner and Zheng Ren.

He suddenly felt that this world was too ridiculous.

His Mandarin was not very good.

He could only understand small bits of the dialogue between the professor and Zheng Ren.

However, what he could understand shocked little Oliver.

Professor Rudolf Wagner at Heidelberg University was known for his high skill level and bad temper.

Was the professor just asking this young man from the East for guidance on the surgery

Moreover, the professors bad temper which was like a lions was nowhere to be seen in front of this young man.

The kind professor who was just like a lamb now was completely different from Little Olivers memory.

This was simply unbelievable.

Moreover, the young man from the East actually rejected the professors hug without hesitation.

His face still had…a look of disdain

Why was it like this

This young man was clearly still in charge of the emergency departments patients and still had to stay up all night to work shifts.

This was a job that only the youngest interns were supposed to do.

Little Oliver felt that he could not understand the reasoning behind this.

Perhaps Professor Rudolf Wagner had been assimilated by them.

The professor saw Zheng Ren avoiding his hug and immediately scratched his head.

He chuckled and said, “Boss, the way feelings are expressed here is very reserved.

Its my fault for trying to hug you.”

Zheng Ren waved his hand.

He originally wanted to greet Xie Yiren but with the professor by his side, it was really inconvenient.

This was the place where Zheng Ren despised the professor the most.

As for the surgery, it was just a small matter.

The few of them returned to the emergency ward.

Early in the morning, Chief Physician Pan went to the hospital to coax him.

He wanted to find an emergency doctor.

However, Zheng Ren estimated that the chances of Chief Physician Pan finding external help were not very high.

After checking the room, everything went by smoothly.

Not long after, a patient with acute cholecystitis was sent up by the emergency department.

The patient was in severe pain, and his family members agreed to do laparoscopic surgery.

Zheng Ren then asked Yang Lei to take the patient in.

He went through all kinds of preoperative information before preparing for the surgery.

At around nine oclock, Chief Physician Pan came to the emergency ward with a straight face.

Zheng Ren knew the results of Chief Pans negotiation.

It had definitely not worked out.

However, he could not put Zheng Ren or Su Yun in the emergency department.

After all, both of them could take charge of the emergency department.

In the end, Chief Pan asked Lu Tianran to monitor the emergency department for a few days.

Meanwhile, the emergency ward had become a three-day shift.

There was almost no room for maneuvering.

For the time being, it could only be like this.

Chief Pan knew that there was nothing he could do even if he were to worry about it.

The staff was always so tense, and he could not turn the situation into a living person.

Even if he had great abilities, he would not be able to use them.

After he finished arranging everything, he returned to the emergency department to execute everything.

The busier he was, the more troublesome things would be.

Chief Pan wanted to eliminate all problems.

Zheng Ren slept for four to five hours yesterday and did not feel tired.

He sat in the emergency ward and began to read.

He did not go home during this period of time.

He somewhat missed the big bathtub at home.

People always went from simple to extravagant, but it was difficult to go from extravagant to simple.

As he was reading, Chang Yue came over and asked, “Chief Zheng, when can Sister Zheng discharged from the hospital”

During the ward rounds early in the morning, Zheng Ren saw that Zheng Yunxia was back to normal.

She walked, ate, slept, and defecated normally.

After the operation, she had not even gotten a fever.

For a normal person, staying in the hospital was indeed a form of torture.

As for radiofrequency ablation, they would recover very quickly.

Moreover, the radiofrequency ablation had a relatively small impact on liver function.

However, Zheng Yunxia was performing a double operation.

Embolization still had a great impact on her liver function.

She seemed normal, but Zheng Yunxias liver function would definitely not be the same ever again.

“Take the liver protection medicine for a few more days.

You can be discharged from the hospital five to seven days after the operation,” Zheng Ren answered without even raising his head.

“Chief Zheng, can Sister Zheng recover this time” Chang Yue asked worriedly.

The relationship between her and Zheng Yunxia had changed from doctors and patients to friends.

Chang Yue had heard from Zheng Ren that there was a possibility of a cure.

However, Chang Yue was very clear about Zheng Yunxias condition.

When she first came here, Zheng Yunxia was already incurable and was about to jump off a building.

But now, after only two months and three operations, she was actually able to recover.

Although she was her friend… She was also a doctor.

Chang Yue had a mysterious and unbelievable feeling toward Zheng Rens words.

“The primary lesion should be able to recover.” Zheng Ren thought for a moment before replying, “However, Sister Zheng has hepatitis-B, and the liver cirrhosis nodes could change at any time.

If we can afford it, check the activity of hepatitis-B virus DNA to see if its under control.”

“Really!” Chang Yue was pleasantly surprised.

Although she already knew the result, the meaning was different when Zheng Ren actually said it out.

“Its true.” Zheng Ren smiled.

“Didnt I tell you already Why are you still so happy”

Chang Yues lips moved, but she did not say anything.

During the hospital check-up, Zheng Yunxias alpha-fetoprotein had dropped from an undetectable high to around 50.

This confirmed the effectiveness of the previous treatment.

However, in the end, it was impossible for the King of Cancer—liver cancer—to be completely cured.

“Then…” Chang Yue hesitated for a moment.

“When do you want to do the next surgery”

Zheng Ren smiled.

Chang Yue still did not believe him.

“The follow-up will take a longer time.

Two months.

The follow-up can be done in the out-patient clinic or in the hospital.

The surgery might not actually be necessary.

The chances of a fourth surgery succeeding are actually not high.

About 20%,” Zheng Ren told her.

“However, dont tell Sister Zheng about this first.”

Chang Yue was happy and wanted to ask more questions.

At that moment, Zheng Rens cellphone rang.

When he saw that it was the emergency department, Zheng Rens heart rate instantly went back to 120 beats per minute.

He immediately answered the call.

“Chief Zheng, come to the emergency department! He fell from a high altitude and suffered a penetrating injury with a sharp instrument!”

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