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Chapter 421: To Be Thick-skinned

“Oh, the radiofrequency ablation immediately after the embolization It is so that the iodine oil wont disintegrate so the effect will be better,” Zheng Ren explained lightly.

This was what the experience of 3000 radiofrequency ablation surgeries had taught Zheng Ren.

Of course, thislittle experience point was only one of them.

“Hello, Chief Zheng.

Allow me to introduce myself.” Gao Shaojie faced Zheng Ren calmly and lowered his body.

In front of a skillful person, it would be courting death if he continued to put on the arrogant look.

Gao Shaojie was not such a person.

He was the kind of person who was very aware of his surroundings and he was full of curiosity toward Zheng Ren.

“You are…”

“Im Gao Shaojie, the deputy director of the interventional medicine department of the Medical University Affiliated Hospital.” After Gao Shaojie said that, he reached out his hand and look into Zheng Rens eyes.

Zheng Rens eyes were filled with doubt.

Did he know this person From what he said, this should be his first contact with him.

Provincial capital The Provincial Capital Medical University Department of Interventional Medicine

As he was thinking, Zheng Ren also reached out his hand and shook hands with Gao Shaojie.

“Your TIPS Surgery is really remarkable.” Gao Shaojie was not petty with his compliments at all.

He did not feel that he, as the deputy director, was inferior to a younger doctor.

There was nothing to be ashamed of.

Zheng Rens skill was solid.

There was nothing to be ashamed of.

“Its okay, its okay,” Zheng Ren answered dully.

“Im a little curious.

I have a presumptuous request.

Please dont mind it, Chief Zheng.

Later, can I go and observe the radiofrequency ablation while you perform” Gao Shaojie was not good at pleasantries or small talk, if there was something to say, just say it.

Everyone was very busy.

No one had time to talk nonsense.

“No problem.” Zheng Ren smiled.

On the other side, Professor Rudolf Wagner had already sent the patient to a flat car and started to prepare the patient for the stent removal surgery.

Disinfection was done and sterile sheets were laid out.

“Boss, were done here!” Soon, the professor shouted in the operating room.

“COMING!” Zheng Ren answered.

He smiled at everyone in the operator console room and turned around to enter the operating room.

The nurses came out of the operating room and the lead gate slowly closed again.

Gao Shaojies initially thought he would be be rejected by Zheng Ren.

In his opinion, every new surgical result was precious.

That meant academic status, a huge amount of money, and it meant…

It represented too many things, but this young doctor agreed without hesitation.

Although he saidto watch the radiofrequency ablation, Gao Shaojie did not believe that the young doctor in front of him did not understand the subtext.

Gao Shaojie fell silent.

He had a million questions in his mind.

Very soon, the image of the retrievable stent appeared in front of him.

The retrievable stent was removed along the guide wire in the narrow passage.

There was no difficulty at all.

After getting used to being surprised, Gao Shaojie remained silent.

His hands moved slightly, as if he was the one standing on the operating table.

However, no matter what he did in the virtual operation, there were many places that he could not avoid causing damage to the patients liver.

This was an issue of technique, not of cognition.

Some people were born with dexterity.

In a narrow and cramped space, they could move around and create a myriad of phenomena.

Chief Zheng was such a person.

COMPARING PSYCHOLOGY It did not exist at all.

Anyone who could understand what Zheng Ren was doing could be considered an expert.

As for repeated operations, that was just a beautiful dream.

The speed of removing the stent was a little faster than performing the TIPS surgery, but it was not a lot faster.

After all, most of the time was spent on the sheets, disinfection, and puncture.

“Teacher Gao, why are you here” Gao Shaojie was engrossed in watching the video and simulating the operation when he heard Wang Qiangs voice.

While he was focusing on the simulation, he was most afraid that someone would suddenly speak.

Gao Shaojie was shocked.

He was truly shocked.

His entire body trembled as if he had seen a ghost.

Wang Qiang was also shocked and hurriedly apologized, “Teacher Gao, Im sorry, Im sorry.

I didnt mean to…”

“Mm…” Gao Shaojie was indeed a little unhappy.

He had just entered a mysterious realm and seemed to have realized something.

But being disturbed by Wang Qiang, he lost his train of thoughts.

“Teacher Gao, this is…” Wang Qiang looked inside and asked in a low voice.

“The doctors of the General Hospital of Sea City are doing the second stage of TIPS surgery to recover the stent,” Gao Shaojie said.

“Are they doing well ” Wang Qiang was a little surprised.

This was the first time he had heard of TIPS surgery.

“Theyre very good.

Theyre the best TIPS surgery Ive ever seen,” Gao Shaojie said in a low voice.

“The number of people in the world who dared to retrieve TIPS surgery stents can be numbered by my fingers.

Its likely that there are two of them in the operating theater.”

Uh…this evaluation was too high.

“Teacher Gao…” Wang Qiang felt his mouth was dry.

He forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva, but his mouth was still dry.

There was nothing in it.


“A German professor… Is his standard really that high”

“When did I mention the German professor” Gao Shaojie was puzzled.

He thought about it and knew that Wang Qiang was mistaken, he said, “The doctor from the General Hospital must be the best in the world.

As for that foreign assistant, I havent seen him perform surgery, so I dont know yet.

I can tell from the way he acts as an assistant that his surgery is definitely not bad.”


So that was it!

Wang Qiang stuck his head out and looked through the lead-lined glass.

“Theres nothing to see.

You wont understand even if you look.” Gao Shaojie complained that Wang Qiang blocked his line of sight, so he told the truth.

“In a while, Chief Zheng is going back to do a radiofrequency ablation after an interventional embolization.

Lets go observe.”

“This… Is it okay, Teacher Gao”

“Whats wrong with learning Youll have to be thick-faced and ask for it.

No one would force you to learn if you dont initiate it.” Gao Shaojie was calm and thought through it thoroughly.

Gao Shaojie was right, but Wang Qiang still could not bring himself to do it.

They both lived in a place as big as Sea City.

If Sea City held an annual party and they met the chief resident of General Hospital, he would have to address him asteacher.

It did not feel right.

“You…” Gao Shaojie glanced at Wang Qiangs expression and shook his head.

“Your Foundation is good and very solid.

But do you know why you still cant learn how to do TIPS surgery”

Wang Qiang was stunned.

“Youre too proud.” Gao Shaojie looked at the screen, he said, “If I were you in the Affiliated Hospital of the Medical University, I would go observe no matter who did the TIPS surgery.

It would be best if I could go on stage.

How else are you going to learn Do you think youre the kind of genius who would learn it just by looking at it”

Gao Shaojies words were like an epiphany and it made Wang Qiang realize something.

“Teacher Gao, I was wrong.” Wang Qiang immediately apologized in a low voice.

“Ill observe at the patients after the TIPS surgery and tell them what to pay attention to.

Then, well go to the Genera Hospital together.”

With that, Wang Qiang left the operating room and went to perform his tasks.


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