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Chapter 417: Unimaginable

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Gao Shaojies phone call was to a classmate in the United States.

Back then, his classmate had stayed in the United States and successfully obtained a doctors qualification in several years.

Many classmates were envious.

Being a doctor in the United States was considered a very good profession.

It was a hundred times better than being one locally.

Even though Gao Shaojie was the Assistant Director of Admission in the Affiliated Hospital of the Provincial Medical University, he was still very envious.

It was still early, but Gao Shaojie was too curious about this matter, so he could only disturb his classmate in their dream.

Soon, after saying a few words and understanding the situation, Gao Shaojie hung up the phone.

There was no breakthrough in the TIPS surgery at all.

Even the Mayo Clinic in the United States used the conventional surgical method.

At most, a special-material tube was placed in the hepatic vein as a marker.

Even so, it could only solve part of the difficult problem of the puncture.

TIPS surgery was still extremely difficult.

It could be said that this was only an improved method and did not fundamentally change the TIPS surgery.

Gao Shaojies classmate said that he had just gone to the Mayo Clinic a while ago.

For TIPS Surgery there, it would require at least three to five needle punctures.

There was no breakthrough, and he even made fun of Gao Shaojie.

With the medical standards of the country, it was impossible for them to be better than the Mayo Clinic.

It was just wishful thinking.

He put down the phone.

Although he was a little unhappy, he did not refute the young doctors words.

It was already good enough for people to believe three percent of what they said.

However, people in Sea city were really unreliable.

They should try to be less in the future.

The Mayo Clinic required three to five needle punctures to perform TIPS surgery.

How could a small doctor in Sea City succeed with just one needle

How could it be Not unless he was a legendary godly doctor.

It was just a rumor, Gao Shaojie thought to himself.

The car soon arrived at the hotel.

Gao Shaojie went to rest while Wang Qiang went to the Secondary Hospital to see patients.

The night passed quietly.

The next morning, Gao Shaojie woke up early and had breakfast.

He did not eat much.

The main point was to eat a medium-rare fried egg.

Every time before performing TIPS surgery, Gao Shaojie would eat one of these eggs, whether it was at home or out for freelance surgery.

It was as if the god of surgery—whether he existed or not—would make the days surgery a little smoother because of this medium-rare fried egg.

The concept was the same as the god of night-shifts.

Fried eggs were just a beautiful wish.

As for whether it would work or not, that was another story.

At 7:30, Wang Qiang drove to pick up Gao Shaojie.

On the way, Wang Qiang showed Gao Shaojie the results of the last urgent examination of the patient yesterday.

Although it was not necessarily related to the surgery, it was always good to have second opinions.

This was also Gao Shaojies habit.

At 7:50, the two of them arrived at the Secondary Hospital.

Gao Shaojie attended the early shift of the department of intervention of the Secondary Hospital.

He also looked at the patients who were undergoing surgery that day.

Then, the lower-level doctors under Wang Qiangs command sent the patients to the operating theater.

Gao Shaojie pulled Wang Qiang and sat in the office to chat for a few minutes.

According to Gao Shaojies temper, under normal circumstances, he would go to the operating theater with the patients.

When he was preparing for the operation, he would take a look at the model of the machine, whether it was suitable or if he was familiar with the model, and how to operate it.

Every factorys product would be more or less different.

For normal operations, the difference was not big.

But for TIPS surgery, it was more apparent.

Because Wang Qiang was given fewer tasks, Gao Shaojie only saw two or three patients in the ward.

There was another group of patients.

During ward rounds, Gao Shaojie saw a fewabnormal patients.

The wordsdecompensated cirrhosis were written on their bedside markers.

Basically, there was a diagnosis of ascites.

However, judging from their expressions and their stomachs, they did not look like decompensated cirrhosis patients.

His heart skipped a beat.

Could these patients be post-operative patients from TIPS surgery a few days ago

Hence, he was not in a hurry to go to the operating theater.

He followed Wang Qiang to the doctors office to check the surgery records and other results instead.

If it was a patient after TIPS surgery, theoretically speaking, they would not be able to recover so well.

Gao Shaojie was full of doubts.

He asked Wang Qiang to find the cases of those patients and started to look at them himself.

The surgery records would not say how many needles were punctured.

It could only show that the patient had undergone TIPS surgery.

However, the test results before and after the surgery were objective proof.

They could show the recovery of the patients condition.

The patient had indeed undergone TIPS surgery.

After the surgery, the patient recovered extremely well.

The ascites subsided day by day, but the blood ammonia did not increase significantly.

The vast majority of the patients did not have any obvious hepatic encephalopathy.

Only one patient had a transient hepatic encephalopathy after the surgery.

However, under the effect of the drugs, it only took one or two days for him to recover.

“This operation is very well done,” Gao Shaojie praised.

Even the patients who had undergone the TIPS operation in the Affiliated Hospital of the Medical University did not recover so well.

In particular, the hepatic encephalopathy was like a demon, pestering the patients and making it difficult for them to get rid of it.

The most troublesome part was that the patients who had completed the TIPS operation had a high probability of developing hepatic encephalopathy after the operation.

After all, the venous blood did not travel in the liver, and there was no filtering procedure, which resulted in a very high blood ammonia content.

Many patients would rather give up the opportunity of the TIPS surgery than to get hepatic encephalopathy and lose their final dignity.

Gao Shaojie had once performed the TIPS surgery on a teacher who was in his seventies.

After the surgery and due to severe hepatic encephalopathy, the teacher—who had a scholarly air—seemed to have changed into a different person.

He peed and defecated everywhere, which was very embarrassing.

The embarrassment was secondary.

The patients quality of life had been greatly affected.

The benefits the patient obtained from TIPS surgery could not compare to the side effects.

Gao Shaojie had done a lot of introspection for this and had also actively studied the new progress of TIPS surgery.

However, it was to no avial after so many years.

The data was right in front of him.

The patient had recovered extremely well after the TIPS surgery that the Secondary Hospital had performed in batches a few days ago.

Could it be that what the young doctor under Wang Qiang said last night was true

Gao Shaojie muttered to himself.

He did not understand the reason behind it until Wang Qiangs cell phone rang.

The junior doctor said that the operating theater was ready for the surgery and was waiting for Gao Shaojie to go on stage.

“Teacher Gao, the higher-ups are ready,” Wang Qiang reminded him very softly.

“Oh, oh,” Gao Shaojie said apologetically, “Im sorry.

I was too engrossed in my thoughts.”

How could Wang Qiang not know what Gao Shaojie was thinking However, he did not personally see the legendaryawesome person of the General Hospital perform the TIPS surgery.

To be honest, he did not really believe it.

Even the patients who had undergone the TIPS surgery recovered very well after the surgery.

At 7:55, Professor Rudolf Wagner arrived at the emergency building of the General Hospital of Sea City.

Before he could enter, he was called by Zheng Ren to Feng Xuhuis car and went straight to the Secondary Hospital.

Zheng Ren was looking forward to the surgery.

It was not the TIPS surgery itself, but the second phase of the mission given by the system.

Zheng Ren was not looking forward to the experience of 3,000 cases of radiofrequency ablation.

Although with the experience of these 3,000 cases, it could greatly increase the success rate of Zheng Yunxias radiofrequency ablation.

Zheng Rens focus was still on the success rate of the interventional surgery 2.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Zheng Ren was just curious.

He did not know if the system would give him a reward that would make him smile even in his dreams.

At 8:30, Feng Xuhui drove to the second municipal hospital.

Last time, Dean Zhang had brought people to greet Zheng Ren at the entrance of the inpatient department.

But this time…

Zheng Ren saw a group of people gathered at the entrance of the inpatient department from afar.

He did not know what had happened.

Feng Xuhui carefully parked the car a little further away and a few people walked over.

“You bunch of b*stards, Im going to sit here today.

Its up to you! ”

From afar, he heard an old but energetic voice.

Was it a medical disturbance It did not seem like it.

Could it be the typical medical disturbance with people crying and threatening to kill themselves But, when a medical disturbance do occur, a large group of people would gather and block the entrance of the hospital.

Zheng Ren had never seen a medical disturbance manned only by a single person.

Was this a hospital employee

Could it be that the Secondary Hospital did not pay their salaries The family waited for the rice to be cooked before they began to ask for money through various channels

A hospitals job was no longer a stable job.

The higher-ups had control of the Medical Insurance Bureau, and the lower people had the pressure of the patients.

Not to mention the doctors, the hospital itself was also struggling.

In the past few years, many financial groups had started to target the lucrative business of the public hospitals.

It was not like a certain field department where they rented an outpatient clinic in a public hospital to earn a little money.

It was allminced meat.

Now, the large financial groups had started to swallow the large public tertiary grade-A hospitals.

The situation was mainly in the northeast.

After swallowing them, Zheng Ren did not know the specific means of making profits.

Anyway, the large-scale public tertiary grade-A hospital that was famous before it was acquired began to be on the verge of death.

The doctors fled and there was a brain drain.

However, he had never heard of the Secondary Hospital being sold.

Zheng Ren was full of doubts as he walked towards the entrance of the Secondary Hospitals inpatient department.

Director Zhang saw Zheng Ren from afar and separated the crowd to welcome him.

“Chief Zheng, you are here.

” Director Zhang was as enthusiastic as ever.

“Yes, what happened ” Zheng Ren asked.


” Director Zhang sighed with a sad face.

He turned back to take a look and carefully said, “This is the case of five or six years ago, a homeless man who was dying of tuberculosis fainted in the yard of the Secondary Hospital.

At that time, he was also kind-hearted and was admitted into the hospital.

Director Ren sent people to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

A few families contributed some money to cure him of tuberculosis.

“Isnt that good ” Zheng Ren was confused.

Saving lives and helping the injured should be a good thing.

“Yes, it is indeed a good thing.

But after he was cured, he refused to leave the hospital no matter what and insisted on staying in the hospital.

” Director Zhang smiled bitterly.

“We thought of many ways to asked him out.

Later, he was forced into a corner.

One time, he even climbed onto the rooftop and said that he wouldnt let him stay, so he jumped down.

Director Zhangs face was glum and a little embarrassed.

After all, this was an embarrassment to the hopsitals management.

They placed great importance on Zheng Ren and did not want to lose face in front of him.

However, the more they feared, the more it happened.


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