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Chapter 415: Hospitals Internal Struggle

Zheng Ren and Professor Rudolf Wagner began to study the scans.

If they had been studying the scans a few days ago to find out the significance of MRI diffusion in guiding the location of TIPS, a few days later, Zheng Ren and Professor had evolved to a level of proficiency that had already been determined.

Previously, it had taken them more than an hour to look at a single scan.

A few days later, the two of them had finished watching the first scan in 20 minutes.

Not only did they finish discussing the surgical approach, but they also discussed how to reduce the complications of hepatic encephalopathy after the surgery and the estimated number of days that they would need to take out recyclable stents.

The short and fat man could not tell much, but Su Yun knew that what Professor and Zheng Ren were studying was worth something.

He had grown so fast.

It was as if he was watching a video at twice the speed.

Just a brief moment and he was about to turn to a new page.

Su Yun was deeply moved.

What could she do to be able to keep up with this man and not getting further and further away

Such a situation had never happened in Su Yuns life until now.

The first time he performed emergency TIPS surgery with Zheng Ren, Zheng Rens puncture technique was still a little rusty.

But it was said that the last time he went to the Secondary Hospital for surgery, all of them succeeded with one puncture.

Su Yun knew that when Zheng Ren performed TIPS surgery for the first time, the technique he displayed was already at the top of the world.

But he seemed to have no limits.

In the eyes of others, the mountain peak was just a slope in his eyes.

After he climbed over it, he instantly climbed up another taller and steeper towering mountain.

Facing such a person, even a genius like Su Yun felt a trace of helplessness.

It seemed that he had to work harder.

Su Yun thought of having to accompany Old Chief Physician Pan to eat and drink in a while and felt inexplicably frustrated.

At 4:30, Chief Pan went upstairs and called everyone to eat.

Chief Pan, who had once worked at the grassroots level, could not be more familiar with the welcoming and sending of people.

This time, he looked for someone to do something and the person had done it properly.

It was only right to have a meal, drink some wine, and act as a host.

Although the matter of saving a life had nothing to do with Chief Pan.

But if he had the ability, did he really have to ask the patients family to sign the written document that exempted the hospital from liability and then watch a 16-year-old girl die

Impossible! Whether it was in Chief Pans mind or Zheng Rens, this kind of situation was impossible.

After Chief Pan entered the room, Zheng Ren immediately stood up.

He was slightly apologetic.

Before he could speak, Chief Pan said, “You study the film.

Ill bring the others.

Knowing that Zheng Ren did not like socializing and drinking, Chief Pan was very understanding.

“Chief, we have to go to the Secondary Hospital again tomorrow.

” Zheng Ren had forgotten whether he had mentioned this to Chief Pan.

Since the old chief supported it, it was not too late to say it now.


” Director Pan pondered for a moment and said, “Su Yun, dont drink tonight.

This was the rhythm of Su Yun being asked to work the night shift.

Su Yun responded and there was nothing to be unhappy about.

After all, Zheng Ren had to go for the TIPS surgery tomorrow, so it was necessary to maintain vigorous energy.

Drinking was a small matter but the surgery was a big matter.

Chief Pan would definitely not let go of this opportunity due to this careless mistake.

Su Yun also knew the severity of the matter.

It was a habit to tease Zheng Ren, but when it came to serious matters, he was still very serious.

Hearing Chief Pan said this, Zheng Ren was relieved.

He was a little sorry but Chief Pan did not give him a chance.

He directly asked people to leave the emergency ward.

Finally, it was quiet.

Zheng Ren and Professor Rudolf Wagner started to study the scans again and made the surgery plan for the next day.

Su Yun did not follow them.

He sat quietly behind Zheng Ren and stared at the MRI scans.

It was rare that he did not play with her phone.

To Su Yun, this world was like a big toy.

In the past, no matter what he did, it was not challenging.

It was easy for him to feel tired and slack off.

After coming into contact with Zheng Ren, he was stimulated bit by bit.

The young man finally became serious and prepared to learn the knowledge that was constantly changing.

After seven oclock, he finally finished reading the few films.

The surgery plan was also completed.

Zheng Ren then said goodbye to the professor, picked up his cell phone, and was ready to send a message to Xie Yiren.

“The Little Yiren went to eat.

I wonder how long she will drink at that kind of drinking party, ” Su Yun sat at the side, crossed his legs, and said leisurely.


” Zheng Ren held his cell phone and felt a little awkward.

“Lets go home first.

Rest early.

I still have surgery tomorrow, ” Su Yun said.

“Its nothing.

I wont call you.

The special situation last time must not happen again, Su Yun thought to himself.

Wang Qiang, a very common name with a very high rate of overlapping names.

He had worked in the citys Secondary Hospital since he graduated from university.

It had been fifteen or sixteen years.

With the presence of the old chief physician, Wang Qiangs upward path was blocked.

As the population in the Northeast region flowed out, the number of patients gradually decreased.

Cheng Lixue became more and more strict in the management of surgeries.

He even refused to let his capable doctors, who might threaten his status, undergo surgery even if it meant losing all decorum.

This was a common occurrence in the medical field.

Many doctors at the level of associate chief physicians had good standards, but they were forced to leave because they did not have any surgeries to perform.

Wang Qiang wanted to leave but he was unwilling to do so.

Moreover, he could only perform common surgeries like interventional embolization for liver cancer.

After he left, he would not be able to become a chief physician and could only lead a team.

The key point was that he was unwilling to do so.

The conflicts and wars between the old chief physicians and the new generation had never stopped.

Moreover, they would continue to go on forever.

This was the case in the medical world, and it was also the case in the entire society.

This year, Wang Qiang finally decided to go all out.

If he wanted to lead a group, he might as well try leading a group near home.

If he could pick up a lot of work, it would not be too late to go out to explore.

His thoughts were rather conservative.

The hospital moved around.

His luck was not bad.

Coincidentally, the hospital wanted to move.

He used the catfish effect to make the entire hospital come to life.

Wang Qiang, on the other hand, became the catfish.

He led the group, split up, and fought Cheng Lixue in close combat.

Wang Qiang fought with his life on the line.

There was no way he could retreat.

If he won, he could gain a foothold in the citys Secondary Hospital.

When Cheng Lixue retired a few years later, it was not impossible for him to become the chief director.

If he lost, he could only take his wife and children and leave.

Therefore, he mobilized all his resources in order to win thiswar.

After confirming the news, he was not in a hurry to directly lead the group of doctors for surgery.

Instead, he went to the provincial capital for a short-term study.

He wanted to improve his skills and build a good relationship with the higher-ups of Provincial Capital Medical Universitys Affiliated Hospital to invite them to perform the surgery.

Wang Qiang knew that both Director Zhang, who was in charge of the clinic, and Ren Haitao, the head director of the hospital, had an incomparable obsession with TIPS surgery.

If it were not for the huge risks after TIPS surgery, Director Ren would have hired someone to perform it long ago.

Two years ago, the former director had led a team to study abroad.

When he came back, he was ready to hire someone to perform TIPS surgery.

However, due to some accidental factors, he had not been able to do it.

This is your chance.


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