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Chapter 393: Organized Crime Group

“Zheng Ren!” Old Chief Physician Pan yelled.

He was shocked by Zheng Rens uncharacteristic outburst.

“Chief Pan, call the police!” Zheng Ren said calmly.

He kicked the man to stop him from fighting back.

After that, Zheng Ren kicked the man again between his chest and abdomen.

The fierce expression on his face disappeared as he choked and gasped for air, curling his body like a prawn as he seized up in pain.

Zheng Ren knew he was no longer a threat.

It was not because of him, but due to Fan Tianshui.

No matter how aggressive the man was, he was just a normal person and could not cause much damage.

“This…” Old Chief Physician Pan was stunned by Zheng Rens overreaction.

“I suspect that the child is not his!” Zheng Ren gave the man on the floor a death stare.

Old Chief Physician Pan was startled after hearing what he said.

Su Yun also quickly realized what was happening.

Zheng Ren might be right!

The logic behind it was actually rather simple but no one noticed sooner because it had all happened so suddenly.

The man clutched the blanket around the infant so tightly, hiding it from others, and even resisted a body checkup when the doctor requested to do so.

All these signs suggested that he knew the infant was dead.

When Zheng Ren forced the issue, he threw the infant toward Zheng Ren.

His actions proved that the child was just a pawn in his scheme.

Su Yun immediately dialed 110 to report the incident to the police.

He also informed the medical administration division to let Chief Zhou handle this.

There was a police department in Sea City General Hospital but it was for the sake of deterring crime by instilling fear amongst the local gangsters.

The medical administration division had to step in if there was a need to notify the polices upper management.

Chief Zhou was a little rusty as a doctor, thanks to the never-ending medical disputes he had to deal with over the years.

He was in charge of the toughest and dirtiest job in the hospital.

Even the janitor from the general surgery department could not be compared with him.

To quote Chief Zhou directly,Theres an active volcano under my ass, and I dont know when it will erupt.

Other people can run for their lives but not only can I not escape from it, I will also have to extinguish the flames.

After picking up the phone, Chief Zhou sprung from his seat when he heard Su Yun explain the entire incident.

“Bang!” His knee bumped against the arm of the chair but he failed to notice it in his shock.

This was an incident with malicious intent.

However, he could not really assess how bad the situation was at the moment.

This was only the tip of an iceberg.

Fortunately, they had managed to expose them, otherwise… Chief Zhou shuddered at the thought.

He called the police chief as he rushed over to the emergency department together with his assistant.

He met Old Chief Physician Pan in the hallway and asked a few questions about the incident.

When he saw livor mortis on the infants body, he broke out in a cold sweat.

Thank goodness for these vigilant lads from the emergency department.

Several years ago, something like this would seriously damage the hospitals reputation.

Back then, if they cooperated with professional medical dispute profiteers, there would be banners hanging in front of the hospitals main entrance.

They would even bring children to throw tantrums and disrupt the hospitals entire operation.

Nowadays, an incident like this would go viral on WeChat and Weibo and spread like wildfire.

No one could predict how far it would reach.

‘Motherf*cker! How dare he extorts a dead child for money!

Chief Zhou glared at the man on the floor.

Fan Tianshui was standing beside them in a seemingly relaxed manner but was on high-alert to stop him from escaping at any moment.

As the hospitals security guard, Fan Tianshui did not have the right to arrest someone.

In fact, he had broken a few rules by keeping the man there.

However, no one cared about that.

It might have been due to their empathy toward the child or their disgust for the middle-aged man.

Regardless, no one paid attention to him overstepping a few rules.

The police arrived shortly after and closed off the scene.

After that, they arrested the guy and took him away, restoring peace and quiet in the emergency department.

Zheng Ren was furious, but he suppressed his emotions and reacted calmly.

From his decision to expose the man until the attempt to stop him, Zheng Ren had an exceptionally firm stance, which was unlike his usual kind chief resident persona.

“Boss, youre the man.” Su Yun dragged Zheng Ren and left through the side door.

They stood beside the bin with an ashtray.

He then took out a cigarette from Zheng Rens pocket, lighted it, and passed it to him.

Zheng Ren remained silent and took a deep drag, feeling the burn of the tobacco in his lungs before puffing out thick, white smoke.

Su Yun patted Zheng Rens shoulders to comfort him.

He then lighted another cigarette and twirled the lighter between his fingers sensually.

After a few puffs, he said, “Boss, these cigarettes make you look cheap.”

“Im used to it,” Zheng Ren said.

“You have to change some of these old habits.

You need to get used to better things.

Let the past go.”


“How did you know” Su Yun asked.

Zheng Ren shook his head without answering his question.

Instead, he asked, “What do you think about this”

“This was definitely not his first attempt,” Su Yun said with the cigarette in his mouth, his black fringe swaying attractively.

“Let me ask around.” Zheng Ren took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Brother Six, its me.

“Uhm, I need a favor.

Theres a man who came to our hospital with a dead child trying to scam us.

I dont think hes related to the child, so he might be a child trafficker.

“Yes, can you help me to find out about this Thank you.

“Sure, Ill treat you to skewers the next time we meet.”

Zheng Ren hung up after that.

“Youre suspecting…” Su Yun asked.

“From the state of livor mortis on the child, the time of death should be around midnight,” Zheng Ren said.

“The way he carried the child around to ask for medication was suspiciously calm as if he had a clear goal.

This means hes done this quite frequently and is not the only one behind this scheme.”

“Wow, Boss.

I didnt know you solve crimes,” Su Yun teased him as usual.

“When I was in school, I worked as an assistant for my pathology teacher.

My teacher was also working part-time as the citys forensic pathologist.

I was able to earn 100 yuan for each body I dissected.

That amount was quite substantial to me as a student,” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun reminisced on his school days.

“I invested in stocks when I studied.”

“My main concern is that the man belongs to an organized crime group and there are more children involved,” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun tensed up instantly, a serious expression on his face.

“Why didnt you tell Chief Pan”

“I think the polices intervention would suffice.

They are all experienced officers so Im sure theyll think of it too.

Besides that, I can find out other things with Little Sixs help.”

Both of them stopped talking.

They finished their cigarette and extinguished the buds before turning around to leave.

In that moment, Zheng Rens phone rang.

“Hi, Brother Six.

“Uhm, hm.

Okay, sure.

“Thank you.”

Right after Zheng Ren hung up, Su Yun asked, “What did he find”

“Those despicable medical dispute profiteers,” Zheng Ren said.

“The one who came here today came from another city.

The ones from Sea City still dare not come here.”

“Another city”

“Uhm, they took the child to the Women and Children hospital and scammed them for 20,000 yuan,” Zheng Ren said.

Zheng Ren stared at the cloudy sky as he spoke.

He then paused for a few seconds before saying, “The child was still alive.

Little Six verified with the doctors from the Women and Children Hospital.”

“Was he planning to come here for one last job and disappear after making a big one”

“Hmm, Little Six said that the local medical dispute profiteers received a job offer but they didnt take it.”

“These guys…” Su Yun let out a sigh.

“Uhm, lets report this to Chief Pan.

Its beyond our reach now.” Zheng Rens expression gradually calmed down.

“Lets go and visit Yang Lili.”

“Yang Lilis fine.

I think shell be transferred out of the ICU after one or two days,” Su Yun said.

“The ICUs not the safest place these days.

The influenza is getting worse.

Many old folks get transferred into the ICU with heart and lung failure due to influenza.”

“Even the South is snowing this time of the year.”

“Oh, Chief Sun was looking for you before this.

He wanted you to observe a peritoneal loose body resection today.”

“Whats there to observe”

“Right I said the same thing.

I already rejected him on your behalf.

But boss, I still think that Chief Sun gave in too quickly and theres something unsatisfying about that.”

“Only you find pleasure from somebody like Chief Sun,” Zheng Ren rebutted immediately as he was not in a good mood.

Authors note: My classmate from the South told me about this case.

This group of people bought an infant with a congenital heart defect.

They only attack once in a city.

They wont make a huge scene and only demand money.

Its revolting…


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