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Chapter 364: Completed In A Daze

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When he entered the ICU, he could sense that the atmosphere was drastically different from yesterday.

Even the nurses pace of changing drips was much more relaxed.

Chief Qian was laughing and talking to Su Yun.

“Hows Yang Lili” Zheng Ren walked in and asked.

“Weve removed her tube.

Do you want to speak to her” There was finally a smile of relief on Su Yuns face.

“Thats fine.

Ill not waste any more time here,” Zheng Ren chuckled.

“Theres a TIPS surgery waiting for me.”

“Im not staying here either.

Ill follow you to surgery,” Su Yun said as he stood up.

Yang Lili had passed the critical stage.

The removal of her tube was a sign that her condition was improving.

The remaining steps were just to slowly recover.

Su Yun had not much use, even if he stayed behind.

“Have you been performing interventional surgeries alone recently” Su Yun asked.

“I did it with Lil Fugui,” Zheng Ren answered.

“No wonder.

I was thinking why you looked so disinterested when I said that Im going back to perform surgery with you.

Out with the old, in with the new, huh” Su Yun nagged at Zheng Ren while he flirted with the ICU nurses, “He used to call mesweetie.

Now that hes got Lil Fugui, Im Madam Bull.”


Though Su Yun acted in a plaintive tone, as if he was a desperate housewife, Zheng Ren knew that he was joking

Zheng Ren checked Yang Lilis labs from that morning silently before greeting Chief Qian.

He left the ICU right after.

“Any progress with Little Yiren these few days” Su Yun the chatterbox just could not stop talking for a minute.

“Same old.

Always an emergency whenever we go out for a meal or a movie,” Zheng Ren said frustratedly.

Emergency department…chief resident…was not a job for the mundane.

“Dont worry,” Su Yun waved and said, “If you want to date in the future, I can take over your surgeries.

Theyre just simple procedures.

The only question is—do you dare go for it”

Why did he sound like he was up to no good

“Youll spend your whole life in regret if you let her go.

Dont worry about Little Yirens parents.

If you love her, youll accept the consequence, regardless of the outcome.

“Many years later, when you look back on this, you wont have any regrets, even if it didnt work out.

The worst situation is that you caved in even before meeting Little Yirens parents.”

Su Yun urged Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren remained silent on the way, digesting what Su Yun had said.

Even though he was naggy and his views were…so-so, the things he said were not unreasonable.

All of these were like experience points.

Take the small actions in the movie theater, for example.

Without Su Yuns help, Zheng Ren would have nailed all the unforgivable mistakes.

Even when Su Yun had told him about the landmines, Zheng Rens first attempt was nowhere near perfect.

He should listen to him.

Zheng Ren remembered every word Su Yun said, planning to give it a good thought in his free time.

“Any new progress with the TIPS surgeries, boss” Su Yun changed the topic so fast that no one could keep up with his train of thought.

They said that smart people were more likely to have non-linear thinking.

That information had yet to be verified.

“Yes,” Zheng Ren answered truthfully.

“I started researching the diagnostic and surgical methods.

Then, I confirmed with Professor Rudolf Wagner that we can solve the issue with a hepatic diffusion-weighted MRI.”

“Hmm Are you in your right mind” Su Yun did not understand what Zheng Ren said because DW-MRI was not used for TIPS surgery.

Nevertheless, if both Zheng Ren and Professor Rudolf Wagner agreed, they must have had their reasons.

He just needed to sit back and watch.

Su Yuns mind churned rapidly, not about the surgery, but about which journal to publish and which reviewer to contact.

This time, both of them were quiet on their way to the emergency operating room.

Su Yun was thinking about writing the TIPS surgery paper while Zheng Ren contemplated on what Su Yun had said.

The patient had been sent to the operating room.

Zheng Ren put up the scans on the film viewer and checked in with the patient.

After ensuring that everything was good to go, he started preparing for surgery.

Director Zhang followed and stood in the operating room.

He was stunned.

Zheng Ren had a foreigner assisting him

This Chief Zheng was someone of repute.

Professor Rudolf Wagner was busy prepping for surgery.

When they were about to begin, Director Zhang approached Chief Xia and asked, “Old Xia, whos the foreigner Why do you guys have a foreign doctor”

“Chief Zheng said that hes Professor Rudolf Wagner from Heidelberg University.

Who knows why hes here in Sea City, but let me tell you, Old Zhang: that professor can speak Mandarin fluently.

His Northeastern accent is slicker than mine.

Youll need to be wary when you talk about him.

Dont think that he doesnt understand Mandarin,” Chief Xia said with a chuckle.

This important reminder came just in time.

Director Zhang made a mental note and retracted into a corner.

He took out his phone and typed in the search engine for Heidelberg University and Professor Rudolf Wagner.

A few years ago, the Secondary Hospitals director, Director Ren, led an exchange team to Heidelberg University.

At that time, Director Zhang did not have the chance to go since he was not appointed as the supervisory deputy director for clinical work.

Director Zhang was aware that the university and hospital were the worlds top institutions.

He was searching for the professors information.

Not long after, he was completely dumbfounded.

Initially, he still had doubts, but it all disappeared when he saw the professors name mentioned in the introduction of Heidelberg University.

Furthermore, even Baidu Baike had the professors picture and biography.

Director Zhang was completely blown away.

All of it was true!

This was the only thought Director Zhang had.

Regarding his professionalism, Baidu Baike also mentioned Professor Rudolf Wagner being the worlds best interventional professor; enough said.

What was a person like him doing in Sea City

F*cking hell!

Something must be wrong.

Director Zhang was in a daze and only regained his senses when Zheng Ren came out from the operating room.

“Very fast stent removal surgery,” Chief Xia praised, even though he did not know how to perform the surgery, nor the challenges the surgeon might encounter.

What The surgery was finished

Director Zhang was struck by another thunderbolt.

Chief Xia did not study TIPS surgery because there was no need for a department chief of internal medicine to do that.

Director Zhang, on the other hand, was the director of clinical operations.

He had ambition and goals to launch the first TIPS surgery at the Secondary Hospital.

This was also in line with the vision of the Secondary Hospitals Director, Ren Haitao.

Usually, it would not be difficult if all of them were working toward the same goal, but TIPS surgery was really different from other surgical methods.

If they manage to establish TIPS surgery with the help of other professors, he could happily retire.

That was why he knew so much about TIPS surgery.

The current trend was to place two stents in the shunt without removing them because the bleeding would be inevitable if the stent was removed from the liver.

If the stent removal resulted in a hemorrhage, it was not worth the risk.

Before this surgery, he was strongly against the idea of Zheng Ren removing the stent.

However… Chief Zheng from the emergency department finished the surgery while he was in a daze


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