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Chapter 291: Beast of Burden (Part 3 of 4)

Was he referring to the day Professor Moriyu came to perform surgery

Zheng Ren did not know Office Director Dings intentions and thus maintained a cautious silence.

“Your skill is quite impressive.” Office Director Ding grinned.

“Old Chief Physician Pan has a good eye; no wonder he fought so hard with Director Fu for you.”

“Haha.” Zheng Ren chuckled dryly, his laughter reflecting his lethargy and lifelessness.

“Remember, you owe me one for that.” Office Director Ding looked sideways at Zheng Ren as he drove and said half-jokingly, “Director Fu was not willing to let you go even if it meant defying Old Chief Physician Pan.

It was only after I talked to Director Xiao that he agreed to transfer you to the emergency department.”

“Thank you.” Zheng Ren had no intention of reading between the lines.

It was a chore talking to political animals and masters of manipulation like Office Director Ding.

Given the choice, Zheng Ren would rather perform another ten surgeries.

“Little Zheng, the documentary looks good.

It sculpted a vivid image of you.

Ive got to say, you young chaps are very talented, but from the bottom of my heart, youre a little too impatient.” After the pleasantries, Office Director Dings supposedly casual conversation finally got to the heart of the matter: the documentary.

“You should have done this in your forties, when youve made your name and gained sufficient credibility.

People spend most of their life chasing money and fame, why are you in such a hurry”

“I wasnt aware of it.” Zheng Ren yawned and closed his eyes subconsciously, saying half-asleep, “I only saw it after I returned.”

His voice trailed off and he fell asleep.

Office Director Ding was stunned, and at that moment, the car in front of him suddenly hit its emergency brake as it hesitated to cross a yellow light.

Distracted by Zheng Rens words, he was caught off guard by the cars sudden halt; he broke out into a cold sweat and slammed onto the brakes.

Fortunately, they managed to avoid an accident.

Zheng Rens body lurched forward from the inertia, but with his seat belt supporting his weight, he remained asleep.

Zheng Ren was truly out of it.

Office Director Ding looked at him and decided not to wake him up, continuing to ponder the documentary.

Any mention on the news, no matter how small, would spark a bloodbath in the office, let alone a 15-minute documentary on the television network.

Even if it was only on Sea City News Network.

These youngsters were unaware of the stakes… Office Director Ding suddenly realized something.

How many days had Zheng Ren been back from Imperial Capital Yet, a department chief from there had rushed after him to Sea City to discuss matters.

Something strange was happening outside of his control.

Office Director Ding had never encountered anything of its sort and it baffled him.

The car was silent, the only audible sound being Zheng Rens light snoring.

Upon approaching Shangri-La Hotel, Office Director Ding called Department Chief Kong.

Department Chief Kong had checked out and was by the door looking around when they arrived.

“Chief Kong.” Ding Zhongtai alighted from the car and extended both hands enthusiastically.

Adding a third into the tangle, Department Chief Kong laughed and said, “Sorry to trouble you.

Wheres Little Zheng”

“He performed ten surgeries during yesterdays night shift and is knocked out in the car,” Ding Zhongtai replied, amused.

Dispassionately, Department Chief Kong extricated his hand and shook his head.

“Office Director Ding, you people have a cruel hiring policy.”

“Huh” Ding Zhongtai was confused.

“Someone like Little Zheng will be treasured wherever he goes, but you treat him like a beast of burden,” Department Chief Kong said casually after entering the car.

“Eh, dont put it like that, Chief Kong.” Ding Zhongtai got in, ignited the engine, switched into gear and started driving.

“Im sure youre aware of the situation here in the northeast.

So many have left that most departments are short on workforce.

All our staff are overloaded with work.

Its a common practice to have one night shift every three days.”

Department Chief Kong did not continue talking.

He glanced at the sleeping Zheng Ren and did not elect to wake the man.

“Chief Kong, please forgive me for our inhospitality during your visit to Sea City,” Ding Zhongtai said, hoping to establish a closer connection to him.

“Its fine.

Im here for Zheng Ren, anyway,” Department Chief Kong said, “Now that Ive found and spoken to him, thatll be all.

I still have twelve surgeries waiting for me this afternoon and have to rush back.”

“Do you still have to do them yourself”

“If I know the patient, Ill go up to them to take a look.

Regular patients are handled by research graduates,” Department Chief Kong said calmly.

Ding Zhongtai knew that it was the truth, but that was not important.

He had successfully brought up the topic of surgery.

“Chief Kong, I have a friend and colleague who wants to go to Sorcery Capital, but doesnt have any contacts, you see…”

“If they want to come through me, tell them to say theyre with Little Zheng.” Department Chief Kong was dismissive.

Little Zheng… Ding Zhongtai felt insulted.

Was a meal with the director and having the Head Chief of office personally chauffeuring him to the airport not sincere enough Did only Zheng Ren matter to him

Ding Zhongtai hid his dissatisfaction.

“Should they go directly to your office and ask for you”

He had no standing to show his true feelings in front of the master from Imperial Capital.

“Sure, any physician can do that as long as they mention that they are friends of Zheng Rens.” Department Chief Kong smiled.

“After Little Zhengs trip to Imperial Capital, all my research and postgraduate students complained that his time there had been too short.”


Ding Zhongtai laughed dryly.

He had something to say but decided against it after some contemplation.

He was quite close to Chief Liu Tianxing from the first general surgery department.

A few days ago, Liu Tianxing had been diagnosed with space-occupying liver lesions, with a high risk of hepatocellular carcinoma.

The man was trying to pull some strings to get treatment in Imperial or Sorcery Capital.

In all honesty, an ordinary chief from Sea City would be treated like any layperson in Imperial or Sorcery Capital if they had no old friends or classmates to use as inroads.

Even early-stage liver cancer would devolve into advanced cancer in the time that it took to queue for admission alone.

However, using Zheng Rens name… S*it! Would Liu Tianxing even be willing to do it Was it a joke

“Office Director Ding, if its a general surgery… Ive never seen Little Zheng perform surgical resection for hepatocellular carcinoma.

If you go through me, Ill help you contact the general surgery department.

“However, if you need interventional surgery, theres no need for any hassle.

Health is more important than saving face.

Little Zheng can do it better than me.

Just opt for surgery in Sea City; its more convenient, and you dont have to go the extra mile.”

Ding Zhongtai was once again baffled.

Was Department Chief Kong rejecting his request That could not be.

A department chief or professor from Imperial or Sorcery Capital would not say something like this.

It was not supposed to be a big deal.

Why would the man offend a potential patient


“You really dont know” Department Chief Kong sensed the tension between them and was unnerved by Ding Zhongtais unusual expression in the rear-view mirror.

“Dont know what” Ding Zhongtai replied without thinking.

“The reason Im here was to confirm Zheng Rens trip to Imperial Capital for interventional treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma.”

Ding Zhongtais hand shuddered, causing the car to sway slightly.

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