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Chapter 287: Fix His Eyes (Part 3 of 4)

As they reached the elevator, a figure appeared at the front entrance and ran at them.

They were not yelling, instead sobbing silently in shock.

It was a girl in her early twenties with a pretty face covered in tears.

The young man on the stretcher trolley struggled to take her hand with his, saying with the last of his strength, “Dont tell my family.”

The girl nodded her head repeatedly, clear teardrops flying everywhere as she did.

“How is he, doctor” she asked Zheng Ren hoarsely, staring at him misty-eyed.

Zheng Ren was emotionless.

“Were sending him to the OR.

Are you his wife”

“Im his girlfriend.”

“Call his family to come here and sign the papers for surgery.” The elevator arrived and Zheng Ren and the other doctor pushed the stretcher trolley in.

Professor Rudolf Wagner followed them into the elevator.

He was curious as to how emergency rescue worked.

After hearing Zheng Rens words, the girl lowered her head, large tears falling from her eyes to the elevator floor like pearls breaking loose from a necklace.

When they reached the operating room, Chu Yanran took over and pushed the patient in.

“Dont move that knife,” Zheng Ren reminded her.

Chu Yanran shot him a scornful expression.

“I know that.”

The segment of knife in the body obstructed the blood vessels it perforated, reducing blood loss.

Were it to be removed, the emergency rescue would take on a whole new direction.

Zheng Ren led the girl back to the emergency ward.

Su Yun was already there and was stunned when he saw a foreigner following Zheng Ren around while he processed admission procedures.

Without looking at him, Zheng Ren said, “Go and check the OR.

I need to handle some things first.”

“Okay.” Su Yun took a second glance at Professor Rudolf Wagner before heading to the operating room.

“You need to pay the fees.

This page is the blood transfusion request form for surgery.” Zheng Ren passed the hospital admission form to the girl and asked, “Can his family come”

“Doctor… he told me not to inform his family.”

“You cant sign,” Zheng Ren answered coldly.

He hated dealing with such foolish sentiment during an emergency rescue.

The man was on the brink of death.

Would she prefer to break the news of his death to his family

Based on his choice of company, he did not seem like a man of virtue, either.

“Doctor, I can sign it.

I really can.

Ill be held responsible if anything happens,” the girl said determinedly.

Hmm Zheng Rens impression of the girl changed.

On many occasions, the significant others of car accident or weapon assault victims refused to acknowledge their relationships to the patient, but this girl was willing to take full responsibility for him.


Zheng Ren was not worried since Su Yun was supervising the operating room, so he followed up with a few more questions.

“Brother Kai is a good man.

He has worked hard to support his family since his father passed away early and his mother was bedridden,” the girl said, collecting herself, “Weve been together for two years already.

If everything goes according to plan, were going to get married next spring.

He has made a lot of friends since he has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to help others.

This time, he was about to lend his friend 30,000 yuan that we had saved up for our wedding.”

Zheng Ren nodded.

This was common among youth.

They usually learned from experience as they got older.

However, the man had to have been blind to call those folk his friends.

Perhaps a visit to the ophthalmology department to fix his eyes was in order.

“I was angry at him and refused to talk to him for several days.

I didnt know that he had been egged on by that group of friends and… this happened.” The girl kept her head lowered and continued wiping the tears streaming down her face.

“I was in the wrong, I shouldnt have fought with Brother Kai.”

Zheng Ren printed the preoperative documentation and other forms requiring signature.

He explained each one to her quickly but systematically.

The girl signed them without hesitation and addressed herself as his spouse in the relationship box.

What a decent girl, Zheng Ren thought.

“Ill give my best to save him and try to reduce the cost of surgery,” Zheng Ren said seriously.

The girl bowed deeply before leaving with the admission form for payment.

The paperwork complete, Zheng Ren made a phone call as he headed towards the operating room, notifying Su Yun to hold off preparing the operating table and anesthetic until his arrival.

Despite being unable to comprehend its reasoning, Su Yun carried out the order.

Professor Rudolf Wagner was still following Zheng Ren.

Curious, Zheng Ren asked, “Professor, are you going into surgery with me This is just an ordinary general surgery, theres nothing to see.”

“No, no, Zheng.

I just want to understand your beliefs and motivations.” The professor shook his head, looking artsy as usual.

“I was deeply moved by the documentary and would like to know more about you.”

Zheng Ren was fine with that.

He could not possibly dismiss a world-renowned professor, anyway.

If the man wanted to watch him perform surgery, so be it.

He had nothing to hide.

The young man was the problem.

Zheng Ren quickly outlined a proposal in his mind.

These situations were superfluous burdens to a surgeon.

Nevertheless, Zheng Ren liked helping out occasionally, like the traffic officer that had come to the emergency department last time…

After changing, Zheng Ren and Professor Rudolf Wagner entered the operating room

Su Yun was surprised to see the professor.

As he was about to question Zheng Ren, the latter approached the patient instead of scrubbing in, saying regretfully, “What a waste, hes still so young.”

Uh… Su Yun was stunned.

Was this not just a gastrointestinal perforation What was so unfortunate about that Was the patient going to die

However, he understood Zheng Rens intention immediately after.

“Yes, the chances of his survival are grim.

What about his family Does he have anybody” Su Yuns reaction was lightning-fast and he played along with Zheng Ren.

Zheng Ren made a hush motion to Chu Yanzhi to signal her to prepare for anesthesia before saying, “He has a sick mother at home and his fiancées outside panicking.

Sigh, even his gaggle offriends has left.

You tell me, why would he do this”

“So unfortunate.

If he dies at such a young age, who will take care of his mother”

Therell be no one to take care of her, so she might die of a heart attack after a few weeks,” Zheng Ren said, “A good family destroyed just like that.”

“Young man, keep your eyes open in the next life.” Su Yun stared closely at the patient, whose eyes looked lifeless.

Although his vitals on the monitor were fine, he resembled a corpse.

Zheng Ren gave another signal and Chu Yanran started administering the anesthetic.

A few seconds later, the patient was completely out.

“Chief Zheng, what are you trying to do” Su Yun asked disdainfully as he scrubbed in.

“I felt sorry, not for him, but for his mother and fiancée.” Zheng Ren sighed.

“Lets just try our best.

Itll be great if hes able to get out of this.

If he continues down his path, what we just said will come true sooner or later.”

Su Yun could not agree more.

Thus began another emergency surgery.

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