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Chapter 285: Answers (Part 1 of 4)

Professor Rudolph Wagners words fell on deaf ears with Zheng Ren, whose frozen smile did not change one bit.

Nothing happened.

The professor was at a loss.

This was not going as he had planned.

Professor Rudolph Wagner readily conceded that Heidelberg University ranked lower in research output compared to Stanford and Cambridge, but all three universities were in the same tier.

What more did this chief resident want

Did he think he was actually God just because he had miraculous hands

Zheng Ren started discussing the patient selection process with Department Chief Kong.

Patients never stopped coming to Imperial Capital Hospital.

It was an inexhaustible resource.

It was possible to get 20 liver cancer patients within a day, what more in a month.

The limiting factor would be the 64-slice CT scan 3D reconstructions as Zheng Ren would only visit Imperial Capital once a month.

Most of his time would be spent on reconstruction, not the surgery.

This was the problem Zheng Ren and Department Chief Kong were discussing.

They would have to consider speaking to Department Chief Chu about training several technicians to help out with the 3D reconstruction.

If Zheng Ren… Department Chief Kong refrained from asking him to stay in Imperial Capital again.

Every man had his own ambition.

To be so skilled, Zheng Ren likely had an IQ of at least 150.

Although he seemed to lack EQ, Department Chief Kong believed it was because the young doctor was wholly focused on his work.

The chief could only see all the good in Zheng Ren and did not bother questioning the young doctors decision.

Zheng Ren had not responded, so Professor Rudolph Wagner decided to cut to the chase.

“My dear Zheng, will you consider my offer”

“No, not for now,” Zheng Ren answered truthfully.

He liked the professors straightforwardness.

Professor Rudolph Wagner shrugged, his long, blond hair bobbing with the motion.

He could not understand why Zheng Ren would turn down such an invitation.

“Zheng, forgive my candor, but your current employment setting lacks the facilities for someone of your caliber,” Professor Rudolph Wagner remarked.

Zheng Ren nodded in agreement.

“If all goes as planned, we will get 3.5 million euros every year for the research.

If that is insufficient, I can find private donors.

Every year, there are foundations who wish to donate to my research.

I just need to make the call and it will be settled.”

Department Chief Kong was speechless.

Internally, he cursed at the German professor.

He had given his all to get Zheng Ren on his side, but the things he could offer were miniscule compared to that of a world-class professor.

Were he in Zheng Rens position… He would have chosen to talk to Professor Rudolph Wagner about their proposed collaboration.

Zheng Ren just smiled and said, “My esteemed Professor Rudolph, I take kindly to your offer.”

“Eh” The professor was confused.

Professor Rudolph could speak Mandarin but was not attuned to the intricacies of the language, how a shift in inflection could change the meaning of a word.

“This is my homeland and I have no wish to part with it for now,” Zheng Ren said firmly, his refusal final.

Wine glass in hand, Director Xiao had wanted to make a toast.

As he stood, he had overheard Professor Rudolph Wagner speaking about research funding and donations.

The numbers put in his mind mountains of gold and silver.

Although the offer had nothing to do with him, it had momentarily distracted him from the task at hand.

He stood there absentmindedly with a glass in hand.

It was an awkward sight to behold.

The office director gently tapped Director Xiao with his foot.

“Eh…” Director Xiao immediately woke from his stupor and put on a gracious smile.

“Our friends from afar…”

“With all due respect, director, please allow me a few minutes to convince Zheng.” Professor Rudolph Wagner was annoyed at the interruption.

Director Xiao was already lower than a speck of dust in Professor Rudolph Wagners eyes, and with this incident, his impression of the director only deteriorated.

Being rejected by Zheng Ren had been a blow to the professors pride.

The Nobel Prize was slipping from his grasp and now he had to be interrupted by this insignificant fool!

How awkward…

The mood at the table was tense.

Fortunately, Director Xiao was a seasoned veteran in managing social interactions.

He had not gotten to where he was without some people skills.

He did not sit down, as that would thoroughly soil his image.

His mind grasped for the right words and inspiration struck him.

“My respected professor, allow me to show you something that will assuage your doubts,” Director Xiao said dramatically, then signaled to the office director, who quickly left the room.

“Truly” Professor Rudolph Wagner said in disbelief.

“In this new era, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese people will be unstoppable.” Director Xiao managed to wrestle the conversation back on track.

Department Chief Kong was confused.

Why was Director Xiao delivering the opening lines of a meeting report

“I have here a documentary made by the local news network and print company.

Its about Sea City General Hospital.

Perhaps you will get your answers after watching it.”

Director Xiao delivered his lines with austerity.

The office director set up a projector and started playing the documentary on the canteens large screen.

It was the one that Zheng Ren had briefly seen upon returning from Imperial Capital.

It was immersive and captivating, lended to by the quality projector and sound system.

Professor Rudolph Wagner turned to watch, wondering why this young doctor with the hands of God had refused his offer.

After a short prologue, the scene opened with blaring ambulance sirens.

The video showcased the mass poisoning ordeal of Sea City General Hospital.

Chief Kong was surprised—nitrite poisoning And Zheng Ren had had to deal with such a rare event

At this point, Professor Rudolph Wagner had fully turned his chair around to have a better view.

Director Xiao let out a sigh of relief and gave the office director an approving nod.

Were he honest with himself, Director Xiao had no idea what the documentary depicted.

He had only brought it up as he could not think of any other way to resolve the situation.

However, he ended up being stunned by it himself.

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