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Chapter 258: I Have A Suggestion (Part 2 of 5)

The recruitment process of Straits Hospital was much more detailed than Su Yuns description.

Publishing papers was just one of many other criteria.

Even though Straits Hospital was entirely owned and funded by Americans, it was still run by the top medical manager in China.

Journals that were popular among local PhD graduates such as PLOS ONE and Scientific Reports were excluded from the list.

No amount of papers published on them would earn any extra credit.


The reviewing criteria of these journals had relaxed, which made them lose their prestige.

Pay-to-publish journals no longer had value.

The impact factor of PLOS ONE had fallen below 3, according to the years latest figures.

The New England Journal of Medicine that Su Yun had mentioned… it was first on the list with an impact factor of 72.4, outdoing The Lancet which had an impact factor of 47.83.

If these were to be taken into account when calculating an annual salary, the figure that Li Xiaochen came up with was so vast that he was left dumbfounded.

It was the same as that of an American professor… No, it exceeded that by leagues…

The balance of the ecosystem in Straits Hospital would be demolished.

Su Yuns words put an end to Li Xiaochens recruitment plans.

“Congratulations, Brother Yun.

Ill be the first to read your article once its published,” Li Xiaochen said, laughing.

There was not an ounce of humility in Su Yuns words.

“Itll be very soon.”

He lifted his head and looked directly at Li Xiaochen.

“Youre trying to recruit Mr.

Zheng, right Im pretty sure its beyond your authority to grant him the amount he deserves.

Let me give you a piece of advice: if you really want him, get him as soon as possible.

His net worth will only grow over time, until one day no amount of capital you have behind you will be able to afford him.”

Zhao Yunlong and Wang Lu sighed gently.

Wang Lu, especially, was dealing with a storm of emotions roiling within him.

From Brother Yuns words, recruiting Zheng Ren would need them to pull out all the stops and drop all pretenses of negotiation, or else even their American hospital would lose the opportunity forever.

Tsk tsk, if there ever was a living embodiment of confidence, it would be him.

Li Xiaochen nodded with a smile.

As he made to refill his glass, his phone rang.

As he was in the middle of dinner, Li Xiaochen had his phone put on silent mode, sparing it a glance at most and rejecting the call if it was unimportant.

It was basic business etiquette and Li Xiaochen followed it to the letter.

However, after seeing the caller ID, his face turned serious and he excused himself.

“Its from an old friend.

I have to take this, sorry.”

It was the upper management of a prominent international headhunting firm.

“Sure, go ahead.” Zhao Yunlong was not bothered by the interruption.

He filled Su Yuns glass before his own and they both continued drinking.

Li Xiaochen left the private room and answered the call in a remote, quiet corner.

“Li, Ive got leads on the information you want,” the caller said..



Mehar is very interested in the surgery performed by the young man youre following.

As you know, Dr.

Mehar couldnt attend the Nobel Prize award ceremony because of that damned prostate.”

“…” In that moment, countless possibilities assailed Li Xiaochens mind.

“Professor Rudolf Wagner has booked a flight to Imperial Capital three days from now,” the caller continued.

“This information costs a hundred thousand US dollars.”

“Okay, Ill transfer it to your account as soon as possible.” There was a rare solemn expression on Li Xiaochens face.


Mehar was a godlike figure.

He was the most influential judge on the panel of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and his opinion held the greatest weight.

Why had Professor Rudolf Wagner returned to Imperial Capital in such a hurry Could it be that Dr.

Mehar had also taken an interest in this whelp from Sea City

Li Xiaochen shuddered at the thought of a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

That was impossible.

He instantly dismissed the ridiculous thought.

Still, what amount could possibly tempt Zheng Ren before Professor Rudolf Wagner arrived in Imperial Capital

1.5 million yuan after tax reduction seemed meager after conversion to US dollars.

Nevertheless, all the American doctors in Straits Hospital had an annual salary below a million yuan.

Would it trigger a negative chain reaction if they discovered that a young doctor, not even in his thirties, was being paid so astronomically

Li Xiaochen suddenly recalled Su Yuns words.

The pretty boy was right; this matter was beyond his authority and he had to leave it to the board to make the call.

After pondering for a few minutes, he dialed the chairmans number.

“Su Yun, were you being serious” Zhao Yunlong asked after half a glass of alcohol.

At this point, only Zhao Yunlong could keep up with Su Yuns drinking.

Wang Lu and the other chief residents had already reached their limit.

Any more alcohol would end up in a hangover the next day.

The physical suffering was one thing, but no one was willing to bear the consequences if it affected their performance.

“What do you think” Su Yun answered scornfully, in a tone that Zheng Ren would find familiar were he around to hear it.

“Youre doing really well.

All your bosses are so talented.”

“Were it not for me, he would need at least ten more years in order to publish a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine,” Su Yun said.

“Im so envious.

Do you think Mr.

Zheng still needs an assistant” Zhao Yunlong asked half-jokingly.

Su Yun scoffed.

“A general surgeon working as the chief resident of the emergency department, about to publish a paper on interventional surgery, now with two leading cardiothoracic surgeons as his assistants Are you kidding me Besides, whos going to pick up from the cardiothoracic department”

Zhao Yunlong burst into laughter.

This Mr.

Zheng was truly fascinating! None of the departments that Su Yun mentioned overlapped.

Zheng Ren was not bound by the mortal rules of specialization.

What an incredible man!


They continued to chat for a while before Li Xiaochen returned with a smile on his face.

Despite the mans cheerfulness, Su Yun could see the anxiety under his facade.

Getting an idea, Su Yun grinned and said, “Director Li, I know you want to recruit Mr.


Is it above your pay grade”

Li Xiaochen did not shy away from his question and nodded.

Honesty was sometimes the best way forward.

“I can give you a suggestion..

Whether or not it works depends on how you play it out,” Su Yun teased.

Li Xiaochen straightened his back seriously.

“Please share, Brother Yun.”

“Wang Lu also knows about this.

Boss Zheng has his own personal scrub nurse.”

Wang Lu nodded in agreement, still not over the shock from Su Yun mentioning at the operating table that the scrub nurse had yet to arrive.

At first, he had thought Su Yun was just bragging, but now it seemed strange for Zheng Ren not to have a personal scrub nurse.

“You mean if I want to recruit Mr.

Zheng, Ill have to hire his entire team” Li Xiaochens eyes lit up instantly.

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