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Chapter 208: A Round of Applause (Part 5 of 5)


Gu, Mr.

Zheng had just finished his last surgery and is probably doing manual compression right now.

Hell be here soon,” said the secretary, Li Haitao, upon recognizing and approaching Professor Gu.

“Please have a seat, hell be here in a few minutes.”

In the operating theater, Su Yun was administering manual compression while Zheng Ren sat calmly in the operating console room.

His radiation-proof lead apron was absorbed back into the System.

The light blue surgical isolation gown he had on was whole shades darker from being soaked in sweat.

The surgery had gone smoothly, which was in line with Zheng Rens predictions.

The heat from the wound in his left shoulder was bothering him greatly, though.

He had already felt burnt out after wrapping up his first surgery two hours ago.

Even though he was well-protected by the lead apron, he had no energy left to continue.

Zheng Ren felt dejected; he had initially planned to try his best to complete the [The First Stage of The Great Beginning] mission.

He decided to enter the System to restore his strength in the brief window where Su Yun was still applying manual compression to the patient.

If this failed, Zheng Ren would rather give up on the mission despite his anticipation.

He would not operate in the condition he was in.

As a medical professional, integrity was fundamental.

Zheng Ren still had that in him.

After entering the System, Zheng Ren realized that his recovery in it was extremely slow.

It would be impossible for him to get back on his feet within such a short period of time.

Alas, the surgery would have to go on without him.

In his disappointment, the bottle of energy elixir that had been left forgotten in the corner caught his eye.

The elixir had been given to Zheng Ren as a reward for one of the Systems earliest missions, but who was he but part of the new generation of surgeons, born and raised under the red flag

How could he carelessly drink a strange liquid without knowing its contents

‘What if I transformed into a mutant Zheng Ren wondered.

Nevertheless, Zheng Ren continued to stare at the energy elixir, thinking.

He remembered seeing the energy elixir being sold in the Systems store.

Time was running out, and Zheng Ren had already established a basic trust with the System.

Should he give it a try

Once the thought popped in his mind, he could not resist the temptation.

The reward for the first stage of [Emerging Talent] was a Master-level skill book, which included loads of experience points and extended completion times.

It also came with a golden chest, but Zheng Ren had forgotten about that.

He was willing to take the risk for that many chips on the table.

Of course, one reason he could accept such a risk was that the Systems track record being fairly reliable from the start.

Zheng Ren picked up the energy elixir and uncorked it.

It smelled minty.

Zheng Ren was not particularly fond of it, but did not hate it either.

He took a sip and found the taste acceptable.

After almost a minute, Zheng Ren did not feel any discomfort but felt slightly more clear-headed.

‘Forget it, thought Zheng Ren.

He prayed that the System would not let him down… the energy elixir could have been designed for an alien being, and he had a weak body…

Fear crept into him the more he dithered.

In the end, he stopped thinking, tipped his head, and downed the bottle of energy elixir.

Instantly, a refreshing sensation trickled down his spine and rose back up to the rear of his skull before he felt an explosion inside, as if fireworks were going off in every corner of his body.

The discomfort on his left shoulder was still there.

The energy elixir had no effect on external wounds.

However, all the symptoms of his fever and the soreness of his inflamed shoulder seemed to have gone away.

He felt invigorated, so much so that he could perform ten surgeries back-to-back.

As Su Yun turned to stop Zheng Ren from risking his life, he saw a whole new person appear in front of him, fully energized.

He was perplexed, unable to fathom how the man had managed to recuperate within a mere 10-minute window.

Zheng Ren was in overdrive in his subsequent surgeries.

As soon as he finished with one patient, they were immediately put onto a stretcher trolley for Su Yun to stop their bleeding via manual compression.

Zheng Ren wasted no time shifting into the next surgery, one after another.

After Su Yun wrapped things up and handed the patient over to the interventional radiology department doctor to be warded, Zheng Ren was already halfway through the next surgery.

He operated in full swing for the next three hours.

Su Yuns fringe was soaked in sweat, his energy reserve almost empty.

Even though Zheng Ren had consumed a bottle of energy elixir, he was in a similar situation.

His energy was being rapidly depleted.

Fortunately, he managed to flawlessly execute the last surgery despite it being the toughest procedure of the day.


Zheng, have a sip of water.” The operator passed Zheng Ren a bottle of mineral water, which he saw through bleary eyes.

“Thank you,” Zheng Ren accepted it and attempted a smile, then tried to twist it open with his right hand.

His hand slipped from both sweat and exhaustion.

The cap remained sealed.

Zheng Ren chuckled; it was all he could do.

Being sick… was truly unpleasant.

“My bad, Mr.

Zheng.” The operator retrieved the bottle and opened it for him.

Zheng Ren felt much better after a few mouthfuls of water.

“Youre incredible, Mr.

Zheng!” The operator gave him a thumbs up.

Zheng Ren laughed.

“I may not have any experience performing surgery, but Ive seen enough to recognize a good one,” the operator said seriously.

There were many aspects to consider when it came to evaluating a surgery.

The interventional surgery operator, anesthesiologist, and scrub nurse had the most objective views.

Mutual flattery between surgeons had no real value.

An anesthesiologist saying that a surgeon had done a great job implied an above-average performance.

If the scrub nurse also had the same opinion, that surgeon was a true professional.

Scrub nurses paychecks were the lowest of all.

Their salary only reached double digits after being on their feet for several hours.

That was why they wished that surgeries end as soon as possible.

When an average surgeon entered their operating theater, nurses expressions would immediately sour.

Experienced scrub nurses would never pair up with subpar surgeons as it would simply be a waste of time.

This applied to the interventional radiology department as well.

There was no operator in the Sea City General Hospital.

Zheng Ren had always dealt with his own machines during surgery.

Normally, operators would observe a great deal of surgeries, even more so than any one surgeon by far.

After seeing so many of them, they naturally understood the basic principles of the procedure.

Even though Mr.

Zheng came from Sea City on the far side of the border, his performance was outstanding.

Among other qualities of a surgery, efficiency was a basic requirement.

More importantly, he had a steady stance.

Zheng Ren executed techniques that most operators would find challenging so elegantly that he made them look easy.

“With your skill, you dont have to stay put in Sea City,” the operator said, chuckling, “You would definitely be able to secure an annual salary of a million yuan if you chose to go to any big city in the south, or even Tier 2 cities such as Zhongshan and Zhuhai.”

A million yuan.

Money was the most direct measure of his skillset.

Zheng Ren laughed.

“We just established the emergency ward back in my hometown.

I cant leave now.”

The operator would never know what Zheng Ren truly thought.

It was not a good idea to share everything with a person he barely knew.

Both of them continued to chat until Su Yun finished moving the patient onto the stretcher trolley, allowing the interventional radiology department doctor to take over from there.

Zheng Ren then stood and stretched lightly before saying with a smile, “Thank you for your assistance, I hope to see you again.”

After the usual formalities, Zheng Ren left the operating console room and headed straight to the demonstration room.

Su Yun kept his head lowered, either from exhaustion or in speculation as to what had gotten into Zheng Ren that allowed him to complete seven surgeries in a row, especially with the wound in his shoulder.

Zheng Ren knocked on the door out of habit when he reached the demonstration room before pushing it open.

“Clap…” There was thunderous applause as he entered.

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