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Chapter 177: Boss Zheng

The Hongqi dived into a sea of cars in Imperial Capital and headed slowly to its destination.

Around an hour later, they arrived at a hospital located between West Fourth Ring Road and West Fifth Ring Road.

Instead of using the front entrance, the car drove directly to a row of old buildings in the northwest corner through the back door.

Although it was early winter, the vines still grew strong and added a tinge of greenish-yellow amongst a vast blanket of white.

“Youll stay here.

Its not far from the institute, so itll be more convenient for you,” Professor Pei kindly said after the Hongqi parked in front of a small building.

Feng Xuhui followed the Hongqi to the front of the building.

When he entered through the back door, he instantly became excited.

This was not a guest house.

It was a realm where all legends with amazing hidden talents stayed.

Countless memories started flowing into his mind.

One year, someone had treated a disease here.

In another, a doctor enrolled in a healthcare department had lived here as well.

Although it was not as luxurious as a five-star hotel, Feng Xuhui would have still chosen this place without the slightest hesitation.

As Feng Xuhui followed the Hongqi closer to the inconspicuous building, his eyes became increasingly brighter, and his grip on the steering wheel tightened as well.

He indeed had the aura of a protagonist to have actually met a rising star in Sea City, a god-forsaken place, on his first sale.

No one else had the luck as he did!

‘I must seize this opportunity, Feng Xuhui decided.

The check-in at the guest house not only required an identity card, but also a letter of introduction, which was an antiquated item.

Fortunately, Professor Pei had prepared such a letter for Zheng Ren.

Once the tedious check-in procedures were complete, Professor Pei bid goodbye and said that he would wait for Zheng Ren at the institute the next morning.

It was no secret that the hospital had a national-level base for experiments, also known as a research institute.

Zheng Ren expected that the research project would be conducted there.

After Professor Pei left, Feng Xuhui took Zheng Ren and Su Yuns luggage and went upstairs, unwilling to release his grip.

Zheng Ren was helpless.

Why would he even need help when he was a perfectly healthy man

“Get used to it,” Su Yun said with his head lowered, seemingly reading Zheng Rens thoughts, “Your ability gave you the right to stay here, and that alone was enough for Manager Feng to realize your value.”

“Okay.” Zheng Ren did not care what Manager Feng thought of him, nor was he curious about the uniqueness of this place.

He casually acknowledged and followed Feng Xuhui up the stairs.

The architecture of the two-story building was sturdy and simple, and the design of the former Soviet Union was easily recognizable at first glance.

Despite its great antiquity, it was very clean and refreshing.

After sending both gentlemen upstairs, Feng Xuhui invited them to dinner but was politely rejected by Zheng Ren.

Left with no choice, he repeatedly told Zheng Ren to call him if something happened.

Zheng Ren, who was used to living in peace and quiet, found it difficult to adapt to Manager Fengs enthusiasm, but he acknowledged the kind offer regardless and saw the man off.

He unpacked his luggage and went for a shower before unpacking an anatomy book of the urinary system for revision.

Then, a voice came out of the next room when he was only a few pages in.

Had Su Yun courted the young girl at the front desk when they had first arrived at Imperial Capital

If something went wrong under his watch, he would have to suffer the shame of troubling Professor Pei.

Thus, with no envy in his heart, he opened the door to investigate.

His speculation was wrong.

A few men in their thirties stood at the doorstep, and one of them was in a white coat with a red stethoscope hanging around his neck.

Su Yun merely stood at the door and spoke to them without inviting them into the house.

What was going on

Upon noticing Zheng Ren, Su Yun pointed at him and said, “He is my new boss.

Talk to him if you need anything, and dont bother me.”

“Hey, Su Yun, I havent seen you in years, and youre still acting like a dog with rapid mood swings.” The doctor with the stethoscope looked annoyed.

“You said you wanted to return to practice medicine or establish a pet medical center if you were unhappy, and yet in less than two years, here you are.

Who are you trying to impress now”

“Lets go out for dinner.

I havent seen you in a long time; you b*stard, you still havent changed a bit,” said another man in a hoodie.

“You arrogant brat, you found a new boss in Sea City Many professors in Imperial Capital wanted to recruit you, but you turned all of them down.

Pooh! Come on, lets go out together.”

Su Yun remained quiet.

His black bangs flowed across his forehead.

Zheng Ren assumed that they were Su Yuns friends.

He was unsure of how they had caught wind of Su Yuns trip to Imperial Capital and visited him so soon.

That was strange.

The sharp-tongued nancy boy actually had friends.

Zheng Ren was still unaware of his own limitations as he simultaneously failed to observe that a blockhead like him had also gained new friends, and perhaps… maybe… a girlfriend, soon.

“Boss, are you going” asked Su Yun.

The moment Su Yun spoke, Zheng Ren seemed to notice a sneer at the corners of his lips.

That was a strange expression, and Zheng Ren was unable to comprehend its meaning.

Besides, why had the nancy boy addressed him as “boss”

Normally, medical postgraduate students referred to their lecturers as “boss”, but of course, teachers or masters were acceptable titles as well, depending on the lecturers preferences.

However, Su Yuns so-called “boss” appeared younger than himself, perhaps only in his twenties.

The b*stards nonsense was getting outrageous.

“Hey, can you just come with us If you keep rejecting us any further, Ill show you no mercy with my Pegasus Meteor Fist.” Red Stethoscope playfully punched Su Yuns chest.

Zheng Ren shook his head, but before he could return to his revision, Su Yun darted toward him and grabbed his arm.

“Lets go for dinner,” said Su Yun.

“You guys go ahead, Im going to read my book.” Zheng Ren declined.

However, he was soon overwhelmed by the groups enthusiastic invitation.

They were also curious as to why Su Yun lacked the humility and courtesy toward the young man whom he claimed to be his boss.

Zheng Ren had no choice but to accept.

Fortunately, the System had given him memories of three thousand prostate anatomical dissections, so he was not worried about the Q&A session in the laboratory tomorrow.

He presumed that it would involve a process similar to that of a graduation thesis.

Anyone who passed the test would be able to stay for the research project.

As for its details, Zheng Ren had no idea what they were.

Since it was still early, he presumed that the group would find a place to sit down for chit-chat.

Just as they were about to leave in excitement, someones phone suddenly rang.

Red Stethoscope took out his phone and accepted the call.

After a brief conversation, he said apologetically, “A patient from my hometown was scheduled for morning consultation, but arrived only this evening.

Im going to make arrangements and change my attire in the meantime.

Wait for me.”

“Lets go together.

It has been a long time since I was last here.” Su Yun, who seemed unbothered, grabbed Zheng Ren and followed the group to the outpatient building.

It was crowded in the Imperial Capital hospital.

Zheng Ren had once heard that a registration number for specialist consultation sold by the ticket scalper cost between three to five thousand yuan.

However, with the development of transport systems such as high-speed rail and commercial aviation in todays world, more people had started swarming into Imperial Capital to seek treatment, unfazed by its sky-high medical charges.

They weaved through the crowd and arrived at the outpatient department on the fourth floor.

Red Stethoscope then made a phone call to locate the patient from his hometown.

She was an emaciated girl in her early twenties.

Her skeletal appearance was a depressing sight.

Zheng Ren was puzzled when he read through the patients details on the upper right corner of his vision.

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