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He lifted Chang Yue onto the stretcher and brought the electrocardiogram downstairs.

The elevator was narrow.

After securing Chang Yue in place, the elevator was placed diagonally in the middle.

It was only then that Zheng Ren felt his legs go soft.

He looked at Su Yun.

The black hair on her forehead was no longer as flirtatious as before, and it drooped listlessly in front of her.

He held Chang Yues hand as if he could save her by doing so.

Su Yuns finger was placed on Chang Yues radial artery.

Her long and thin eyes were squinted as she stared at the various data on the ECG monitor.

He held an oxygen bag with his other hand and pumped oxygen into Chang Yues nose.

After Chang Yue was carried into the ambulance, Zheng Ren and Su Yun squeezed in.

Tang Haitao recalled what happened when he first went in and was shocked.

Zheng Ren called the 912 emergency department directly, and Tang Haitao called the 120 Emergency Center.

This was the most time-saving method, and it saved dozens of seconds for the emergency Center to dispatch.

Tang Haitao still remembered that he ran as fast as an Antelope avoiding leopards on the African plains.

The 120 ambulance drove all the way to boss Zhengs house with a sharp ringing sound.

However, when he went in, he saw boss Zheng and Brother Yun doing CPR.

They had injected a lot of epinephrine, dexamethasone, and dopamine, and they had already reached the stage of using salamander.

In fact, Saleen was not important, but boss Zheng had not forgotten this detail.

This was a mental strength that had been tempered after many major resuscitation attempts.

Tang Haitao recalled that boss Zheng had a set of incision equipment with him.

What a bunch of perverts.

What were they trying to do by preparing things for emergency treatment at home She even had the ability to cut open bags.

He was really speechless.

The ambulance drove back to 912 hospital quickly and steadily.

There was limited space in the ambulance, so Zheng Ren, Su Yun, and Xie Yi had to squeeze in, making the space narrow.

Zheng Ren patted Su Yuns shoulder and consoled her softly,””Im fine now.

Su Yun nodded.

The black hair on her forehead moved weakly, as if she was responding to Zheng Ren.

His mouth moved, but not a single word came out.

Su Yun was so nervous that her nerves and muscles were spasming, and she lost her voice.

Zheng Ren patted his shoulder hard and did not say anything else.

Chang Yue was sent to the emergency room.

Her vital signs had stabilized, her heart rate had dropped, and her blood pressure had risen.

When she was carried onto the hospital bed, Chang Yue opened her eyes weakly and looked around.

“Im fine.

Have a good rest.

” Zheng Ren consoled.

Su Yun held Chang Yues hand with both hands, refusing to let go.

Zheng Ren could vaguely feel the astonished and hostile gazes of the young nurses around him.

Their gazes were as sharp as daggers, stabbing Chang Yues body.

“Boss Zheng, do you think theres anything else we need to do” Tang Haitao asked respectfully.

“Not for the time being.

The allergic shock has been relieved.

Its just a symptom.” Zheng Ren nodded and said softly,”Yiren, you do it.”

He called Xie Yiren out of the emergency room and asked,”What did Chang Yue eat”

Xie Yirens forehead and sideburns were covered in sweat.

Zheng Ren felt that his question was a little harsh.

Out of respect for his life, he squeezed out a smile.”Yiren, your reaction just now was very timely.”

“The community Hospital is closer.” Xie Yiren hugged Zheng Rens arm, and Zheng Ren could feel her heart beating extremely fast.

“Sit down and talk.

What has your sister Yue been eating recently” Zheng Ren asked.

“Is sister Yue alright” Xie Yiren asked after they sat down.

“He should be fine.

The most urgent allergic reaction has passed.

As long as the right symptoms are present … He just needs to observe for 24 hours.” “The next step is to find the source of the allergy,” Zheng Ren said gently.”To prevent Chang Yue from having another allergic reaction.”

“I … Ill have stir-fried meat with chili for the rice.

I bought the chili and meat from a familiar stall.

I dont see anything special.” Xie Yiren said.

She held onto Zheng Rens arm like a koala bear and refused to let go.

They were all scared out of their wits just now.

The fact that Xie Yiren didnt follow Zheng Rens instructions to guard the elevator at the critical moment and ran to the community Hospital downstairs to get a first aid kit proved that she had a strong heart.

However, no matter how big the heart was, when they calmed down and thought about it, they would still feel fear.

The slightest mistake could lead to Chang Yues death.

Zheng Ren patted Xie Yirens head.

He straightened his back like a mountain and let her lean on his shoulder.

Zheng Ren did not rush Yiren and waited quietly.

If Chang Yuexing didnt drink water for a few hours, he would have enough time to find the source of the allergy.

“I bought her a piece of fruit cake this afternoon.

I ate it too.

Its nothing.” Xie Yiren recalled.”The two of us often go to that restaurant to eat.

Lin Yuan also ate a piece.”

Zheng Ren nodded and called Lin Yuan.

There was nothing on the other side, but Lin Yuan felt that something was amiss.

His boss called in the middle of the night just to ask about a piece of fruit cream cake

However, before she could ask anything else, Zheng Ren had already hung up.

“Then, when we bought the ingredients, we had two beef skewers.

They each ate a stone egg and drank a glass of mango juice.

Well … Each of them ate a piece of durian pastry …”

Zheng Ren then heard a long list of food.

This was the first time he realized that Xie Yiren and Chang Yue had to eat so much when they went to the market.

It was no wonder Chang Yue kept failing to lose weight.

It would be strange if she did not gain weight by eating like this.

However, according to Xie Yiren, they often visited these restaurants, and Chang Yue had eaten there before.

The most recent time was last night when he went to the market.

There shouldnt be any problems.

“Thats strange.” Zheng Ren frowned and pondered.

“What medicine is she taking”

“Cold medicine and amoxicillin.” Xie Yiren said.

Looking at Chang Yues reaction, it was very similar to an allergic reaction to penicillin.

However, it seemed like Chang Yue had been taking penicillin for a few days.

When did he see the diagnosis of pneumonia on the system panel It should have been three days ago.

“Did the amoxicillin get a new batch”

“No, I just bought a box.

I havent finished it yet.”

It shouldnt be about the medicine, but what was the problem Zheng Ren began to build up the process of the day from scratch.

He would have breakfast in the morning, go to the community Hospital for ward rounds, check on patients, and perform surgeries.

In the afternoon, Chang Yue would write medical records while he sat by the window and read.

Everything was fine.

Before they went home, Chang Yue and Xie Yiren went to buy some groceries to cook.

It seemed like Yiren didnt ask her to go to the kitchen, so Chang Yue was watching TV on the sofa.

The only time he was out of sight was the time when he and Yiren brought Blackie out for a walk.

No, it seemed like …

“Zheng Ren, have you thought of something” Xie Yiren asked in a low voice.

“Uh …” Zheng Ren muttered to himself.

His train of thought had been interrupted by Xie Yi, but he immediately found that point again.

“Su Yun!” Zheng Ren extended his head and called out to Su Yun, who was in the emergency resuscitation room.

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