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After leaving Department Director Kongs office, Zheng Ren was leisurely reading a book and summarizing and reflecting on the use of the medical forceps.

That bizarre thought had already planted a seed in his heart.

It began to take root and sprout.

After reading for a while, Zheng Ren suddenly remembered that cui Lao was making a house call today.

There were too many things to do, and he always forgot this and that.

Zheng Ren finally understood why rich bosses always had a Secretary.

When he thought of his Secretary, he immediately thought of the little Secretary beside Qin Tang who was wearing a tight skirt.

“Tsk, tsk.” Zheng Ren sighed.

When he arrived at the emergency department, he saw that Zhou Litao was busy.

He always said that he was going to accompany cui Lao, but in the end, it became accompanying Zhou Litao.

Now, Zheng Ren felt that the mosaic on Zhou Litaos face was much lighter, and even the small freckles on his face could be seen clearly.

“Chief Zhou, are you busy” When he saw Zhou Litao, Zheng Ren greeted him warmly.

“Boss Zheng, youre here.” “Accompanying cui Lao on a house call” Zhou Litao chuckled.

“I was free, so I came to see cui Lao.

Are you feeling better”

“Its fine now, cui Lao is in the clinic.

Boss Zheng, wheres big brother Yun” Zhou Litao asked, a little embarrassed.

Zheng Ren took a glance.

Today seemed to be more free, Zhou Litao must be bored.

“Why are you looking for him”

“I just wanted to ask about the perfume.” Zhou Litao leaned over and whispered,”if our hardware cant do it, well use other things to make up for it.

After all, Ill be looking for a girlfriend as soon as Im done with my work as a chief resident.

“Hes busy.

You can ask him on WeChat.

” Zheng Ren smiled honestly.

Zheng Ren was unable to understand Zhou Litaos obsession with his girlfriend.

This was called a full man not knowing the hunger of a hungry man.

When they arrived at the door of cui Laos consultation room, there was a man in his 30s who was about to enter with a registration ticket.

Zheng Ren was behind him, so he was not in a hurry and walked into the clinic.

“Doctor Zheng, youre here.” Cui Lao raised his head and greeted Zheng Ren before he started to receive patients.

Zheng Ren found a chair behind cui Lao and sat down.

“Where do you feel uncomfortable” Cui Lao asked kindly.

“Doctor, I have a problem here.” The young man sat down, rolled up his sleeves, and said anxiously.

Under his sleeves, there was a simple bandage.

There were traces of oozing liquid on the White bandage, and it looked a little serious.

Zheng Ren was stunned for a moment and looked at the mans system panel carefully.

The diagnosis was simple: mild rabies.

How did this happen Zheng Ren was a little confused.

If it was severe rabies, then it was fine.

No matter what illness it was, as long as it was severe, it was not easy to cure.

But it was mild, and it was only rabies.

What the hell was a effusion

“Open it and take a look.” Cui Lao said calmly.

The middle – aged man opened the bandages layer by layer, revealing a shocking sight.

A black scab with a diameter of about six to eight centimeters was seen with a pale yellow liquid oozing out.

Is this freaking rabies Although Zheng Ren had his suspicions and was repeatedly slapped in the face by the pig trotter, he could not help but question it when he saw the wound.

“How did you do it” Cui Lao wasnt in a hurry and asked slowly.

“Doctor, Im … Sigh.” The man sighed and said,””I just flew back from the United States to see this illness.”

“A month ago, I had a rash.

I didnt notice it at first, but after two or three days, I couldnt stand it.

“Im going to the nearby Community Hospital.

Its too busy there and they said I need to make an appointment.

After that, I went to the best hospital in the area and was treated by an old doctor.

” The man said angrily.

Cui Lao was experienced in the battlefield and didnt interrupt his long – winded narration.

The patient was angry, and it was the kind of anger that had not subsided even after traveling eight thousand kilometers.

If he didnt vent it out, there might be problems.

“Go to the doctor at the scheduled time.

She was very kind, just like my grandmother.

In modern terms, its a smile thats like an old mother.

” The mans expression was very strange.

It was not anger, but it was not gratitude either.

Zheng Ren felt that he had been led astray by Su Yun.

He was actually interested in such gossip.

Why did the man have such a strange expression on his face

He looked at the man carefully, trying to find some clues from his micro – expression.

“I described the basic condition to her, and then she … Took out a book and started to flip through it.”

Zheng Ren was speechless.

If he were to read a book while he was seeing a doctor, he would probably be beaten to death within a year.

“What book is it” Cui Lao was used to this and asked gently.

“Doctor, Im in the field of Bioengineering, so Ive read that book before.

Its a textbook for medical students.”

“What happened after that”

“She found the chapter on skin disease and read it carefully.

It was much more detailed than when I was in school.” The man didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He was still a little angry, but it was better to say it out loud.

“After looking at it for ten minutes, she still couldnt find the answer.

So, she turned on the computer and began to play the ancient dog game.”

Zheng Ren did not expect that the other side would treat the patient in this way.

The worlds best doctors, Best Hospitals, and best research institutions were there.

Although this middle – aged patient would definitely not go to the best private hospital to see a doctor, he would not go to the extent of reading textbooks and surfing the internet.

This was no different from some patients with no medical knowledge going online first.

Cui Lao glanced at the middle – aged patients arm and sighed.

“Ive been searching the internet for more than ten minutes, but she probably didnt find anything.

She just gave me some medicine and told me to leave.” The middle – aged man said in distress,”Ive taken medicine at home, but it doesnt seem to be any better.” After that, he would go for one, two, and three follow – up visits.

“Do you still remember the name of the medicine” Cui Lao asked.

“I dont remember.” The middle – aged man said,”but during my fifth follow – up, which was three days ago, she wanted to give me hormones!” At that time, my arm had already become like this.

Ive asked my classmates in China and they all suggested that I come back as soon as possible.

“I cant care about that anymore.

If BOSS doesnt give me leave, Ill resign.

I dont have to amputate my leg in the future, right”

After telling the truth, the middle – aged patients mood calmed down a lot.

“Are there any other rashes on your body” “Let me see,” cui Lao said.

“Theres one here too.

” The man rolled up his sleeves, and a few more red flashes of rabies appeared in front of him.

“Rash.” Cui Lao took a look and said, “Ill give you some medicine.

Youll be fine after you take it at home.

As for that broken wound, you should come and change the medicine on time.

“…” The middle – aged patient was taken aback.

Cui Laos nonchalance made him feel a little uncertain.

“Its a typical case of rabies.

Go back and take your medicine.

Youll be fine in three days.

However, itll probably take about half a month for the broken land to slowly recover.

Although the middle – aged patient was skeptical, he did not question it.

He obediently took the receipt and left after collecting the medicine.

There was nothing much to say about this patient.

He had just met an inexperienced doctor and was … In trouble.

A rash could be seen by any doctor in any hospital.

[Note: This was told by a friend who came back from the United States for an appendectomy.

Under his strong suggestion, the friend flew back to see the doctor.] He would be fine in three days, but the scab on his arm would take a long time to heal.

It should be true.

At the very least, it was true that he had flown back to do the appendectomy.

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