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He cursed in his heart.

This F * cking Su Yun, he F * cking set a trap for him again.

What hurt Zhao Wenhua the most was that they didnt even bother to put on a show.

In the end, they didnt even try to be perfunctory and directly “reconciled”.

Zhao Wenhua immediately suppressed his anger.

In his heart, he once again turned his smile into a mask and put it on his face.

“Director, boss Zheng, Im going down,” he said with a smile.

As he watched Zhao Wenhua leave, Department Director Kong shook his head slightly and asked,”Boss Zheng, the patients surgery was a success, right”


Take out two fresh bolts.” “Ill give you the details when the situation permits,” Zheng Ren said.”Ill report to you in private.”

Department Director Kong nodded with a smile.

After the surgery, the patient woke up from anesthesia and was sent back.

“Old he, whats so special about the patient” Su Yun moved to old hes side and asked softly.

“I didnt see him!” Old he spread out his hands and said,”for this kind of surgery, Ill definitely only keep an eye on the monitor and ventilator.

Ill have to administer the medicine myself.

Im really too busy to talk.”

Su Yun glanced at Mr.

He and didnt say anything.

She sent neuir back to the ward.

“Boss, the plane tickets have been booked.

Neuir requested to leave the capital immediately.” The professor said.

“Theres still a bit of risk.

“He thinks its more risky to stay here.” The professor was a little disdainful, but he still told the truth.

“Then you send him to the plane and prepare enough medicine.

By the way, get Chang Yue to sign the medical records and other things before you leave.

” Zheng Ren warned.

It took half an hour for the ambulance to take neuir to the Imperial International Airport.

As the ambulance left, Su Yun asked,””Boss, you can tell me now, right Look at how nervous he is, is he a spy”

“What spy, its the lack of the cerebellum.” “Lets go and report to Department Director Kong,”Zheng Ren said.

As they spoke, the two of them went to Department Director Kongs office.

“Chief.” Zheng Ren bowed slightly in embarrassment.

“Have a seat.” “Whats wrong”Department Director Kong said with a smile.

“The patient has a congenital cerebellum deficiency.” Zheng Ren said.

Department Director Kong was stunned.

Even though this was the second time he had heard of it, Su Yun still found it unbelievable.

Most of these patients were infants or children with severe mental disorders, epilepsy, cerebral edema, and other CNS disorders.

In extremely rare cases, adult patients of such diseases can be found.

However, detailed information on the nervous system had not been found in living adult patients.

Usually, complete cerebellum underdeveloped was found in autopsies.

However, there were very few cases where an adults cerebellum was missing even though it was underdeveloped.

Department Director Kong became interested and asked,”How did the patient discover it”

This was Zheng Rens biggest headache.

How did he find out was he supposed to tell Department Director Kong that he had big pig trotters Su Yun had been watching this for a long time.

Last time, she had taught him a lesson by taking an X – ray film of a child who had eaten a bottle cap.

She didnt know if this guy believed her or not.

“Chief, when we saw the patient, he already had symptoms of cerebral infarction.

I didnt know it was because of the lack of a cerebellum, so I thought it was something private.

Later, when he asked the rich man about his medical history in private, he said it himself.

” Zheng Ren said calmly.

Su Yun did not suspect anything, and Department Director Kong did not think there was a problem.

“You can grow without the cerebellum Im really seeing a live specimen this time.

” Department Director Kong said with emotion.

“Hmm, neuir also became an engineer.

I guess he was very good at installing equipment when he was young.

Its a very meticulous job, and its done quite well.

” Zheng Ren said.

The world was huge, and there were all kinds of strange things.

“Boss, what do you think is going on” Su Yun asked.

“Its very likely that the patients brain is missing in the early stages of life for some reason, so the brain can adapt to these conditions.

In other words, the other parts of the brain took over the role of the missing cerebellum, and the cerebral fluid filled the gap in its position.

In 2007, a similar case was reported.

A male patient had lost 90% of his brain tissue, but the patients life and function were normal.

This case also challenged our overall understanding of the brain.

The discovery of these cases will help us to further understand how the brain adapts and deals with these conditions that we originally thought were “fatal.”” Zheng Ren said.

It was obvious that he had some thoughts about the patient who did not have a cerebellum.

He mumbled a long paragraph to himself.

“Is this the legendary brainless man” Department Director Kong made a joke.

“Hehe.” Su Yun laughed.”Neuir is very protective of his own privacy.

His parents probably told him when he was young not to let anyone know about his brainless acts.”

He himself was a little curious and could not help but “waste” some of his surgical training time by going to the system space to dissect the experimentals.

However, it was only an autopsy.

As for the actual test … Zheng Rens neurosurgery level was not high, and he had never added skill points in this area.

Even if he reached the master level, he would only be a master in Clinical Surgery and diagnosis.

He had nothing to do with scientific research.

“The cerebellum is a part of the brain.

Its role is to control the bodys balance and to move freely.

How can you be an engineer without a brain” Department Director Kong still could not believe it.

He suddenly asked,”Boss Zheng, you didnt delete the original data, right”

“I deleted it.” “The data on the machine was deleted very thoroughly,” Zheng Ren said.”Its almost a physical deletion.”

“You know about this” Su Yun was surprised.

“…” Su Yun looked at Zheng Ren in disdain.

She recalled that this fellow had said a few times that he knew a little.

“You …” Department Director Kong felt a little regretful, but he knew that Zheng Ren had also promised the patient to protect his privacy.

After chatting for a while more, Zheng Ren and Su Yun bade farewell.

“Boss, do you think neuir will cause a medical dispute” Su Yun asked.

“I dont think so.

I think hes even more afraid of this kind of thing being exposed than we are.” Zheng Ren had obviously thought about this before.

He said directly,”the surgery was well done.

The thrombosis has been removed, and the various indicators have also reached the expected purpose.”

“Hes so lucky.

” “I really want to write a report on a case,” Su Yun sighed.

“No need.” Zheng Ren waved his hand.”Have you prepared everything for the lecture”

“The lecture is tomorrow afternoon.

What are you doing in the morning”

“Brother yang left me a message.

It seems that he can perform surgery for liver cancer patients tomorrow morning.” Zheng Ren said,”the surgery will be broadcasted live.

The effect of interventional embolism can be clearly seen.”

“It will definitely blow up the entire apricot garden.” Su Yun was a little excited.”Ill give you a station tomorrow.”

As they spoke, the two of them returned to the office of the doctors from the Department of interventional services.

Chang Yue was busy in the office.

Zheng Ren looked at Chang Yues serious expression and wondered if she would have the time to chat with the patients family members like they were a family.

One hundred and six beds.

Zheng Rens heart throbbed a little when he thought about it.

He could finally let go of his hands and perform the surgery.

Department Director Kong went to the nursing department to run nursing – related matters.

Liu Zewei was writing a medical record, the professor was sending neuir back to China, and the professor was in the hospital.

After Su Yun returned, she did not stop and went straight to the teaching equipment.

Zheng Ren became the most idle person.

He leisurely sat by the window under the sun, thinking of entering the system library to read.

Just as she picked up a book on the field of surgery, a patients family member came in and walked to Chang Yues side.

Before she could say anything, the smile on her face was almost overflowing.

Zheng Ren judged that there was something wrong.

“Doctor Chang, do you have some time” The patients family member asked in a low voice.

As she spoke, the smile on her face grew even wider.

“Whats the matter, Auntie” Chang Yue raised her head and said gently.

“Can you help me prescribe some donkey – hide gelatin, wolfberry, or something” The patients family member said with a smile.

“Whats the use of this” Chang Yue asked casually.

In fact, she knew what was going on.

“Isnt this a referral all the expenses can be reimbursed after we go back.

” The patients family member looked around.

When he saw that no one was looking at him, he whispered, “Were too much.

Donkey – hide gelatin is self – funded medicine.

Auntie wont hide it from you, but I mainly want to open some while Im in the hospital.

Ill eat it myself when I go back.

Seeing that Chang Yue did not say anything, the patients family member smiled and added,””Im getting old, and my vitality cant keep up.

Its good for taking care of that old fart in my house.

“Aunty, donkey – hide gelatin and goji berries are Chinese medicine.

I dont have the authority to open them.” “If you want it, Ill have to ask for a consultation and a doctor from the Chinese Medicine Department to take your pulse,” Chang Yue said with familiarity.

If its written in their consultation opinion, Ill give it to you.

The family member of the patient was stunned.

In the end, he nagged for a few more words.

Seeing that Chang Yue was insistent and insisted that he did not have the authority, he could only leave resentfully.

When she left, she was obviously a little unhappy.

“Chang Yue, you can open a vegetable market in the future.” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“Its like this in Haicheng, but donkey – hide gelatin isnt considered outrageous.

Opening barley, red beans, and so on to go home and eat them as a meal is too much.

” Chang Yue did not show any anger and simply stated a fact.

“You dont say, but barley contains high – Quality protein, carbohydrates, fat, mineral elements, and vitamins.

In addition, it was rich in a variety of active components such as sugar, fatty acid, its oils, flavonella, and trateres.

Its rumored to have the effects of lowering blood sugar, anti – cancer, and eliminating free groups.

Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“Its all nonsense.

” Chang Yue said,”there are plenty of them for sale outside.

Instead of buying them, you insisted on coming to the hospital to buy barley and goji berries.

Arent they covered by medical insurance”

“Its a small matter.

The hospital only gives you two taels of rice per time.

” “At the end of every year,” Zheng Ren said,”youve seen how long the queue in Haicheng is for medicine.”

“For chronic diseases, well prescribe medicine at the end of the year.” Chang Yue said,”when I was on rotation after graduation, the Endocrinology Department was just in time for the end of the year.” An Auntie with ten chronic disease cards prescribed insulin, and I was dumbfounded.

“I heard that one dose of insulin can be exchanged for fifty eggs.” Liu Zewei touched his bald head and said with a smile.

“Old Liu, youre a great professor.

Do you do this too”

“AI, its my old lady who insisted on driving.

When I said it was unnecessary, she scolded me for being smug after just a few days of good life.

” Liu Zewei said helplessly.

“This is a form of insurance.

Old Liu, youve already broken the law.” Zheng Ren said with a smile.

“The medical care has been strict since last year.” “But thats just a small amount of money,” Liu Zewei said.”The real shortage in medical insurance is not in public hospitals.”

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