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Professor Rudolf Wagner, who didnt know what was going on, also felt like something was wrong.

He carefully moved to the side, afraid that he would get hurt.

Su Yun concluded.

In the end, she waved her hand helplessly.”Look at this guy.

Little Yiren, Im telling you, hes extremely nervous when he says hes going to meet your father.

You have to say this first, something will definitely happen tomorrow.

Xie Yiren covered her mouth and laughed.

“Its my first time performing surgery, and Im the chief surgeon.

Its similar to that situation.

” Su Yun tried her best to change the topic and did not answer Chang Yues question.”Im bringing the boss out for a walk.

You guys can eat first and go home after youre done.”

“Yes.” Xie Yiren nodded.”Zheng Ren,” she said with a smile,”my parents are very kind.

Dont worry.”

Who would be willing to see their own cabbage being eaten by a pig After hearing Xie Yirens words, Zheng Ren felt even more nervous.

The more affable a father – in – Law was to his lady, the more he would pick at his son – in – Law.

“Forget it, dont think about it anymore.

Come to the hospital with me.” Su Yun pulled Zheng Ren away.”Boss, what are you worried about” Look at you, youre so young and promising.

Youre already a Nobel Prize nominee before youre thirty!”

Zheng Ren did not know what he was worried about.

Perhaps, other than emergency treatment, there was nothing that he had to do.

He was used to being calm, but once he encountered something that only allowed success and not failure, he would immediately become stupid.

“Do you know anyone in the gynecology department” Zheng Ren did not want to talk about this topic anymore, so he forcefully changed the direction of the conversation to another angle.

“Ive been in 912 for almost two months now.

Im even familiar with the cleaning lady, and thats you!” Su Yun said in disdain.

“Im more familiar with Deputy Director Yuan, director ye, and director Lin.

” Zheng Rens temper was a little irascible today, and he had started to talk back at people even though he usually didnt like to.

There was nothing to talk about today.

Su Yun pulled Zheng Ren and went out to get into the car.

“Youre still in contact with the boss”

“Yes, Ive bought pig liver a few times.”

“Oh, so youve been secretly practicing.” Zheng Ren laughed.

Su Yun was furious.

She glared at Zheng Ren, the black hair on her forehead spreading out like a long spear.”You must have been secretly practicing too.

I just didnt catch you.”

Zheng Ren chuckled, tacitly agreeing.

Without practice, who could directly reach the top He didnt have the memory of transmigration, nor was he the kind of genius with wisdom.

However, it would not be so easy for Su Yun to catch him and practice.

The two of them returned to Room 912 and went to the gynecologists office.

Zheng Ren was not familiar with this place.

The Department of interventional services would also consult doctors regarding Gynecologys surgeries.

However, this had nothing to do with the TIPS surgery.

The Department of interventional services had its own set of procedures, and it was not Zheng Rens turn to be involved.

Therefore, this was Zheng Rens first time in gynecology department 912.

The short and chubby boss stood in the corridor.

When he saw Zheng Ren and Su Yun rushing over, he immediately went over to greet them.

“Big brother Yun, boss Zheng, youre here.

Im really sorry to trouble you all at this time.

” The short and fat boss said with a smile.

“Im fine.

” “Whats the situation”Su Yun asked with a smile.

“Isnt it because da hes wife is sick she said that she needs an emergency operation and a blood transfusion.

Da he was dumbfounded and was crying in the ward.

I dont have any ideas either.

Da he has just arrived at the imperial capital and hasnt had much time to accumulate.

But money is not a problem, I dont mind giving it to you.

I just want you to help me make a decision.

“Oh,” Su Yun replied.”Ill go take a look.”

“Big brother Yun, the doctor doesnt look right, hes hesitating.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have called you.

Theyre preparing for surgery.

Big he cant tell, but I think something big is going to happen.

” The short and fat boss muttered.

Something big … Zheng Ren thought about the various rare diseases in the gynecology department.

“Whats the patients name”

“Ill go take a look, you wait for me here.

” Su Yun was rather polite as he walked in.

“Director Lu, Im on duty.” After entering the corridor, Su Yun greeted a female doctor in her thirties with a smile.

“Brother Yun, why are you here” When CEO Lu saw Su Yun, he smiled like a flower.

The nervousness and worry on his face disappeared.

“There was a patient just now, Qi Xiaojuan.

She said that she needs emergency surgery.

Im familiar with her husbands boss, so Im here to see whats the situation.

” Su Yun said as she walked towards the doctors office.

President Lu understood and walked into the doctors office.

He closed the door and said in a low voice,””Youre Qi Xiaojuans patient, right Brother Yun, youre finally here.

His boss is so cunning.

I grabbed him to ask if he could take responsibility, but that person seemed to have noticed the problem and didnt even talk to me.

Su Yun nodded her head repeatedly.

The short and fat boss was indeed like that.

He stared into director lüs eyes and observed every detail.

CEO Lu was a little embarrassed by Su Yuns gaze, and his cheeks flushed red.

But she had something on her mind, so even if she was with her idol, she was not interested.

“Big brother Yun, sit down and talk.” “This must be boss Zheng, hes really young,” CEO lü said.

“The patient has a fallopian tube rupture and massive bleeding.

She needs emergency surgery.” “I asked about her medical history,” President lü said.”The man who sent her here said he was on the phone and left.”

“…” Zheng Ren suddenly remembered the intimate “couple” he had met in the emergency department before dinner and was stunned.

Fallopian tube pregnancy was not common, but it was also not rare.

In Haicheng, one or two cases of extreme situations could be encountered every night.

However, Zheng Ren already had a vague guess in his heart.

It couldnt be such a coincidence.

It could be the woman in the wheelchair …

“And then” Su Yun frowned and asked.

“After that, I asked the patient and told her my diagnosis.

The patient was furious and said that it was impossible and that she shouldnt accuse her without any evidence.” President Lu said helplessly.

“After that, I got the staff on duty at the hospital administration Department to come over and told her many times that people would die if they didnt undergo surgery.

When she saw that the blood transfusion had started, she was a little scared.

Plus, when the man who sent her here disappeared, she gave me her lovers phone number.

Things started to become clear, and Zheng Ren and Su Yun both fell silent.

“The patient told me that her husband went out to work first.

She said that she was going out of town, but in the end, she came to the capital.

Please dont tell her husband about this …”

It was really hard to say.

No wonder the short and fat boss said that the doctor was hemming and hawing.

It might be something big.

People who did business were very good at reading peoples expressions.

“What are you going to do” Su Yun asked calmly.

“Lets find the hospital administration Department to settle this.

Well do whatever the leader says.

We wont care about the rest.” CEO Lu said.

This was also a normal way to solve problems.

It was not the best, but it was the most long – term solution.

As for the questions in the medical ethics exam now, if it were in clinical medicine, the person who came up with the questions would have been beaten to death without a specific analysis based on the specific situation.

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